AdafruitMotorShield - what the what ?

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I'm running the Test service which whips the auto-magic elves into looking in every nook & cranny for little bugs.  They found lots hiding in AdafruitMotorShield.  

I don't think its worked for years :P 

It relied on code being "injected" into MrlComm before being compiled and uploaded.  It also required the AdafruitMotorShield library to be included/compiled into the upload.

So how to get AdafruitMotorShield worky ?

Manipulator video

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This is one video to see manipulator is working. You can see proximity sensor to take something.


Mpu6050 Service


MPU6050 is a service for Accelerometer and Gyro. Several different boards exists that has the MPU-6050 circuit. Different boards can be found at the Arduino site The board that has been used for testing on both Arduino and Raspberry Pi is the GY-521 board. 




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This my manipulator:

Hardware are arduino nano, 6 servos, 5 micro switchs and one proximity sensors.

Software is MrlComm, powered by MyRobotLab.


error message

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I always get the erroer message bad magic number when ever i alid the slider for the servo.

I am using the latest build.

Oh and every time i slide the slider my arduino disconnects


LocalSpeech Service


This text to speech synthesis service use local operating system text to speech engine.

MacOs :

Just set your voice, inside control panel
You can test it using say "something" inside terminal


Windows :



Legs for InMoov to 3D print

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Hello all,

Get your printers warmed UP!! The legs I had created a long time ago for InMoov are ready to download.

Remember this modele is only for standing, I'm still working on the motorized version.

moveToBlocking() for scripting

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It is useful, to wait a finished moveTo() before to launch another. Without using a sleep(x) between 2 actions. because sleep() didn't take care of servo speed .
The magic will worky only if velocity > 0

There are several levels :

1 servo blocking event


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On the arduino nano, i have strange behavior with setVelocity.

I have a big difference between setVelocity(50) and setVelocity(-1)

setVelocity(50) is very slowly.

Is it normal ? 

Is this correct with old speed function ?