Work-E has grown antenna

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Thanks again to Ray's suggestion, I purchased a $9.00 DC-DC buck converter from Amazon - which will be powering all the 12v devices on Work-E such as the wifi router and the kinect ... Progress !

MotorControl and MotorController - Range Mapping, Min Max, Input Output

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One of challenges with the old mapper was what to do when setting new values of min & max.
In the above diagram we see a range established by a min & max. 

e.g.  mapper = new Mapper(-1, 1, -1, 1)  

min & max input will be -1 & 1  .. min & max output will be -1 & 1

Buttons for beer and coffee

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I'm going to use a remote control and wire the buttons, to detect when someone opens the refrigerator or the cabinets.

New Tracking Algorithms, TLD, MedianFlow, and More!

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So, in OpenCV 3.x there is a new opencv_tracking module that is exposed via JavaCV. 

This module contains 7 different implementation of object trackers.  There is a new "Tracker" filter that allows you to switch between any of these 7 tracking algorithms.  It should work pretty similar to how the lk tracking works in that it should publish the point that's being tracked.  Right now the filter only supports tracking a single point.  

finger starter with my robotlab not mooving

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hello ...i followed all the instructions in the tutorials ( on how to flash mrl on the arduinomega board ...

also i followed these instruction 

MarySpeech on Raspberry Pi

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I'm finding that MarySpeech takes a while to start up on a Raspberry Pi - at least a minute before it starts working. Also sometimes the speech is broken up if other things are going on like setting digital pins using an Arduino and the MRL service.

I also tried to install destival and use localSpeech but that is just silent, not sure what I've missed. Does anyone have any tips or anything else that's working?



Mesh Networking the LIDAR elements together ESP8266 <> ESP32

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One step further in attempt to make a wireless system between the base rover station and the spinning Laser module.


In a Nutshell :-

Virtual Joysticks are Un-Breakable ! .. (mostly)

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It took "too" long, but I got virtual Joysticks working ! ...  
To be precise, any device (joysticks, gamepads, keyboards, touchpads, .. etc) which the Joystick service can see can now be "virtualized".

Ok, so what the hell does that mean ? :)