3D Printer

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please i want to buy 3D printer, please which one is good SLA, FDM, SLS.
please someone should help me out with it

how to use the microphone of kinect

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I used several microphones but it does not work very well. how to use the array pickups of the Kinect that works much better than conventional pickups with myrobotlab ?
Thank you!

problem with face recognizer

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I just dont know how this should work

the legs are "killing me"

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Taking a break from working on the legs. I have built 3 complete sets of legs, none of which work over the past 1 1/2 years. Have learned a lot about what doesn't work.  The stronger you make them, the heavier they get, bigger motors, UGH!
So I decided to work on a remote control platform using the Raspberry Pi and "rest" my tired brain. 
The platform uses Parallax motors and wheels and is based the design from the Parallax "Eddie Project".

Gesture - Balance

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Here's gesture/balance.py

Here and back again ...

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manually moved camera to observe "snap" problem in fingers

Modified the Back to Fit

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