using offline speech recognition

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Use an offline speech recognition like Cortana or Microsoft speech recognition aand some od microsoft vision and emotion api the use microsoft cloud



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Hello all!

I have recently been looking into some TTS and speech recognition interfaces to borg into MRL. I may have just hit the jackpot!

I found two realistic-sounding TTS engines:

ResponsiveVoice.js and iSpeech

Both, unfortunately, require an internet connection but both are free. Again, unfortunately, neither are open source. ResponsiveVoice is written in JavaScript and iSpeech has an SDK for Java. iSpeech requires an API key while ResponsiveVoice does not. Both support a high number of voices and are both high quality.


DiyServo Service


The DiyServo service is a service that can be used as a normal servo, but it's built from a motor and an analog input. The idea is that you should be able to use any motor and any analog input to byild your own servo. The circuit below can be used to connect the motor and the servo to a single Arduino. But it's also possible to configure in alternate ways. 



Face tracking + Face reconizer

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Is it possible to have in the same data package, the coordinates X and Y of face and the person name reconizer ?

The aim is to make the FaceTracking and reconizer in the same time.


What To Borg ?

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Mats has this cool I2C temprature sensor - just needs a tiny MRL driver.

What thingies do you have which might be Borg'd ?!

Face reconized

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Hi, it is possible to make face reconized with openCV service (i think yes) ?

Do you have an example ?

Thank you.

2 arms gestures with kinect

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Hardware: One arduino mega, Activator, servo HV2060MG powered with 7.2V

Software: Last MRL, not InMoov services.


More on Attach !

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Ahoy !

We recently were excited to add Java 8 default methods to interfaces for our services ... 
Sadly, this borked Jython :(

But my last checkin should have fixed all that.  There are now no more "default" methods in any Java org.myrobotlab.service interface.

In the process I tried to do some refactoring.  I created a new interface ... "Attachable" !  And moved interfaces which were common to ALL services to org.myrobotlab.framework.interfaces

Compile last MRL

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I have some problem to compile last MRL.

Could you help me ?


You can found link file.

Webgui Issue services blank

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Hi all,

New to MRL and trying to get my head around it with InMoov, just the arm for now, and seem to have an issue with the webgui, the services all list fine but the sub-menu/information box is blank for all of them so the ear service opens a blank page