video on utube under azul with compass and a few other commands


7 years 9 months ago

Good skills for the SF Maker Faire.  What compass circuit are you using ?

Some info on the mobile base:  I copied the Parallax base. I have a cnc machine so I made the round flat red surfaces and added lots of small holes every inch. I have 5 Parallax ping sensors and three I/R sensors around the base. The holders for all of the sensors I drew up in cad and 3D printed. The compass is a HMC5883L. I am running a separate Mega board to control the base motors, lights, and read the sensors. I can go forward and backward looking at the sensors to avoid hitting flat surfaces. This does not really work very well. I had Azul going toward a wall, but it did not take into account the table and the right arm hit the table and broke completely off. Inmoov’s are not very durable. The ABS gear in the shoulder just separated. I had to reprint the gear and reassemble. My current code is listed in the MRL folders on github.  A lot of it was pulled from examples other people wrote, including the compass. My lower stomach is from aandrejj design on Thingiverse and seems to work well. It will trun 180 degrees, limited by the pot. If I could figure out how to post a picture of the base I would which shows all the parts.

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