openweathermap Weather API

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updated this post to use openweathermap service, instead of python script

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MarySpeech Service


The MarySpeech Service can be used to generate speech from text using the MaryTTS project.

1. General

It's different from most other speech services (AcapellaSpeech & GoogleSpeech) as it is OPEN SOURCE (Yay!) and doesn't even require an internet connection (Yay! x2) as everything is generated locally and offline.

The downside is that you have to pre-download the rather big voice-file(s) you want to use.

Three complete robots built in 25 days

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Designing, 3D printing, assembling and painting of these respectively 1.60m, 160m and 1.20m robots was done in 25 days.

I barely had nights to sleep, working alone in my work shop, I thought I wouldn't be able to accomplish the task in time.

The surface finishing with car filler on all the 3D printed parts took me a long time to get a perfect smooth finish for the paint job.

Nema17 3D printed Linear Actuator & ESP32 WebGui

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Here is the current working system.

The design 3D STL print files can be found here Chiprobots Thingiverse Channel

Below you see the Nema17 Stepper motor ,Actuator,ESP32,ramps controller birds nest.

BoardInfo Bug

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I created this one :P

As Calamity pointed out there is some missing runtime type identification of the board, which I recently  commented out. (I owe a unit test ! :P)

Now some history on it :

MRL can now "potentially" compile and upload the board, its necessary to send the correct command line parameters to avrdude.  This is "sort of" done in the ArduinoUtils - but it does not have all the needed types for all the boards.

Shutdown interception

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Hello ! who know how I can intercept myrobolab shutdown action ( from python or java ) , if possible.

Want to launch some actions before, like disable servo / shutdown neopixel ...

thanks !

Advice appreciated with a couple of issues - Windows and Mac OSX

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I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on these issues:

I'm using a USB Hub which is working okay. The same one Gael recommended. 

Arm + Kinect

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Jarvis follows my arm ...


bno055 not worky?

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I try to use this code to query my bno055 device (I have 2 of them, both seem to be no worky?)

from the code in bno.begin I understand that we try to read register 0 of the device and that it should return the value x0A0. In the log of mrl I get for both of my devices the message "BNO055 sensor not found"

in serial monitor of my Arduino I see these 2 messages sent:
170 006 017 001 040 002 007 000
170 005 018 001 040 001 000 


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Video or picture tutorials? Which do you find more useful?

Starting with a complete 3d printed Inmoov, this is what I am starting with for a series of tutorials.

Giving the robot vision, a voice, hearing, and personality.

Connecting 2 raspberry pi's to work together, also two instances of MRL communicating with each other.

OpenCV running on one.

Program A/B and MaryTTS running on the other.


My intention is to make these as simple to follow and understand as possible, with newcomers in mind.