For Grog

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For some reason the noworky would'nt send from my mrl so here it is:

MPU6050 Testing Matrix

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MPU6050 Controller  OS ver  MRL ver Pi4J ver
Raspi 3 No Worky Buster 1.1.446 1.2
Raspi 4 No Worky

InMoov dont speak russian

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downloaded and installed latest version 1.1.497

changed "service_5_Mouth.config" :


     VoiceName=Pavel    //  also tried    VoiceName=0    VoiceName="Microsoft Pavel - Russian (Russia)"

BUT recieved error:

15:01:46.555 [python] ERROR c.m.f.Service [] i01.mouth error could not set voice Pavel - valid voices are


Quartus II web version 15.0 - Intels FPGA Programming Suite

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Quick Schematic Guide to programming FPGA's using Intels Quartus II programming Suite.

Goals :-

Pulling what's left of my hair out

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Been trying to get the MPU6050 6 DOF accelerometer/gyroscope working in MRL.

I can get it to attach and even return some data, except the data doesn't make sense.

With the MPU6050 held stationary, the should always be an acceleration in the downward direction of 1G or between 9.8 and 10 m/s depending on where on the planet you are located. (the lower value closer to the equator)
There should also be a constant low speed rotation of about 0.00416 degrees per second (the planet turns fully once per day)

Experimenting with the NeoPixel arrays on MRL.

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Most builders of the InMoov robot have eventually installed the NeoPixel ring with 16 Pixels in the stomach.
When working, these little multi colored LED unit can look very impressive.\
As Part of Fred's program, I also wanted to use these marvelous devices.
Of course I had to be different :-) and add extra NeoPixels to the ring.

upgrade to Kryten's articulating stomach

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When i built my robot, i liked the idea of an articulating stomach designed by Bob Houston, found as thingiverse thing:1409964.

Bob made a very nice design, but I never felt at ease with using just the 180 degree turn servos and the plastic spindles. They have a rather course pitch and can cause the robot to lean at random , for example when moving an arm.

Odd Job - BoozeBot MkII

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For those too young to have seen the James bond movie Goldfinger - meet Odd Job, the evil henchman.

His hat had a deadly, razor sharp blade in the brim. This was one frisbee you did not want to catch.

FiniteStateMachine Service


A Finite State Machine, or FSM, is a computation model that can represent and control execution flow. Finite State Machines can be used to model problems in many fields, including mathematics, artificial intelligence, games or linguistics.

Example for develop: