The road to deep learning for MRL.

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So  One of my new years resolutions was to add some deep learning support in MyRobotLab.  Reality is, this is a big topic and covers many aspects, but at the end of the day I boil it down to this.

Cannot install service on myrobotlab built from the git project

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Hello everyone.

I had a problem with the service remoteAdapter which did not work because the nettosphere dependency was missing, so i tried to rebuild myrobotlab from travis's build to add it myself. Once myrobotlab is built I cannot install any of the services because all the dependencies can't be resolved. (I'm connected to the internet)

Is it possible that apache ivy is the problem? (I have some difficulties to install it)

Otherwise is it possible to build it with the services pre installed? Or to install them manually from the repo?

I find several difficulties

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Hi guys, I have some problem, I try to use Tracking Service but not work, Azure Translator but also it not work... 

I have an urgent need to make them efficient, if you tell me the problems I can try to solve these

Thanks in advance

Borg a Furnace

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Ahoy !

Recently one morning my wife turned on the furnace and we were quickly inindated with a cloud of smoke.  After the smoke cleared, I looked into the details and found the motor completely burnt.  We purchased a new motor, but in the back of my head I'm always wondering, "How did that happen?"


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I have some problem with reactivity of recognition. It is not my internet connection. When i speak, sometime, the reactivity is very slow.

I try this in js service: $scope.recognition.continuous = false; (normaly is true)

And it is work very well. Reactivity is very good. But sometime, the micro is switch off. With timer, i can switch on, but i think is not a good solution.

May be an idea ?



ProgramAB and InMoov

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----- UPDATE 2017/05/16 ----

InMoov and ProgramAB can be modeled a bit like a human.  Let's  think of it in terms of the parts.

  • Ear
  • Brain
  • Filter
  • Mouth

Ok,  above we have an ear, an ear recognizes text and publishes that to the brain.  The brain takes that text and produces 2 things. 1. a responses as text and 2. out of band messages ( generic mrl messages , we'll talk about these in other posts.)

openweathermap Weather API

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updated this post to use openweathermap service, instead of python script

[ [service/] ]


MarySpeech Service


The MarySpeech Service can be used to generate speech from text using the MaryTTS project.

1. General

It's different from most other speech services (AcapellaSpeech & GoogleSpeech) as it is OPEN SOURCE (Yay!) and doesn't even require an internet connection (Yay! x2) as everything is generated locally and offline.

The downside is that you have to pre-download the rather big voice-file(s) you want to use.

Three complete robots built in 25 days

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Designing, 3D printing, assembling and painting of these respectively 1.60m, 160m and 1.20m robots was done in 25 days.

I barely had nights to sleep, working alone in my work shop, I thought I wouldn't be able to accomplish the task in time.

The surface finishing with car filler on all the 3D printed parts took me a long time to get a perfect smooth finish for the paint job.

Nema17 3D printed Linear Actuator & ESP32 WebGui

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Here is the current working system.

The design 3D STL print files can be found here Chiprobots Thingiverse Channel

Below you see the Nema17 Stepper motor ,Actuator,ESP32,ramps controller birds nest.