Adafruit 9685 PWM board I2C servo control

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Hey peeps

I'm facing a challenge with the Adafriut 9685 PWM board

I've followed the guide here and I'm able to control multiple servos through Python via I2C

FWIW, here's a video showing that I'm able to control multiple servos via I2C directly through Python outside of MRL with the PCA9685 driver board

Controling servo using IK3D service

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Hi team,

getting deeper and deeper in the MRL project, trying to give life to my small robot arm ( I'm stuck at the part where the InverseKinematics3D service is calculating the coordinates of the joins.

But first things first, here is the code I wrote to creates my DHlinks and myrobotarm :

[SOLVED] webgui not working ?!

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I've been playing with MRL to try it, and see what I could do with it ! Seems really powerfull.

I got it working but only on the swing, the webGui is not working, I see the service that are running but they are empty sub-windows

attached the webgui i have and my logs

anyone could help ?

MRL on a ... - what? (GPD Win)

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(metric measurements)

This tiny thing is running Windows without any noticable lags, stuttering, etc.

MRL doesn't seem to have any greater problems either (haven't tested much so far).

I can't tell you how well it performs running an InMoov, but can test out other things for sure (maybe not next week, but after that ...)


Some specs:

[Solved] Problem to install MRLcomm

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Once again, i need some help ...

I'm trying to update my arduino Mega board, because the last version i write on it, was v37 . The .ino compile well, start to be write on board, but stop around one minut after i get the messare "an error appen while transfering the scketch" or someting like that . I've tryed to reinstall the version 37 on the arduino and it success . But MRL say "PUBLISH_ATTACHED_DEVICE devicename not found"  

I don't understand why i can't install the last version ...


Servo Service



The Servo service is used to control servos through a micro-controller such as an Arduino or a Raspberry pi (ServoController).

The service will allow to control attaching or detaching the device, control his position and the speed at wich it move to that position, and turn off/on the servo.

servo.attach(controller, pin, pos, velocity): Initial servo device attachement to the microcontroller

servo.detach(controller): detach the servo from the microcontroller

servo.attach(): Name as arduino servo library, will turn the servo motor on

Servo Speed Control

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Future Of Servo Speed Control

This will be the future !  Please be part of it .. thumbs up or thumbs down - if thumbs down state why.. WHOOHOO ! - this is what I have so far....

MyRobotLab, OpenCV 3.1.0, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Camera

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For information

In prep for setting up my InMoov eye camera, I'm measuring camera fps in MyRobotLab:

NeoPixel service not working with more than 11 LEDs?

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I'm using the NeoPixel service with version 1.0.1723 of MRL, but it starts behaving weirdly with anything more than 11 LEDs.

I've tried this on a number of different NeoPixel strips and rings, and they start blinking in an uncontrolled manner when I configure then for 12 LEDs or more. With 11 or less everything works great.

The strips and rings are working perfectly, and they perform as they should when programmed directly outside MRL, e g in the Arduino development environment with Adafruit's examples.