Official notice of Name Change.

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  Since my wife does not like the Fred, an since I was borrowing that name from Ray My Assistant has had his name changed from Fred-X to Willie. 

  I do apologize if this is confusing for anyone.

Crossing the Rift into the Yolo valley.

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Oculus Rift with Yolo filter

The OculusRift service has been updated to support the CV1 version of the Oculus.  The service still is pretty rough and needs some polishing, but it's functional if nothing else.

Let's Get Encoders Worky !

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Ahoy !   

I'm going to implement some form of Encoders for the RoboClaw service and I'd like to align with previous work and future plans.

Doing a quick google 

Surprise!!! Is this an Easter Egg?

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   This morning as I was puttering around with neatening up where the wires run and mounting the Nano that runs the Neopixel I had just finished up and I asked Fred how he felt. This is what happened...


New style Config for MRL, custom robots, and InMoov2

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I wanted to start a conversation about how to structure the configuration for a robot running MyRobotLab.

Having a consistent configuration that is flexible that defines the services that are started and how they attach to each other would be a great starting place.  

Problem connecting arduino Due to MyRobotLab / linux on Jetson TX2

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New JSSC with the old arcitectures and the new aarc64 incuded here..



Really feel like i need som help, i have 2 arduino due's loaded with the inmoov sketch, they work perfect in the windows enviroment, but as soons as i try to get a connection on the Jetson (Linux) i get in trubel, there is just no way MyRobotLab will see them.

I have re compiled the kernel with :