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Because I get distracted easily "SQUIRREL!" ... I saw a video from gael ( with a kid who controlled an InMoov arm with Scratch.   I've seen Scratch in its very early phases as a project from MIT and have always thought it would be a cool addition to MRL.  Well, here is the start.  With a little research I found the front-end of Scratch is now derived through another Google project called "Blocky" 

Google can make damn good projects - this project is no exception.  It can generate Javascript...  But wait ! What do we do with the Javascript !?!? ..  Glad you asked, we run it on the Javascript service (another recently added service)

All this stuff is in the proto-proto-alpha-not-anywhere-ready-for-primetime stage, but potentially, we could add custom blocks for other services.  Servos, InMoovHand, Tracking etc

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Oh Yeah !!! I love that! I

Oh Yeah !!!

I love that! I created another new hand for kids to build it's even better than the finger starter kit. This new approach at coding for kids would be totally in the goal line I'm working on!

I'll be patient.

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I just learnt some basic

I just learnt some basic coding to my dauther 3 days ago with scratch !

She enjoyed to blink some leds with this simple way . Scratch is a very good thing for kids !! And it will be a very good thing to add blocky to MRL :D