Calamity's IK from last year



I'm not sure I ever saw this video of Calamity posted.  But it certainly deserves re-posting. Really great work Calamity !
I'm still trying to catchup, although I'm concentrating a little more on Service isolation, such that "any" bot definition can be used with JMonkey (and maybe at some point IK + JME + anybot without coding .. ie all JSON file config)

I think we both have similar ideas - the virtual beer is very nearby  ;)

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Well, this was almost at the

Well, this was almost at the begining of the adventure. Lot of things have change since then. But it's alway fun to rewatch our first step.

You have the right way to do stuff. My mentality is more about get thing to work, then polish it.

the jmeApp I have done with Integrated movement is for any bot, but the configuration for it is a little too complex for my own taste, The only restriction it have right now is about servo, I did not work it to work with other kind of actuator, but I'm sure it can easily be adapted to any actuator that can provide some kind of position feedback.

Yeah, we both have the same ideas about the virtual beer. I have some kind of fun seeing you toying with the same problematic I encounter some time ago, and amazed by the solution you found.

This is a amazing puzzle to resolve :)

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Ahoy Calamity ! I'm so

Ahoy Calamity !

I'm so impressed by all your work, I sometimes get "tunnel vision" working on a specific thing and miss all the good stuff added by other people.

At the moment I'm trying to add a lot of debugging/diagnostic/helper functionality to jmonkey.  The kinect point cloud data is recognizable, and pretty fast - but there are a few places where it looks bad.  

It stil has a "ramp" at the bottom :P

I also want a way to add to the HUD data displayed on the page ... simple text in the display is often very useful.  Additionally, I'm trying to add "Billboard" signs - that will have signs in 3D space (unlike the 2d HUD) which point to specific points in (x,y,z) and have additional info ..
For example, a sign in 3d space above a bottle, saying "Virtual Beer Here (3.5, 2.4, 2.7) created by 

jme.putText("Virtual Beer Here", 3.5, 2.4, 2.7)  .. and potentially that identified by the yolo opencv filter...