Deeplearning4j / TensorFlow / OpenCV on Jetson TX2

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Ahoy guys 

Regarding Deeplearning4j / Nixie / Jetson TX2

Status update on Willie:

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  Willie has reached that station in his life where he can stand on his own feet. he is essentially complete physically and is running pretty well if the voice recognition will work consistently.

BORG Assimilation Hit List

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Here are some amazing software projects which warrant being assimilated into MRL !  RESISTANCE IS FUTILE !  

Please add your favorite open source Java project to the list as a comment !

Who's up next ?

JHLabs - visual BufferedImage filters -


Neopixel RGBW

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Is there somewhere I can change the Inmoov settings to support RGBW NeoPixel?

Summary about current languages wip

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Many of mrl services use direct or indirectly language as a parameter ( or should that is the goal )

Ex, Webbit for voice recognition, chatbot for a corresponding set and derivated, speech tts to choose a good voice, translator service etc …

Lots of things can derive from this logic so we can put more intelligence ( user country for weather service, locale money, metric system for measurement etc … )

InMoov don't recognize voice

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hi at all,
it always worked well but now....
why myrobotlab (manticore) now don't recognize the voice accross the microphone?
The "Status" in google chrome blink very fast from "ready" and "click on the microphone..." and the "recognition results" is empty...
After any time appear this error in myrobotlab:
"WebkitSpeech: TOO MANY EVENTS, autoListen disabled now, please close zombie tabs!"

I've changed microphone, reinstalled chrome, the connection is ok

here the video:

VivaTech some pics

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Great day to meet some friends at the turn of the aisles and discover cool things. Special thanks for InMoov stand that was here and represent open source things among the crowd maybe the most important thing.

Pepper army for the reception


InMoov Touch Sensor (Full Bridge Strain Gauge)

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Here I present a "Touch Sensor" for InMoov's finger tip

Its uses a Full Bridge Strain Gauge circuit, this consists of 4 resistive strain elements and an instrumentation operational amplifier.

Basic Full Bridge :-

[1] Two active elements (one placed on top surface , other placed on bottom surface)