Add python library

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I would like to know if it is possible to add libraries to python in myrobotlab.

Example: the feedparser library and the Snap7 library.

If possible, could someone give me the procedure for installation

System: Windows 7

Myrobotlab 1.0.1758 Lamiak


Thank you in advance for your help




J’aimerai savoir si il est possible d’ajouter des librairie au python dans myrobotlab.

Exemple : la librairie feedparser  et la librairie Snap7.

How to make Tracking service work with Adafruit16CServoDriver

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...complete newbie to MyRobotLab...

I have the Adafruit16CServoDriver working, now I am looking to try getting Tracking working with Adafruit16CServoDriver but am not getting anywhere.  I have tried everything I can think of, but can't get anything to work.  Is the PCA9685 PWM controller a lost cause for InMoov?

I was hoping for a simpler/cheaper alternative to using the NervoBoard and consuming all the pins on the Arduino...

I have edited myrobotlab's source code,and what can I do to make it to runnable jar

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I use eclipse to develop,and I use eclipse to export it to runnable jar like this:

and I get a test.jar. I use "java -jar test -service gui GUIService" to run it in cmd.Then I get this problem:

Voice recognition without the Chrome microphone

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I am new to my robotlab and I am building an Inmoov with my soon.

I have looked at the Inmoov chat bot and they all seam to use Chrome because of the microphone.

This is enoying because it will not work without an internet connexion. 

Are they anyway to use some other service ?


Marty the robot powered by Myrobotlab !

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Just a little test as poc, I just discover the Adafruit16CServoDriver and it is perfect to control Marty !

MRL inside, great !



Issue with Jaw

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Hey guys. My Jaw seems to just clench shut with this code:  Am I missing something?


NeoPixel Service Issues

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I am trying to incorporate some color into my Inmoov so I started messing around with NeoPixels, I have a rwo of 10 LEDS wired up. When i use the arduino libraries to test the strip it works fine. But when I use the neopixel service and attatch the LEDs no matter what the first 2 LED light bright white and then nothing happens. If i change the anitmation then another LED will light white up to 4 LEDs then nothing happens after that. 


Any thoughts? 

Focus of Keyboard/Joystick service

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Now I can use my Xbox controller as joystick (thanks to Markus), I also want to catch a key click from my keyboard.
First I did try to use the keyboard service, but this only works when the button of this service has focus and  could nog figure out how to solve this.
So, as an alternative, I now try to use the joystick service for this purpose. 
It works great, but again focus is a problem.

Getting No Recognition: OpenCV/Face Recognition/OSX(Mac)

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So I have been trying to get face recognition working for a couple weeks now.  I burned up my first LifeCam HD-3000 with a crappy USB Hub, it also took out my Xbox Kinect 360, it was dark days...  I was able to get a new Kinect the same day for $25 from a local game store, I had to order a new LifeCam which came yesterday.  So I started up this work again.  The issue I have been having is that when I attempt to train via the OpenCV feed it does not populate photos into the training folder.


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Impossible to operate the PID service someone would have an idea Here is the script I use

Myrobotlab Version 1.0.1758

test = Runtime.createAndStart("pid","Pid")
test.setOutputRange("x",-5, 5)
test.setPID("x",10.0, 0, 1.0)

This returns the following error: