rtsp in opencv

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how to connect an ip camera (h264) to inmoov via rtsp?


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A few months ago the way published method customMsg works is changed.

Who can explain - or show me some sample code - how this method works in the latest builds?

In other words; How can I send and receive info to and from the arduino not supported by mrlComm?


Jan Janson

Speech problems Python

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Hi Guys
I just started writing for my InMoov python script and behind the language background bell it all the time. what can you do about it?

Kinect One on a Mac

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Hello everyone.

I am trying to install a kinect one on a mac to make it workey on myrobotlab.

I have a few questions.

Does someone knows how to do it?

Does installing libfreenect2 is enough?

Thank you, for your time!


InMoov Service support for I2C based servo controllers

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While the MyRobotLab is very versatile with the types of controllers it supports, the InMoov service is not.

It should be possible to add support into the skelletal sections to allow for differing controller configurations beyond the standard arangments.

For example:

One user may be using an arduino with I2C controllers in each arm.

Another user may be running a Raspberry Pi using the I2C bus the run servo controllers though out the robot.

Newton is waiting for DL4J

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Newton is waiting for DL4J !!! Inmoov CUDA ready :D


What's Left For Manticore Release ?

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Ahoy !

I'd like to know what we need to focus on to get Manticore release done.  There has been a lot of really great work put into this, but what things need to be tied up before an official release ?

This is the Project Page.


Lm75a Temperature sensor Service


LM75A is a simple temperature sensor that communicates thru i2c. 

It's service name in MRL is Lm75a.

You can find many different boards with this unit. On some of them you can change the i2c address, but several exists where you can't. If you want to use several lm75a on the same i2c bus use a board where you can change the addess, alternativley use the a multiplexer: http://myrobotlab.org/service/I2cMux

The default address is 0x48. The LM75A supports 8 different addresses from 0x48 thru 04F.