This is a listing of Services which can operate in MyRobotLab framework. You could think of these Services as being little software machines managing input, output and communicating to other systems.

InMoovGestureCreator Service


It should now be easier to make new gestures and show them in videos, or am I wrong at this point?

Keep the power cord handy, altough normally with good min max settings shouldn't get something wrong, but I don't want to be responsible for broken servos! ; )


By the way: I love critics, improvements and notes!



OculusRift Service


This page (will) describe the OculusRift service to get head tracking information and to attach to a stereo camera system .

UltrasonicSensor Service


The UltrasonicSensor is typically used in ranging.  This can be very useful for collision avoidance or proximity notification. MRL's event driven ranging DOES NOT use the Arduino's library pulseIn.  PulseIn is written in a way which will interfere with servos.  So this service should provide the capability of moving servos at the same time as finding range.

SR04 - be careful the SR04 & SR05 have GND VCC flipped !


GY80 Service


Great display with Processing




Wow, this thing comes with a lot of sensors !

MindWave Service


This is a service to control MindWave Mobile , an EEG reader by NeuroSky.

This is the product :

This is the mobile version (Black - with BlueTooth)

References : 

InMoovArm Service


sub service of InMoov

InMoovHead Service


a sub service of InMoov, contains 2 Tracking systems one for eyes and the other for the head

Here is a minimal script fot the Head :


InMoovHand Service


a sub service of InMoov  , to control the hand

Here is a script :


BeagleBoardBlack Service


Skeleton of Beagle Board Black service. Primarily this service will allow access through Java to the GPIO of the BBB.
Needs a Pi4J code to be ported to a BBB4J library ?  Project is just starting.