Oscope Improvements

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(Virtual Arduino Uno)

(Real Arduino Uno)

Kwatters & I have have been pounding together unit tests - in the process I noticed Oscope in Nixie was bork'd - so I fixed in .. and improved it.


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I use Adafruit16CServoDriver in the InMoov head.


USB <-> Arduino Uno (pin 4,5) <-> (pin SCL,SDA) Adafruit16CServoDriver (pin 0,1,2...) -> Servo 1, Servo 2 ...

Servo 1 is jaw, servo 2 is left eye X, servo 3 is left eye Y, servo 4 is left eyelid, servo 5 is reight eye X ..... etc.

I have difficulties with understanding how to adjust the work in mrl?

I pour MrlComm.ino into Arduino. I strted in runtime Arduino service, choose COM port and connect.

Problem with script and servo

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Killerstinck is having problems with a script, he wants to close the hand a finger at a time, but there is a problem of (not sleeping long enough ?) and one of the servos appears to run in reverse ?


below is the script running

BORG Assimilation Hit List

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Here are some amazing software projects which warrant being assimilated into MRL !  RESISTANCE IS FUTILE !  

Please add your favorite open source Java project to the list as a comment !

Who's up next ?

JHLabs - visual BufferedImage filters - http://www.jhlabs.com/ip/filters/index.html


Open cv don't work

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I can not run open cv, I have a 600tvl camera with an ezcap capture card, I had a problem with my old acquisition card but this is a new and well installed driver, I have the image with the map program acquisition but not in open cv of myrobotlab.
I tried the 3 display render, change the index camera and test in mrl all possibilities (open cv, input video ...) but I still do not have the video.
If I ask "look at me" it tells me "I'll watch you ....." but no follow-up because no video.
the camera works because under Windows I have the image without problems.

Service Life Cycle

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Service Life Cycle

Name Action
Runtime.install(service) Method framework will install if not installed  

Comparison of AI Frameworks

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kwatters posted this link in the shoutbox - thought I'd re-post (and a few others) to keep it around longer ...

Python tab error

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Hi my friends,

problem in Python tab (InMoov):

every time with any gesture, this error. Where am I wrong?