First Authored Script

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Man I hope there is and easier way to Capture gestures than how I did it.

Update Command For Udoo from SSH

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It's a bit of a doosey ... its a one liner "install all Services" through ssh .. "would" work if it wasn't for the borked #**&@)*#@&  Java install on the Udoo

java -Djava.library.path="libraries/native:libraries/native/armv6.hfp.32.linux" -cp "./myrobotlab.jar:./libraries/jar/*" org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime -update

Trying To Capture Gesture Adventures

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Ok so this doesnt get dropped off because I wish to create a tutorial for others when done here goes.

1. What I am trying to do is set myself up a simple test board at work from which I can practice capturing gestures and scripting.

2. What I have done thus far is hook up a new mega 2560 to my laptop at work. Flashed it with the MRL.COMM.INO In a separate Arduino IDE environment. 

There are no servos attached to the board currently and no external power.

I figure external power is not needed presently as MRL does not know I am running a test board.

Thank You For Your Support

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Dear MRL'ians and Guests.  

If you feel MRL (the site or the software) was of some worth to you and would like to reciprocate please feel free to clicky the donate button.

Your support is most appreciated.

Thank You.  


ROFI Build

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A couple months ago I printed of the pieces for a ROFI biped robot.  I really like the look and feel of it, and believe there could be lots of hacking and expansion potential. 

i am trying to get working on 1.0.26

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i am trying to get working on 1.0.26

8 Relay Module

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I bought a couple relay modules for the Arduino to Borg together more of my house.  The first objective will be for the Incubator to drive the sprinklers with the Cron and Arduino service.  Also, I'll be looking into a web interface so my wife can manually override the sprinkler system.