Beginning Max Python File

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montanadad sent me a link to a python file he's working on, and here is an initial pr for it

OpenNi inversion mouvements

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Bonjour à tous,


je constate une inversion du mouvement des biceps quand j'utilise "Tracking Squelette".

Hacking Servo's for Positional data...

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Ever wanted to know the positions of your Servos before you attach them from Cold Boot Reset.

This Quick Hack gives a good positional check of your Servo's , meaning that you can the "Ease" your Servos from a random position to Start position.... without the "Warp at Max speed" - saving your nerves and Plastic bits and gears... (falling in line with Asimov’s Three Robotic Laws of preservation).

Sneak Peek at ServoMixer Updates

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A little jme remap worked ... the full script is here - I "exported" most of it ... there is a button for that ..


servo attach issues in nixie 1.1.396

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it seems the servos now attach in Nixie 1.1.408, EXCEPT for the torso servos which regale in being AWOL still, and have to be attached manually


I have been running multiple tests, first in 1.1.395 and now in 1.1.396 to find out which servos appear attached, but act as if they are not, after about 30 or so tests i found that it is always the same servos that appear attached but act as if they are not.

LocalSpeech webui turned into Polly

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The tittle says it all, but here is a little image to show what happened.

I think it was working properly in June 2020.

This cause also trouble to select the drop down menu for voices.

version Nixie 1.1.407


attaching servos to running Nixie

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now, for the moment, worky

the following code will (re)attach servo's that appear attached but are non functional when Full configuration is choosen. Many improvements can be made, probably will be made.

to do: add arms, give consideration to configuration files.



anomalies in Nixie 1.1.395 just downloaded

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anomalies in Nixie 1.1.395 just downloaded
some errors that pop up in the web gui in Simulated mode
SIMULATED ERROR python : : Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1, in <module> NameError: name 'isTheSunShiny' is not defined 
I01.chatbot:: could not find method ProgramAB.publishOOBText(string)

Error with locale

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Hello Captains,

When running InMoov service ( same error occurs with InMoov2) in Nixie 1.1.394, I get googlesearch answering using my real locale  (Fr) although I have changed it via runtime to en-US.

Note that I have also changed i01.ear, i01.mouth and i01.chatbot to en-US and still gives the text answer in French saying it in English.