Final Cleanup

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Ahoy !  First thanks for all the hard work, whether it was squashing bugs, or finding them, or testing to make sure they are gone.  We've done an amazing job of getting things ship shape before we go on our next release voyage.  If you have a github account you can see we've found and closed over 50+ bugs !!!

Remotely debugging the myrobotlab Java source code

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Remotely debugging the myrobotlab Java source code

I want to have the facility to debug the myrobotlab Java source code for an instance of myrobotlab that runs on a remote device 

One scenario is to have myrobotlab running on a Raspberry Pi and then debug that instance with the Eclipse IDE running on a separate host (Windows laptop)

I have this working up to a point.

​I have this working now. See here

Pir Service



A passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. They are most often used in PIR-based motion detectors.

Arduino schéma ( you can also use an other compatible controler )


Result :




reading java log entries

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sorry, one of the silly questions maybe

but looking at the output of the java log I see zillion of messages of the kind

... [WARN] searching through 239 methods
... [WARN] attempting upcasting

these messages kind of "clutter" the log and at least I can not gain any info from it - so for whom are these messages important?


My view for InMoov

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Hi everybody,

This my view for InMoov hardware.

For body, i use one arduino mega + MrlComm for head, torso and 2 arms. I add on serial com 1, Activator. Activator manages differents power supply, manages the mouth with the audio and neo pixel.

For each hand, i use arduino nano + MrlComm. This nano is in each hand. This allows the finger sensors to be as close as possible to the microcontroller without interference.

For the futur, one raspberry pi or mega or due for legs (gyroscope sensor inside).

To resume, i use 4 USB port com.

Remote Access to the Raspberry Pi 3 for NOOB'S

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If you haven't already I suggest reading the Installing MRL on a Raspberry Pi3 for NOOB's
This tutorial is a continuation of that tutorial and assumes the raspberry Pi 3 is configured 
the same way as described in the above listed tutorial.


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a nice way to get everything in place and mrl running.

my problem with it? whenever I run the bat file it reloads/overwrites my private servo settings in  the InMoov/config folder.

My question therefore:

how can I maintain my own adjusted config files from version to version?

I know, I could create my own folder and do my changes there - but then I can't use start_inmoov.bat anymore.

I could probably set my modified files to "read only" but that makes it a bit complicated for adjustments.

What I would like?

ImageDisplay Service


ImageDisplay is usefull to open local or remote pictures, and render result to screen...




Database Service



wrapper around jdbc access :

This service will be usefull for connecting to databases.
Tested with script bellow, to connect a mysql database with a simple select

database.executeUpdate : // return int

database.executeQuery : // return ResultSet

database.execute : // return boolean