BoardInfo Bug

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I created this one :P

As Calamity pointed out there is some missing runtime type identification of the board, which I recently  commented out. (I owe a unit test ! :P)

Now some history on it :

MRL can now "potentially" compile and upload the board, its necessary to send the correct command line parameters to avrdude.  This is "sort of" done in the ArduinoUtils - but it does not have all the needed types for all the boards.

Shutdown interception

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Hello ! who know how I can intercept myrobolab shutdown action ( from python or java ) , if possible.

Want to launch some actions before, like disable servo / shutdown neopixel ...

thanks !

Advice appreciated with a couple of issues - Windows and Mac OSX

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I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on these issues:

I'm using a USB Hub which is working okay. The same one Gael recommended. 

Arm + Kinect

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Jarvis follows my arm ...


bno055 not worky?

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I try to use this code to query my bno055 device (I have 2 of them, both seem to be no worky?)

from the code in bno.begin I understand that we try to read register 0 of the device and that it should return the value x0A0. In the log of mrl I get for both of my devices the message "BNO055 sensor not found"

in serial monitor of my Arduino I see these 2 messages sent:
170 006 017 001 040 002 007 000
170 005 018 001 040 001 000 


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Video or picture tutorials? Which do you find more useful?

Starting with a complete 3d printed Inmoov, this is what I am starting with for a series of tutorials.

Giving the robot vision, a voice, hearing, and personality.

Connecting 2 raspberry pi's to work together, also two instances of MRL communicating with each other.

OpenCV running on one.

Program A/B and MaryTTS running on the other.


My intention is to make these as simple to follow and understand as possible, with newcomers in mind.

Get ready for walking!!!

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Hello again to all, I belive that most of users are waiting for leggs.
I'm working on legs about 4-5 months, and the project is in 85% done.
Here it is what I'm done:

Kinect One with MRL under windows

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OK guys,


This is how to use kinect one with Open NI under windows :

just download this driver :

and copy it under this directory : root:\MRL\libraries\native\OpenNI2\Drivers\


Launch the Open NI service :

MRL Next Release - Manticore !

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Manticore is becoming organized here 

Manticore Release

Thanks Shaun for pointing the github project out ..

(Image from talented artist  kikicianjur-d384nro @ deviant Art ! )


So we all are on the same page, we are headed for release.  This is the "short list" of worky one-click requirements.

My 3D printed omni-directional mechanum wheels for Ghost the inMoov

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I've made 4 of these, from ABS, with the Flashforge 3D printer and hope to make them work on my inmoov, 'Ghost'.