Newbie Help

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I am trying to get the UltrasonicSensor working via MRL and keep getting a Null Exception when adding the RangeListener.  I've copied the various versions of code that I've seen.  Anyone has complete code that works?   


HtmlFilter Service


Htmlfilter is a service that can be used to either strip out text or wrap the input text in html tags. For example it can be used to filter away html code from ProgramAB before sending the text to a speech synthesis service.



chess game communication with mrl

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Hi, i'm looking for information or documentation regarding sending chess moves back and forth (from arduino to comuuter and vice versa) using the serial. Thank you

GoPro Service


A service to control your GoPro camera...


Your computer must be connected to your GoPro WiFi



Newbie Needs help with InMove MRL

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Have completed head and have loaded MRL 1.0.2340. Followed instructions, I think. And having isssues. Have flashed aurduinos, have com’s set, attached head and detached other parts in config. If I open Start InMoov batch file I have no response to/from arguino. If I open myrotlab Jar file and add head and attach parts I get to add one and it works servo but then locks up after try the second one and not used but is now connected, no difference either way. Your help greatly appreciated.


MotorControl MotorController and the power range between them

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As I'm trying to polish up Sabertooth, Joystick, and provide an interface in python you can do this


I noticed MotorControl has getPowerLevel() & getPowerOutput()  

FileConnector Service


FileConnector is a service that crawls thru a folder and publishes one document for each found file.



org.myrobotlab.swing.InMoovGui - can't process [start head]

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I 'am still slowly trying to learn the software but have come into another problem, by any chance will anyone know what I need to look at to try and get the head working, I have an Arudino mega 2560 setup as the left side, I can start the left hand and that all works fine but when I try and start the head I get an error

[AWT-EventQueue-0] ERROR class org.myrobotlab.swing.InMoovGui - can't process [start head]

Myrobot lab version 1.0.2577






DatabaseConnector Service


DatabaseConnector is a service that executes a select statement from a database and publishes a document for each line. The example is using MySQL database with the example database that is included when you download it from here:

It uses the jdbc driver so it can be used with most databases.





Silly Nano !

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Dom wants to use A6 & A7 on the Nano

I'm about to add the 2 pins in the Arduino service pin definition for the Nano .. but what are the "real" addresses of these pins ?

They are not listed on any documentation .. I found this excellent description regarding these mysterious and silly pins on the Arduino forums..