Arduino service looks alot different than the examples

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Hi All, I'm sure this is a standard issue but I've searched the forums and can't seem to find a solution. I use an Arduino Mega and have successfully used it to learn the basics of Python, LED, motors, servo's etc. I wanted to use MRL spefically to power Inmmov. I have downloaded MRL and followed all the instructions I can. Whatever version of MRL jar I use I always seem to have the same issue.

Build a Raspberry Pi-Powered Amazon Echo

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Here's a nice Instructable I thought was worth posting.

The big software companies (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) are all working hard and providing Cloud  Robotic Services for the new world.  In this tutorial he does a complete build out with a very interesting omni-microphone & raspi.

For Backend services Amazon has free developer use cloud services. I like Moz4r's idea of a distributed MRL cloud services.

Text to speech

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Why can't you used the windows text to speech ?

it is local and free.


MRL cloud

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MMMmm, hi ! Just an idea to discute about.

MRLcloudServer can be used , exemple to :

  • USE MULTIPLE TTS WEBSERVICES TO CACHE ( high availability and better lantency )
  • VERSION CHECKING ( if mrlclient or script is outdated and broken )

What do you think about this architecture about tts :



AudioPlay mouthcontrol MaryTTS

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This is a tip to have MRL mouthcontrol worky with external mp3 and maryTTS

( waiting something cleaner : other acapela service or maryTTS audioplay or mouthcontrol in audioplay )

add this at the top of your script :

AudioFile = Runtime.createAndStart("AudioFile", "AudioFile")

and this is to play the sound with mouthcontrol


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arduino3 branch (along with ArduinoMsgGenerator) and MRLCOMM version 46 has been merged into develop branch ... WHOOHOO !

publishPinArray and enablePin appear to be working with new ArduinoMsgGenerator framework now...
(on arduino3 branch)

I've pushed all the stuff I have been working on into a new branch called arduino3.

All the important stuff is in src/resource/Arduino/generate

MarySpeech error

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As everybody, i must switch to MarySpeech ! But i get an error :(

I've put all voices jar in MRL/libraries/jar and to be sure in MRL/Mary/lib . I've also put the voice folder in mary/lib folder .

here is the code i've run :


MaryTTS - go further [post can be deleted]

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[don't know how to delete the post]


This post to list what we can do with the MaryTTS service in MRL.

I just discover it, there is a lot of interresting things

AudioEffets ( great tool to tweak the voice ) :

mouth.setAudioEffects() ->


Download voices

installSelectedLanguagesAndVoices() ->


MarySpeech Service


The MarySpeech Service can be used to generate speech from text using the MaryTTS project.

1. General

It's different from most other speech services (AcapellaSpeech & GoogleSpeech) as it is OPEN SOURCE (Yay!) and doesn't even require an internet connection (Yay! x2) as everything is generated locally and offline.

The downside is that you have to pre-download the rather big voice-file(s) you want to use.

What's a good tool for editing AIML?

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What is a good tool for editing AIL files? I am ust a beginner so I do not need a full development suite. I would prefer ease of use at this point. I use IDLE for my python work and I like the way it highlights the different functions in colors. It doesn't do the same for the AIML files so I am looking for something like that. 

Any suggestions?