Jython <---> Java 8 default Interfaces ... No Worky ! :(

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I was hoping to wrap up working with the interfaces.  Mats and I made a lot of progress defining how future "attach" will work, and starting to get into the details of implementation.   I have been testing with START_INMOOV.bat script, but now realize there is a rather large issue.

The issue is the new improvement from Java 8 of "default" interface methods are not reachable from Jython !

python too slow for path finding?

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In my intention to ask the robot to approach a certain position I am kind of stuck with a simple 2d array depth map scan to identify obstacles.

The kinect provides a distance value in a 640 by 480 matrix. In order to create a top view of obstacles in front of the robot for each colum I want the lowest distance value and add that into an obstacle list with (col, distance).

This works in principle but the problem is that my i7 CPU spends arount 7 seconds to simply walk to the 640x480 array,

Build failled !

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Hi heverybody !

I get an error while build MRL . Can someone help me to find the problem ?


    [junit] Running org.myrobotlab.service.InMoovScriptTest
    [junit] Tests run: 5, Failures: 0, Errors: 1, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 530,106 sec

C:\MRL2\myrobotlab\build.xml:995: Test org.myrobotlab.service.InMoovScriptTest failed

Service Attaching .... Diving Deeper

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We want to build services which can easily be attached.  With simple and consistent rules we can make a platform which supports much more complicated systems.

MotorController is missing an attach !

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I'm trying to get Sabertooth service working again .. 
In the process I noticed MotorContoller is missing this method .. 

public void attach(MotorController controller) throws Exception;  

to go along with the other Controller interfaces and to follow the Attach Pattern !

hello the world amby is here

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hello the team yes i am here if you don't hear me it is because i am working about building legs with drill motor for my inmoov

the next steep is programmation

my first testes is good

video is here


InMoov Mobile Platform

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Juerg's Cool Video - Reposted by GroG


Osc Service


Open Sound Control (OSC) is a protocol for networking sound synthesizers, computers, and other multimedia devices for purposes such as musical performance or show control. OSC's advantages include interoperability, accuracy, flexibility and enhanced organization and documentation.