ESP8266 and MrlComm with websocket

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In the last few day, I have try to use my ESP8266 to run MrlCommand communicate with it using a WiFi protocol.

So far I manage to

MRL Error

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See the bold? But that path and file DO EXIST under my ../mrl/ and ../mrl/lab/
so why the error? and how to stop it?
17:01:49.757 [python] INFO c.m.s.Python [] exec(String) 
from org.myrobotlab.service import Serial
arduino_serial = Runtime.getService("arduino.serial")

Output data from 'Floorfinder' in opencv.

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I am searching for a couple of days now. Where can i find wich opencv plugin, like floorfinder, outputs wich value? I used the roborealm floorfinder plugin before and that outputs the highest pixel within the selected "floor" area. Does the myrobotlab plugin work the same?

Heavy Duty InMoov Wrist Gear with solid teeth!

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My wrist gear kept stripping teeth.

See thingiverse:


Kinect V2 on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04)

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I didn't think the Open Source Guru Drivers created a working version for the Kinect V2, but wow .. they DID !

And installing was a breeze .. followed the GitLab instructions and baddabing baddaboom .. worky !

Kinect wiring for reference

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Found a nice wiring reference of the Kinect - since I seemed to have misplaced my power adapter - but have lots of usb cables and a 12V supply... I'll roll my own..

Reference :

OpenCV: something wrong with my data xfer into Arduino

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The data getting to the Arduino from the script is apparently in a format I'm not expecting. I've tested manually with the Arduino.serial interface, sending various values.

azul running some of Gaels gestures

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every gesture was done using WebUI from a remote computer

if you watch the attach gesture you will see the mouth start to work and then stop