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Hi, I have a few questions concerning the new WatchDog Service:

To Do:

Robot Memories Solr and InMoov

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So,  I've been playing around a bit with using Solr as the basis for recording data that flows through MyRobotLab and exposing it for search later on.  Here's a screen shot of the new (very sparse) solr search gui in the swing gui.



Integrated movement service creation

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Hello all.  If you havent kept up with my progress in the shoutbox, I am in the process of finishing  a highly advanced head mod  ( the "advanced inmoov head").  I have to control 28 servos using, for now,   2  16-channel servo drivers.

Dependencies exclusion issue

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fresh build used ( standalone jar )

I tested the last build WITHOUT "install all"

There is a conflict I can't resolve between 2 httpcore versions.
httpcore-4.4.6.jar is the one every services should use, if it is not possible to implement mrl httpClient service. httpcore-4.1.jar break some things...

So, if I use ( each exemple from an empty install, twice to get dependencies downloaded before )

error installing on raspberry pi

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I keep getting this error      14:15:57.264 [main] ERROR c.m.f.Service [] runtime error could not create service python Python   anybody know what is wrong

ServoOrchestrator and InMoovGestureCreator for the Ogre

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Lets keep organized, do some research, and define some requirements & a plan for the "Ogre" release of MRL.

Speech and Security Updates

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Inspired from moz4rs initial work here.  


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LadyBot is my robotic head which I am working for long. She has 3 microprocessors and 5 servos for the animatronic movements. One Arduino is dedicated to webcam and MyRobotlab to track faces. One for the head movements. Now I added voice recogrition and interaction via bluetooth. She responds with some predetermined sentences on a MP3 player, command and interaction using android bluetooth app which converts text to speech and vice versa.

Custom grabbers and OpenCV capture

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There's been some refactoring of OpenCV to expose a method on it that allows you to pass in a custom frame grabber directly when you tell opencv to start.  This means we can programmatically control the settings on the grabber 


Here's a small python example of creating a frame grabber, intializing it with the filename and the api preference and then 


InMoov Chatbot issues. What's odd And what might be done about it.

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  So of late I have become disenchanted with having my InMoov robot  Willie ask me for information so he could send a text or place a call. It seemed to me that this might be a good thing to do if he just would do it but there were a few odd things. For one thing I had not asked him to do these things. For another after some babbleing and meaningless gibbertish he would not do so.