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Chatting with GroG today it occurred to me that the MRL collective should inventory their various bots and parts so that we can all search for someone that can tell us about their experience with something they have just in case we get or want to get one of our own.  So I'll kick things off with an off the top of my head list and I encourage others to do the same. (That way you won't have to remind GroG that you have a working Roomba againwink )



Robot Info Status
Roomba Discovery Works as intended
Pololu 3pi I have the robot and a protoboard to fit on top. I haven't done much with it other than play with the preinstalled demo functions.

Works as intended

Pololu Zumo Kit I have 2 of these kits unassembled and a couple sets of gear motors for them. (75:1, two sets 50:1, 30:1) Unassembled
Insectronic 6 leg, tripod gate walking robot that would fit in a shoebox. Based on PIC 16F84 microcontroller. Can be autonomous or RC controlled. Has a pair of IR reflectance eyes. Built and has calibration code installed. might need some solder joints repaired and better calibration of the IR board.
Makerbot Minion Small Biped robot based off DJUltis's arduped. Users 4 9g servos and an Arduino Pro Micro for it's brain. I'm still sorting out power supplies. 90% complete
ROFI Another 3D printed biped that uses 12 standard servos I bought the servos but I'm still getting started with the prints



Components (boards, chips, sensors, etc)

Component Info Status
Sparkfun Inventors Kit Lots of goodies in here but it's not the current version. Haven't worked through any of the projects.
Pololu Mini IMU9 v2 9 axis (3 gyro, 3 accel, 3 compass) Still in package
Pololu Carrier with Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F Digital Distance Sensor 10cm Two of these In package destined for Zumo
Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array Two of these In package destined for Zumo
RN-XV WiFly module Xbee form factor wifi module Played with it a little but wouldn't do WEP
XBee Series 1 2.4GHz module. I have 2 for my Tweet-a-watt kit and an extra with a U.FL antenna connector One set up as transmitter, one as receiver and U.FL isn't configured.
IOIO for Android    
Arduino Uno   Several laying around doing things
Arduino Mega   Pin 14 might be blown from when it was in my 3D printer
Arduino Leonardo    
Arduino Pro Micro 5V ATmega32U4 small Arduino Working as the brain for my Makerbot Minion robot
Teensy 2.0 ATmega32U4 board can be made Arduino compatible with Teensyduino bootloader Working but dedicated to IT Security project
Freakduino 2.4GHz Zigbee/Xbee compatible Arduino Clone Working
Raspberry Pi B    
BeagleBone Black Running Mosquitto MQTT broker on Angstrom OS


Udoo Quad Quad Core Arm SBC Working but on loan for a special UAV project.
PIC Microcontrollers I have a whole bunch of Microhip PIC micro controllers that I got as samples over the years. Things from 16 pin to 40 pin versions and even some eeprom chips to expand them. Lots that have never been used.
Standard Servos MG996R for ROFI and InMoov. A few other spares. Most are earmarked for InMoov or ROFI
9g servos I have 4 spare HTX-900 that might go into another Minion/Arduped. I have one spare Corona DS929HV for InMoov's eyes. Working spares


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GroG's picture

Nice lead KMC Listing my

Nice lead KMC
Listing my parts

Thingy Info Status
Intel D525MW Dual Mini-itx 2 Gig Memory slated for future InMoov brain worky, but unpowered
2 X XBox 360 - Kinect Sensor (only 1 power supply heh)   worky
Linux Machine (TODO - get specs) was build machine - needs to be "incubator" - where auto-build automatically tests all hardware currently borg'd into it worky,but sleeping
DC to DC Converter 12V to Mini-itx (seemed very finacky - needs testing) worky, i think..
4 X Foscam IP Cameras needs to be hooked up... wife threated with AT&T Digital Life We can be the open source alternative !!!  Got to get these running ! worky..
not currently running
Cisco PTZ IP Camera   worky
not currently running :P
BeagleBlack Board ran out of space - need to re-image it no-worky
Wireless Logitec Rumble Game Pad Very cool - nice range - like it ! worky
RasPi   worky
3 X webcams  TODO - get specs on each worky
2 X Arduino Megas   worky
Arduino Uno   worky
Arduino Bare Bones Board Kit Very nice worky
~12 X FS5106 Servos   worky
Old Roomba recharger circuit dead - so is battery dead
DFRobot H-Bridge have not used it much but seems like a rock-solid good sized (2A) motor controller  worky


Mech-Dickel's picture

My stuff





Windows 7 notebook



Windows XP notebook

broken display. can be used with an external display as a brain for a future project.


