Some Sugguestions in open cv

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thanks greg for ur help we have done some testing using open cv in native python

can u sugguest some filter examples to remove granual noise

some problems we have noted:

1)problems in detecting very dark colour cars

2)unable to maintain a threshold due change in sun direction


Goal reached

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Finally the goal was scored!

Was missing the speed & pause to learn (save).

Now the speed and pause can also be saved. The learn-tag uses the oob-tag which goes thru multiple conditions and the final command is a "block" which contains set.speed()+move.servo()+pause(). Setting speed and pause is optional.



[UPDATE] New chest (hidden Kinect)

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some primer paint..



I ripped apart a kinect and will intergrate im chest, printed chest part, to fill the gap, where kinect was




opencv service crashed on ubuntu

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I'm trying mrl on ubuntu and I have some problem with opencv service. When I starting opencv services the mrl is crashed.
In the attached you can find log debug.

Wii camera as distancing sensor

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As an experiment I have attached a Laser to InMoov's Left eye & Wii-Camera to its Right eye.

What InMoov sees is the reflected Laser light (depicted as the white dot on the green bar)

New Kickstarter project: RoboCORE

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As Robotics Today have mentioned, there is a new Kickstarter-project called RoboCORE. On Kickstarter stands RoboCORE is an OpenSource software/hardware solution to easily create robots.




full py no worky

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my min py works fine but when i o to full py there is no voice control on it....i only have a riht hand and bicep hooked this why????