InMoov Practicing Standup Comedy Routine

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She has a lot of work to do on her routine but I have more work to do on my sub-routines!

PIR Sensor

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I have MRL running with InMoov and I have just added a PIR sensor for wakeup.  It appears to be working correctly but it takes 5 minutes for MRL to put InMoov to sleep. I would like to shorten that time and have the script reset the timer everytime the PIR detects heat.  I tried adding the section [TWEAK] with the HumanPresenceTImeout= .  But no matter what value I set it still takes 5 minutes before it enters sleep mode.

Any suggestions how I can adjust this timeout?


Thank you.



Retrofitting InMoov with Interactive Eyes..... aka >reducing the servo count.

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I Picked up a couple of round 240*240 pixel OLED display modules, as luck would have it they scale easily into the InMoov face frame-work.

Driving the display is an ESP32 using SPI bus for control... meaning that two displays can be controlled with it.

OpenCv Filters from Nixie in Manticore?

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I've played a little with the Nixie version for the past few days, but it's a little too complicated to get Inmoov to work with my limited programming skills, but I really like the filters in OpenCv.
Is it possible to use the OpenCv filters (e.g. Yolo, Face Tracking) of the Nixie version in the last Manticore version?

Inmoov do math

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Hello everyone. First a big compliment for this great platform myrobotlab. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to robotics and programming, but I was able to find my way around very quickly and create my first own gestures. But now I have encountered an insoluble problem for me. I would like Inmoov to do the math in one gesture. How can I tell him the numbers through his ears that he should then calculate? Is there a list with the valid commands such as chatbot.getresponse () and what do they do? I am thankful for every help.
Many greetings

Connecting Problems to Arduino

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I'm total new in the myrobotlab topic and wanted to start with my first steps. Unfortunately, I have a problem to connect the Arduino with Myrobotlab. 

When I push the connect button, the program is just closing itselfe. 

I have the latest version of Myrobot, Java and Arduino installed, the MRLComm is uploaded to the arduino and the correct COM is selected. 

I was looking in the forum for an solution, but unfortunately I didn't found one. 

Do you have any idea what I do wrong?


Kinect 360 openNI

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Hello, yesterday I saw why my kinect 360 did not work when I started the activation of the sensors, it only says start of kinect and everything stopped I have taken photos of the system symbol when it is in the start of kinect

STM32F103 C8T6 PWM Timer and NE555 redundancy Part 002

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Latest iteration of the Neon supply 170 - 240 Volt generator.

The original circuit sported a "NE555" to drive the "Fly-Back" inductor N-Channel MOSFET, then after a hour sitting in its cosy socket (and an elvish brainwave later) it has been made redundant in preference to some"PWM Code..."