Connecting Problems to Arduino

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I'm total new in the myrobotlab topic and wanted to start with my first steps. Unfortunately, I have a problem to connect the Arduino with Myrobotlab. 

When I push the connect button, the program is just closing itselfe. 

I have the latest version of Myrobot, Java and Arduino installed, the MRLComm is uploaded to the arduino and the correct COM is selected. 

I was looking in the forum for an solution, but unfortunately I didn't found one. 

Do you have any idea what I do wrong?


Kinect 360 openNI

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Hello, yesterday I saw why my kinect 360 did not work when I started the activation of the sensors, it only says start of kinect and everything stopped I have taken photos of the system symbol when it is in the start of kinect

STM32F103 C8T6 PWM Timer and NE555 redundancy Part 002

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Latest iteration of the Neon supply 170 - 240 Volt generator.

The original circuit sported a "NE555" to drive the "Fly-Back" inductor N-Channel MOSFET, then after a hour sitting in its cosy socket (and an elvish brainwave later) it has been made redundant in preference to some"PWM Code..."

ask.pannous and audio delay

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Hi Folks

new here, plugging away at my robot. Started up myrobotlab, maticore, 1.0.2693, ran into 2 issues

STM32F103 C8T6 3.3V meets 170Volt Neons. ... Part 001

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Over the last few months these "Coloured Neon lamp indicators" have been popping up on the matrix, so I could not resit...well who could not resist mixing 3.3volt logic with 170volt.

They come in a variety of colours "Green","Blue" and "Orange" , the glow intensity is good even in daylight.

Taking the "Blue-Pill" aka STM32F103 C8T6 ... Part 000

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The MCU you see above is know as the "Blue-Pill" , it belongs to the STM32 family.

To put it in simple terms.... its a bit like an Arduino on steroids.

STM32F103 Specs :-

Problème Java ?

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j'ai recement telecharger Java version 1.8.0_151 64 bits car mon systeme est en 64 bits, depuis MyRobotLab bloque au chargement du service mais sur FAlse dans le fichier de config.

Two ultrasonic sensor

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Всем привет!
Я пытаюсь подключить два ультразвуковых датчика, как в примере

nRF52840 Nordic Semiconductor (Part 003) Flash Memory Migration from nRF52832

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There are two common nRF "Mini" development boards available namely :-