3 axis foot on leg

Added servo to be able to turn feet, so now each foot can move in 3 axis. Video looks blurry on YouTube didn't when I took it. Need to make movements smoother and add code and wiring for IMU on feet. Should be able to turn either left or right.



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One question for you, do you have rotation at the hips as well as at the ankles?

If yes, i can see the potential for your robot to start dancing :-)


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no rotation in the hips, only

no rotation in the hips, only forward and backward movement

Azul my inmoov can turn at the waste if that helps...

even slow dancing is on hold

I am lucky to have rotation in the feet working, wasn't sure if the servos could do it

played with turning today, I can turn 10 deg per step according to the IMU on the base

sorry to see bartcam breaking things  I have had lots of those problems

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Rotation at different points

The Bart design has the rotation located at the hips, this has the advantage of turning at the hips, is you are turning a mass of one less leg :-)