myrobotlab on ubuntu

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Hi Inmoov Team,

i had install ubuntu and Myrobot lab in MRL folder.

But i cant get windows like mic icon in browser. so that i could start communication with robot.

pls. help me . if any other command to run .

thanks and regards


Errors about org.myrobotlab.service

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i had to refresh all my workspace under eclipse mars after a crash due to an electricity cut off . So i've a new workspace with my folders pulled form git and i get a lot of error . Java is version 8.152 all seems to be well configured . The problem is " The declared package "org.myrobotlab.service" does not match the expected package ""

I'm sure it's a little thing, but i don't find how to solve it ..

Thanks for your help !

NeoPixel Strand Esp8226 Weirdness...

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Ahoy!  - I have a neopixel 300 led strand - I intend to pimp out my Wife's Honda Odyssey as a practical joke..  So this is for a "good cause" ...

I got it working on an Uno, but on the Esp8226 I got "no love" ..

I'm using the Adafruit library, and strandtest sketch "works" on an Uno.

One interesting thing I noticed is when "strandtest" is running - pixels change 3 at a time..

Arduino M0 board

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I am trying to use an Arduino M0 board (with SAMD21 processor)

After I had included some  #ifndef ARDUINO_ARCH_SAMD statements in the MrlComm.ino source files, I was able to upload this script to the board without any error.

I also managed to run the arduino service in MyRobotLab connected with this board, but somehow connecting this arduino-service to a servo fails. (no error message, just stops)

I think I have to add this board to boards.txt, but I have no idea where to find the settings/parameters for this board.

Can anyone help?

She's creepy but she's walking

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Moving head while talking

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I thought I'd try to be clever and get Eric to move his head a little while he talks. The code works and he moves his head, but now the voice replay is broken up - why is that?

Why can I move the jaw while talking but not another servo?


Position Tracking, Creating a room map

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I have a cart for my InMoov and wanted to add a bit of autonomy to it. I already have a cart control app and I am able to identify an Aruco marker and extract its distance and orientation.

My current steps are now moving the cart to a position in front of the marker and I would like to keep track of the distance travelled and possibly - with the help of the kinect camera - build kind of a map of my room.. - to good to be true

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I would like to point all contributors to myrobotlab to a new website