Harder Better Faster Stronger - Is the InMoov Script Ready ?

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Are we ready to package the latest InMoov script from here  https://github.com/MyRobotLab/inmoov 
as part of the build process so they will continue to grow in sync ?

what is the state of servo controls

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I know this has been changing. What is the correct way to adust limits and scale a servo. I am using 1723.

I am using

marytts add voice

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tried to make things run but do not understand how I can add another voice than "cmu-slt-hsmm" available. Trying to select "dfki-pavoque-neutral" as voice throws the exception "no such voice"


VoiceRss Service


You will need an api key from http://www.voicerss.org.  Quality is good. Its has slow responses, but the files will be cached.  Do not know what the max message length.


Thank You moz4r / Steve for making and contributing this Service !

ESP32 Google Maps API

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Here is a quick guide for extracting satellite mapping information via a simple ESP32 Web server.

Requirements :-

(1) Espressiff's ESP-WROOM-32


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Hi everybody,

The service is HS.

Adding coyright And empty sound file




salut tous le monde,

il semble que le service est HS .

Ajout de coyright

et fichier son vide

SwingGui updates... Search For Service - cuz time is precious :)

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We want to find our service quick !  So many services now, who has time to scroll ?
Now in the SwingGui - Search !  (honestly should have done this years ago ;)

Servo Joystick & Arduino seem to work over a remote connection now (mostly) - BoardInfo & DeviceSummary were not serializable (fixed)

The NASA give access to a lot of their software for free !

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Maybe some code can be usefull for our robot. I've quickly had a look and i saw some java files :D

By exemple this https://software.nasa.gov/software/ARC-16368-1A , link to sourceforge where we can grab the source code : https://sourceforge.net/p/robotapi/code/HEAD/tree/com.rti.dds.target/

Here is the link with all downloadable softwares sorted by category



Some errors

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Hi !

I've just updated my eclipse mrl sources and built a fresh Myrobolab.jar . i've changed the start argument with SwingGui and all work well . But i see some errors in the log at the bottom of python tab . No red band at the bottom of the gui's window.

I don' know if it's important but here is what i saw ( the script is sweety.py with virtual arduino ) :