About the tracking service ...


The tracking service create his own  arduino. Is it possible to share the already running arduino's service with the tracking service ?

I've saw the function " suggestPeerAs " or someting like that in the sources of Inmoov . Is it that ?

An other thing, i've two webcams, they have their own "pan", but share the same "tilt" ( the neck ) . Can i make something to share the neck between two tracking services ? By exemple  newPosition=leftAngle+rightAngle/2 ...

The goal is to evaluate the distance from an object using some triangle's therorem from the datas : space between the webcams, left webcam's angle and right webcam's angle .

Thank you for your help

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Good Question : Since more

Good Question :

Since more than one person has asked this, and I think it will become more important as Services become more complex, I've decided to answer In explicit detail here - 


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Thank you, i'mgoing to read

Thank you, i'mgoing to read that !

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Yes you can find distance by

Yes you can find distance by triangulation.  The Trig is trivial, so would be finding the degree of each pan servo.  

The Challenge is knowing the point chosen in the video is the "same point" in each camera.

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I thinked just start with a

I thinked just start with a ball and use the center of the ball in each webcam. But like always i want learn too much thing in same time lol .

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Sure, sounds like a good

Sure, sounds like a good plan.  It simplifies things when the environment is simple.  If the ball is the only object in the field of view of both cameras and is a different color than the background then yes - this could be done easily.