Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera, OpenCV 3.1.0, MRL

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As a proof of concept I wanted to see how the Raspberry Pi Zero would hold up to be used to control the Pi camera for the eye of my InMoov along with the head and eye servos

stepper motors

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Is there a way to control stepper motors want to use them as a base for a robot differential drive

getting azul to work on pi

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running pi 3 with version 1851

i can use runtime arduino.serial with both the uno and the mega and run the runtime servo to move various parts.

when I run a simple python script the uno works correctly but the mega moves the servos to extreem positions (head and left arm) and i have to power down.  I posted my script, under harland, name small test pi.py

MyRobotLab Startup - How to stop Chromium from starting

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I'm looking for some guidance

I'm running MRL on a Raspberry Pi

I'm looking to see if it is possible to stop Chromium from loading when MRL starts up

How can this be done?





Hand service

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The minimal sript for hand is:
rightPort = "COM8"
i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01", "InMoov")
but every servo-motors used default pins.
Is it possible to define another pins to connect my servo motor ?

example of a gesture with steach/atach

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def headleft():

Servo speed control, explaination how it work

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I have recently make many change on the Servo speed control to have a method that don't change the speed with modification to MRLComm or load on it and that are backyard compatibable with scripts users currently had. Sorry if it cause some confusion on the way. I writing this post to clear out how to use it

there is 3 methods relate to the speed control


MRL 1834 .jar file

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Hi Guy's,

Here a link to the last stable MRL version 1834:


This link will be active, until there is a new stable release.