UltrasonicSensor Service


The UltrasonicSensor is typically used in ranging.  This can be very useful for collision avoidance or proximity notification. MRL's event driven ranging DOES NOT use the Arduino's library pulseIn.  PulseIn is written in a way which will interfere with servos.  So this service should provide the capability of moving servos at the same time as finding range.


Software from iRobot

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Free control software - worth checking out and reviewing .. Although, I was not really impressed with the interface.  A more "simple" mode would be to tilt and turn the tablet for speed and directio of platform, with thumbs controlling the gripper.

Random Gestures

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GroG made a comment about giving InMoov a " personality " and how it got more attention at shows if it was always moving. I put together the following script that runs gestures or speech randomly.

I need to read the serial port and print it Phithon

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hello brothers, I need to read the serial port and print it Phithon , but did not find examples of how to read . 

want to drive a servo controller that I made ​​with PIC via serial port.

write with google translate hope understand.

Our robots (and their burnt servos) demand feedback!

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So we've all seen problems with robots moving their motors around with no idea where they actually are and whether or not they're getting into trouble or even doing the right thing.

Maker Faire Rome 2014 - InMoov and MyRobotLab

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Maker Faire Rome 2014

Here is the album with all the pictures from Rome : MakerFaireRome Album

Champlain Mini Maker Faire day 1

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Hey everyone long day today at the Champlain mini maker faire hope everyone who was either there, at MIT, or Rome hade a good day. Did alot of talk about MRL and InMoov lots of people said they were very interested and the man in charge of the whole thing said it was one of the most impressive there and was very impressed by what we do here on MRl and on InMoov so everyone keep up the good work!