Bing speech recognition

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What do you think for Microsoft Bing speech recognition ? It is similar about google api but:

Google: 50 requests by day and now micro of kinect not supported

Microsoft: 5000 requests by month and i think kinect is OK

May be i can try to make a new service ?


Interface Agreement

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I'd like to get some input on this interface and a little feedback on how to make it stronger or more clear.
Kwatters said the pinEnable(String pin) method in Arduino is confusing. 

Package and update mrl , 100% automated

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Hi !! looking for a clean solution to do it.

I want to automate mrl update and installation, end user side ( dev or master branch )

This is what I do today as a poc, fully automated  :

- detect if remote revision number has changed

- Ask user to update

- close mrl , replace jar + script ( soon it will be only jar )

Text to speech

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Can I use the Ryan.exe from Acapella with "Myrobotlab"?

I purchases the Ryan voice for $35. Is there a way to import a text to speech voice into MRL?

I also bought the "textaloud" program.

Micro array, kinect

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The micro array of the kinect doesn't work with webkitrecognition of google.

May be chrome problem ? 

Do you have an idea ?

What is the best micro for Inmoov for you ?

MRL on Chromebook?

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Does anybody use a Chromebook to run MRL?

Source of MRL 1803

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Hi, Is it possible to have source of MyRoboLab 1803 ?

Thank you.

Mostly Human ... heh .. right ...

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So many short blurbs come to mine.

Peers, Tweaks & DNA - but were afraid to ask...

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This is probably long overdue, but I'll try to explain how to tweak DNA (Descriptions of Neighboring Autotoma) 

The head arduino is created inside the InMoovHead service.

can I replace the Arduino Mega's with Arduino Due's?

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I have read that Arduino Due die when getting 5V signals.

Any hints how I can use a Due instead of a Mega in my InMoov without causing smoke?