how to upgrade to new versions

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I want to try the latest version of MRL (1.0.1938) on Azul. I am currently using ver 1.0.1859. I think I read in an eariler post that you don't have to delete everything in your MRL folder. You can I just delete the myrobotlab.jar and copy in the new version? Then run mrl.bat. Now that we are using programAB, gestures, and different speech, The mrl folder has even more folders. What is the right way to upgrade?

Starting up and using version 1723 and other problems!!

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Hi everyone

Help please with setting up myrobotlab

I was using Gaels V4 script with myroblab 1412 and I had most servos working OK, could hear the acapela voice on start up but never manged to get voice control working.  I could not attach the stomach servos however.    I could succesfully manually control most of the my robot. 


MQTT Service


MQTT is one of the protocols lumped in with the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and it can be used for lots of things. An MQTT client has been borged into MRL.


Here's a screenshot from my Android phone running MyMQTT connected to the same broker.


UAE professor uses 3D printing to make highly personalized, advanced prosthetic arms

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Hi all,

Take a look at

The guy is working on Gael's arm!!! Uh, I think that's called plagiarism.

Please leave a Comment at the bottom of the page and tell them they are showing Gael Langevin's Open Source creation and they can learn and see more at



MrlComm 54

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With the new version, this code doesn't work.
  int i=0;
  while (mrlComm.getCustomMsgSize()){
    int x = mrlComm.getCustomMsg();
    //MrlMsg is the class that build message to send to MRL

Nixie Tube Clock

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I have been looking for a fitting clock to match with a Mongolian shelving unit,

it needed to be retro so no option...... Nixie Tubes !!!.

Marty the robot powered by Myrobotlab !

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Marty using MRL inside, great ! I'm using raspi + Adafruit16CServoDriver only.




Small setup :

Kuka Arm table tennis

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Awesome and Amazing ...

Of course I'm curioiusly trying to find the array of high speed digital video cameras for positioning, and curious about the amount of "not on the arm" processing going on ...