programAB -> Python data type ...

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I've a problem that i didn't understand . I'm trying to learn my robot to count; If i ask him "compute 2+3" he say "5", but if i ask him to compute 2 X 5, he can't, of course, he wait for 2*5 instead of 2X5 .

So this is my function in python :


DIY GoPro Remote using Esp 8266 / MRL GoPro Service

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I'm going to build a DIY remote cause i don't want to spend 80 euro for the gopro one... Searching on google i found this post :

Communication with the gopro is pretty simple (easy as opening an URL :) 

MRLcomm ESP8266 conversions (aka Grandeurs of Iron Man)

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Iron Man is a modular system, i.e. the arms, legs, body and face plate fly in from Tony Starks ridiculously awesome workshop...... each independent from each other until connected....
How can this be applied to the InMoov robotic sub systems .... and why.....

Off the Bat :-

Imagine an InMoov system, Left Arm / Right Arm / Head /Body each being controlled separately by an ESP8266 Wifi module (or any WiFi module, Rpi,etcetcetc)

Asynchronous Serial Messages

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Azul was having some issues reading data coming back from a custom script running on an Arduino Mega, so I thought I'd make a small script which demonstrates how to do asynchronous reading.

The script requires no hardware, because it uses a Virtual Serial Port (COM77_uart).

I used the swing gui, because its better at displaying python errors, although the webgui has a better send interface (swing one grows for some reason :P)

Précisions about the sketch of MRL (In moov)

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Hello every body,

Sorry if my engish are very bad I speak very little.

If I writh you today, it's because i don't understand where is the part for moov the hand in this sketch in Arduino, It is very long and i'm lost... Please who can say me where is the necessary part for moov the and with arduino for my robot lab ?


Thank's for your help !

Emma Pie

Acapela Speech Emoticons

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Saw this in harland's script, and thought it was funny - 
So I looked up what Acapela had to offer regarding speech .. they have lots of exclamations, emoticons & sound effects.

InMoov, ProgramAB, and Gestures

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So, in an effort to make the mega InMoov scripts easier to manage and to make sure the InMoov can better respond to human speech,  I've been working on making it so that the InMoovs can share their gestures  and also make it so that you can reload the gestures as they are edited without having to restart the whole bot.

So,  what does this mean and how does it work.

Frist, there is the InMoov service.  We have come to love this service, it controls all of the servos, camera, kinect, pir sensors, etc..