remote adapter problem

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After following the instructions in the documents section , i was able to establish a connection between 2 instances of mrl on different computers.  

I was unable to click on any tab to modify anything on either computer. 

I was unable to see the remote mrl tabs.

It seemed to lock mrl on both computer.  The only way to close mrl was with task manager.

change language

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ciao ho costruito il mio inmoov ma mi piacerebbe sapere come cambiare lingua.
Da (EN) a (IT)

InMoov working, but...

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I built my InMoov with a modified head and started writting my on services - this gave me  lot of greif and I didn't really have the time.

I am now running the latest Myrobotlab/InMoov (slightly modified) but have a few problems:

1) System falls over when I say "stop listening" - error "boom goes setAutoListen"

2) After a sleep or wakeup (not sure which) InMoov dies - error "cannot find imageDisplayed"

Adding additional arduinos for InMoov?

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Our new hands (just the part with the fingers) have inbuilt Arduino compatible boards (ATmega2560s) and we'd like to hook them up to MRL while continuing to use the InMoov service, which we have otherwise configured to match our needs. 

How would you go about this? I've been browsing the MyRobotLab config files and documentation for a while, but it's not obvious to me where you can add new boards in the mix. 


where to go next? (not MRL, only my robot)

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Working on teaching my bot to move in front of an optical tag I run into the problem that seeing no tag at the current location - where to go to check from another spot in the room for the tag?

New I2C controlled Dual Motor Positioning Controller

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The dual motor controller is based around the Arduino Nano using PWM output to control up to two DC motors and one standard type servo.

Finger starter query

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Hello fellow MRLians

Today I received a query from one of our newer members, but was unable to reply directly.
It occured to me, if one user has the question, then others may as well.

Below is the query and my attempt to answer it.
Chime in if i make an error

Fred's progress

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Monday March 13 2018:

 I have nearly completed Fred's torso. All of the mechanical parts have been fitted and assembled. His servo sensor pots have been fitted and have extended wires to mate to the servos. Auxilary motors are prepped, tested and wired. They are ready to add to the servos. I have the servos in house and can modify them as soon as I get enough time to work on them.