Learning Dexterity

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Thanks Jeff Schneider !!!

Original Link :


Very Lovely Doc :

Current State of R0B-3

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Hi I wanted to do this a long time ago and would wish that i would be more complete but I think I can still show what I have been doing with my robot.

Here is a photo of its current state (right arm broke and repair is in progress):


Stepper Motor Rover + HomeBrew Lidar

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Thought it may be of interest to document a rover platform using Stepper Motors as drive linked to an ESP32 sporting a Web gui to control movement and display Sensor data.

MarySpeech question

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I am having trouble changing the voice in MarySpeech on Azul. It used to work, but I deleted the MRL directory and started fresh when I changed to Manticore 1.0.2693.

Raspberry 3 plus cam for inmoov with mrl

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Maybe a bit confusing but I was thinking about the following.

I am going to do a live build of an inmoov during the maker faire in Eindhoven, end of September 2018.

running MRL without internet

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I have been building the inmoov over the last few months in my workshop which has no internet connection. I have setup MRL on a laptop and it all works fine while inside, but when I take it to the workshop and attach it to the inmoov, I can get most of it working, but then if I inadvertantly ask it a question that requires an internet lookup, it just stalls. 

Is there any way to run this without internet, or something I can change so it either ignors the command or says there is no internet so cannot do that etc?

new version 1.1.231

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Hi core team,


I had downloaded new latest build from site myrobotlab.org.

but it cant install.

i am installing it on windows 10 pc. 

is there is any other procedure for installing new mrl.

pls help me to startup.

also pls. let me know if any differances in last working built 1.0.2693 and this 1.1.231.

thanks and regards,



PIR sensor?

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A question about the PIR sensor. I have now moved to the Manticore 1.0.2693 version and am running the INMOOVE gestures and routines that install with it. I have the service_C_Pir.config set to True and the right pin number defined, along with the correct board. When starting Azul the PIR service says it starts. Putting Azul to sleep with “Go To Sleep” works, I expect Azul to wake up by movement in front of the PIR sensor. Azul does not wake up. The question, does the PIR routine work in this version of MRL?