Our robots (and their burnt servos) demand feedback!

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So we've all seen problems with robots moving their motors around with no idea where they actually are and whether or not they're getting into trouble or even doing the right thing.

Maker Faire Rome 2014 - InMoov and MyRobotLab

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Maker Faire Rome 2014

Here is the album with all the pictures from Rome : MakerFaireRome Album

Champlain Mini Maker Faire day 1

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Hey everyone long day today at the Champlain mini maker faire hope everyone who was either there, at MIT, or Rome hade a good day. Did alot of talk about MRL and InMoov lots of people said they were very interested and the man in charge of the whole thing said it was one of the most impressive there and was very impressed by what we do here on MRl and on InMoov so everyone keep up the good work!

Python Community Libraries

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Hello MRL'ians :)

Wvantoorn mentioned I should start a post regarding our future Python Community Library.  Right now, our library is checked into github as part of the MyRobotLab repo.  This repo is primarily Java (framework) code - but the library has grown significantly, and there are many scripts floating around which would be nice to share, modify, modularize & improve.

Back from the Rome Maker Fair

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I am back from the Maker Fair.
I have met both Gael and Alessandro and my Bishop was hosted among the other robots.
Great poeple, great fair,great fun!


help please

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Hello, I need help, I installed myrobotlab and I can not work or I this example amended or any service that has the opencv. 
I can not print the data in Phithon.
# This code creates an opencv service and tracks a face. 
# It thens finds the center of the face and converts the position to a scale of 1-100
# This information is then sent via serial service to any receiving device

Neo Pixel Glasses sketch

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This is the basic Neo Pixel Ring sketch from Adafruits site, I haven't altered it. I anyone does alter it, may post it here for everyone.

ServoOrchestrator (at least a try) & a (my) call for testers

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In the other service I came up with (it started small, but got big very fast) (-> http://myrobotlab.org/content/inmoov-gesture-creator-short-introduction-... & http://myrobotlab.org/service/inmoovgesturecreator )
GroG asked, if it was meant to become a "(Servo-)Orchestrator", it wasn't,

but this idea didn't released me and by hazard I found an (old) sample of me:

PIR Sensor

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I have my PIR sensor set up to powerup my InMoov after after it powers down from inactivity.

I have the PIR attached to pin 12 on my right Arduino.

To start the PIR up, I do the following;

Open the myrobotlab GUI

Open Runtime then start the Arduino service,

Then select Tools and the Board and COM Port the PIR is connected to,

Go to the Oscope and select the pin that the PIR is attached to.(have the power on to your PIR)