Esp8266 Service


I think Arduino is trying to do macro's with D1...D13 mappings.  The pin numbers are different from what is "usually used" as int values for pins.

Here are the mappings for the Esp8226 board

For mine LED which is usually pin 13 == 14 on my D1 board


Bno055 Service




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Audiofile + mouthcontrol

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Hi !  is it possible to add option to use mouthcontrol with audiofile ( as a parameter like playfile(string,Mouthcontrol(0/1) ) ?

Usefull to lauch something like this :

So no need to replace TTS mp3. And it can worky if we use MaryTTS.

Thank a lot

There is no scrips under the arduino tab of myrobotlab GUI

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i try to control the finger starter,but there is no arduino scrips under the arduino tab of myrobotlab GUI. the arduino hardware and the servo is connected well and the servo can controlled under the servo tab.  i need your help, thank you.

InMoov jaw moviment

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Sorry my english!


How can I increase the movement of the mouth. It's working, but the movements are imperceptible. I'm using version  '' of MyRobotLab.



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Is it possible to have a HTTP API for remote control ?

For example InMoov could be remote over internet.


JMonkey !

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Makes sense I could not see the head - The Lights Were Switched Off ! .. After switching on the lights - I think the InMoovHead.blend has a variety of long, skinny nearly invisible artifacts - so as the model was imported - the object is very large, (most of it transparent) - and the head is far far away ...

Several questions about myrobotlab from a newbie

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Hi everyone

We are a group of students from Spain who recently started building an InMoov robot. Our goal is to make it learn some gestures and also use OpenCV service so it can follow our heads (or at least a tenis ball).

However I (who is in charge of the coding part) encountered some problems in regard to work with the scripts, well I literally haven't advance much in this matter.

I have some easy questions for you guys, since I'm not very good at coding I have struggled some time before turning to you for help.