Raspberry Pi B



Arduino UNO



Arduino Mega2560



1 x DFRobot I/O Expansion shield   worky, except the fried 3.3V regulator
1 x XBOX 360 wirelles controller with wireless receiver for PC (works too on RasPi) worky
2 x Guitar Hero joystick guitars works on MRL. can be used for a guitarist robot project :D worky
2 x XBOX Live Vision cameras   worky
1 x web camera

$1 ebay camera. can not expect much. 

P.S.: actually I have two. one is already broken.

the remaining is worky
2 x ultrasonic range finder - Maxbotix LV-EZ1 still on the original packing. not tested yet. think it's worky
about 10 x Hitec micro servos   worky
many many DIY polystyrene brackets   worky


borsaci06's picture

my stuff...




Win7 notebook



WinXP desktop



Win7 Dualcore Atom MiniATX

problems in installing MRL...


(sort of)

Arduino UNO

many scattered around projects...


Arduino Mega2560

dedicated to my 3d printer nowadays...


Arduino pro mini many scattered around projects... worky
TL-WR703N OpenWRT router Modded to 64MB ram 12mb flash and Arduino ready. wish to use with MRL for wireless sensor monitoring... This tiny wifi linux router can be used as a cheap wifi shield... ?
Mini Maestro 12ch servo controller works on my robotic head with sound location. controls servos. wish to use with MRL.. now I have to use 2 Arduinos on the head... one for MRL vision opencv and one for Maestro....

worky with Arduino

no-worky with MRL

5x usb webcams    worky

Works with my headtracker... wish to use with MRL...

ultrasonic range finder - HC-SR04 many scattered around projects... think it's worky
2x xbeePro working on my remote controlled robotic arm with Arduino FIO ?
3x OEM Adafruit servo controllers one on robotic arm... one on my autonomous rover... worky


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Robots Robot Inf


Robot Info Status
Little dumb robot Arduino Uno, 2 continuous servos, relay board Controls my Prusa heated bed using myrobotlab
InMoov Work in progress :)

Work in progress

Little Green Arm Rotating base and 2 DOF - No Gripper Worky
Rep Rap Prusa i2 My 3d Printer Worky


Components (boards, chips, sensors, etc)

Component Info Status
Arduino UNO On Little dumb robot Worky
Arduino Mega On InMoov Worky

Raspberry Pi 512 MB

Free..not used



Mpu6050 acc + Gyro over I2C Worky
HC-SR04 Sonar   Worky
GY-80 10 DOF IMU - Gyro + acc + Baro + Compass + Temp Worky
RTC module   Worky
Advancer Technology Muscle sensors No feedback when muscle is contracted NoWorky
Quadcopter Parts   Unassembled


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ACU - Android Control Unit

Board Description Status

Altera Cyclone IV FPGA

32x 12-bit PWM Channels Dynamixel RS232 Channel broken out into 7 headers for power distribution.

2x I2C channels

1x UART Channel

1x USB port (Virtual COM port)

1x PWM port for MaxSonic Ultrasonic Sensor

Designing schematic and testing on Dev boards.
Sensory Board Venus 638FLPx GPS reciever with SMA connector (UART)

L3DG20 Gyroscope (I2C)

LSM303DLHC Accelerometer/Compass (I2C)

BMP180 Barometric Pressure/temperature (I2C)

2x 5 pin audio headers for connecting elecret mics (

1x 40W amplifier circuit (I2C vol control)

2x speaker output headers

2x 3.5mm jacks for audio in/out
schematic complete, working on placement and routing.

For the first revision of this board you will need to communicate with an SBC or laptop via USB.  Future versions may enhance this design by having an onboard computer.