DL4J filter appears worky

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Quick check to see if Nixie OpenCV DL4J filter is still worky  - appears so..
This is being displayed from the CavasFrame which comes from JavaCV.
My intention is to have the webgui filters worky so the CavasFrame is available locally, and remote the jpeg streamer should suffice.

There's an issue where the display needs to be resized initially to start the stream .. but I have a feeling this can be fixed quickly

More category fixes

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a "show all" category,  added service which require keys and are cloud based services.
TODO would include icon to show which services are currently installed .. and a few more icons missing from a couple remaining services


problem with the audio player function

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I just installed manticore on a Raspi PI3 and I just configured it. I wanted to test with the audioplayer function but nothing comes out

here's the log file line


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How to install myrobotlab 1.0.95 ?


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Tell me, please, how to set up a translator?

ProgramAB Better WebGui

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Has log, better UI responsiveness depending on data.  It has selectable bots and sessions with talk button or enter key.

PR - https://github.com/MyRobotLab/myrobotlab/pull/634

Categories in Runtime Gui

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I found categories helpful in the past to organize services.  Potentially the services could be categorized under the interfaces they support.  Currently, the definitions are a bit of a mess - but since this was viewable in the SwingGui (which is dead to me) I've made them visible in the WebGui (yay). 

Involuntary Servo Movements

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Kwatters and others have seen a bad Servo Palsy problem in recent releases.
This post is to document the details and get to the bottom of it

What is it ? :

Inserting some new questions

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Hello,  its been awhile since I been tinkering with MRL. So this might be an easy quesion.

How can I insert some new questions with answers to ask MRL.

Example.  Where do you work ?  Answer: In an Office.

is it a matter of editing an individual file ? Or can I do this via voice commands. 


ProgramAB Kaos

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Ahoy !
This is the current dependency references in ProgramAB service
    meta.addDependency("program-ab", "program-ab-data", "1.1", "zip");
    meta.addDependency("program-ab", "program-ab-kw", "");
@kwatters you said the initial service is supposed to support only english and Japanese