The mobile InMoov's brain

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Hi guys i recently tought of what i could run my robot of as the old laptop i used is getting really slow. I really like the idea of the tablet as gael does it. On the other hand the use of one raspberry pi would be benificial for my porte monnaie...

So I'd like to hear what you guys are using and maybe the main pro and cons you have faced with your choice. I would actually like to have a full functionaly robot with kinect etc in the end and also wonder what the minimum speccs would be to run myrobotlab with all services for inMoov.

Remote Control of InMoov

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I have now a movable base for my Marvin. I control my bot with MRL and an odroid xu4 but it requires a 4A 5V power source.

I know some of you use a tablet PC which has its own battery.

Thought about using a wireless connection of my main PC (W10) with the 2 Arduinos.

Anybody running such a configuration and what devices are you using?

Avoid Interface Primitive Parameter Types

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I think interfaces should NOT be using primitive types.  We should always use the Object form of the primitive.

For example :
instead of this :

enablePin(int address);

do this :

enablePin(Integer address);

In the past I thought int was somehow more effecient or cleaner than using the Object form, but in MRL-Land that is not the case.  In fact it can cause problems.

Integrated Movement Demo using VinMoov

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this is the script use for the demo, run after my inMoov script.




Linux Mint 17 MarySpeech install question

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I'm still chasing down an issue getting MarySpeech working and playing well on my Linux installation.

I saw a discussion on adding a language and it was talking about the mary/installed directory.  In that topic there was mention of copying an .xml file for the language to the ../mrl/mary/insatlled (I think they meant ../MRL base install dir/mary/installed) But there is a problem since that mary/installed directory does not exist on my installation.

In my case there appears to be an issue with the installation as I have the following directories (all empty):

On the Soap Box about DigitalWrite AnalogWrite & PinMode

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Ok, I feel the need to get on the SoapBox again, because I'm currently working with Swing UI and pin control. 

I have made tonnes of mistakes, the stuff I'm refactoring now could be a shiney example of what "not to do". With that said, I think Arduio's following functions were a mistake :

Visit to Institute of Thecnology in Rorkee, India

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Last weekend I, Markus and Robyn visited the Indian Institute of Technology, Rorkee in India.

It was a very interesting and inspiring visit. The people we met were very nice and asked a lot of good questions. Markus had his Robyn InMoov robot and I was bringing the head of my robot. We were showing the robots from Friday to Sunday and met a lot of interesting people. 


Any hello world examples for speech (and recognition)

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I've gotten the basics of tracking worked out thanks to help from the forum, so now on to my next quest.

I'm trying to work though speech (and speech recognition).  The examples I've found used methods that have been replaced.  For example NaturalReaderSpeech is now being use.  And there is MarySpeech, and so on.

Leap Motion

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Hello guys!


i know leapMotion is not a new service, but i recently had the necessity to use it for some work, and ofcourse MRL was the platform i used!

With alot of help from Kevin i did reach a final script that uses leap to mimic my index finger and moves a servo accordingly.

The script prints all info from all fingers and palm, however i am only using the index from right hand to control the servos (ofc u can control multiple servos).


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moz4r having fun with virtual inmoov :)