Installing MRL / OpenCV, JavaCPP on Jetson TX2

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This is specific for the Jetson TX2 and may not be helpful to people running on other development boards...

First off the Jetson TX2 comes with 30GB eMMC for storage and most of it is used up.

I was able to add a 500GB SSD as the boot drive which I will cover in another blog post.

The one I am using currently has Ubuntu 16.04 running on it.

This was a minimal install so there may be things that you have already loaded.

Before this I was able to load MRL but OpenCV did not work.

I needed to install a few things...

Inmoov virtual mode

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Hi I use myrorobotlab (1.0.2693.7) on mac MOJAVE OS and inmoov virtual mode dont work (full, Right, Left are ok), i and i have an error "Runtime a quitté de manière imprévue ... J'ai installé la mise à jour MAC OS 10.14 depuis quelques jours seulement. Faut-il réinstaller Myrobotlab ? Merci d'avance pour votre aide Giloris

open cv makes Windows crash

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Hello everyone!
my name is sam, I build a robot inmoov, I integrated a camera in the eye.
I have a problem with open cv that crash my pc (blue screen and restart),
the camera is a 600 tvl with a USB capture video key, with the program comes with the key it works but with MRL it crashes,

Is it necessary for mrl to be in usb3? (I think I plugged it into usb 2 to make it work).
Does it use a direct x or something to update?

Thank you

OMG ! .. Lucky B-Day Boy !

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Well, someone messed up and I didn't get the expected lump of coal.  Instead, I got some good person's Oculus Rift !! Sooooo excited ... perfect timing .. I can start doing remote telepresense with WorkE AND begin to explore WorkE's virtual mind with updates to the JMonkeyService ...

WOOHOO !! new toys to play with already !

More formulas sampled...

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I found this here

And tried to represent it accurately in an  with the following code


Web Time Syncing for your web enabled mcu projects.

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My latest ESP32/Nextion touch screen Weather/bus/train times project required a realtime clock.... however it has taken me quite a few weeks to find a good solid solution.
Firstly :-
....if you want to stay sane then avoid epoch time (best thing that happened in 1970's was "punk Rock" not unix count my seconds since birth)....rant over.

Animated snake eyes

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Kyle pointed me to Adafruits Animated Snake Eyes. The software can be used withot any extra hardware. I had a spare Raspberry Pi 2, so I installed it. Pretty cool. Depending on your choises during installation, you can get either a single eye, or two.