Arduino->MRL error - bad magic number 10 - 776 rx errors (Solved)

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MRLComm.ino needs to be loaded on Arduino through the Arduino IDE

Uber Video Water Streaming Home Automation Thingy

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Updated 2014.07.20

List of newly found excellent references

[IDEA]Open-source EEG software (Openvibe) and MRL bridge

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Hello guys!

I'm currently working on brain-wave controlled prosthetic arm system.  I'm basing the arm on inmoov design with some adjustments and reworking (planning to release the alternative models later on). The plan for Alpha stage is simple hand grip, relaxed hand, rotating wrist and moving elbow.

The eeg headset I'm using is emotic epoc, research edition. I picked epoc for the sake of price, so people can make their own projects based on mine (epoc price is currently around 750$).

Simple action set would look like this:

Propeller MRLComm.spin code name GroGoProP

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Here I present a Program to clone a Parallax Propeller into thinking its an Arduino for use with MyRobotLab.

Its just a first Proof of concept with basic MRLComm commands

I devised the code to emulate an Arduino Uno :-

  1. Digital Inputs
  2. Digital Outputs
  3. Analog inputs
  4. Servo Outputs pin orientated  (still needs tweeking)

It already can be used "as is" however there are many commands to be shoehorned in.

Rob with the new web cam

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My updated content for Robs Muscleman script. Not real happy with the web cam I just got. Made the video a bit choppy.

Strange Screen

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This screen just started not closing today. If I close it my whole MRL shuts down. It used to shut down right after I would start Mrl.

Any clues Grog??

Sexy Odroid Case found by KMC (and other good cases)

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KMC found this cool looking case for the Odroid on Thingyverse


Here's a Arduino Uno case that would be good too.

Legion Build

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Since I recently restarted the build, I will leave the sock picture :P but will post my new build, which is made with denser parts and merged parts.

Here is the zip of the merged files for those that want to partake: