servo problem

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hello everybody

I have one problem with MRL and servos

I did everything correctly to move and control my servo with MRL but it is not possible , the Arduino is connected correcly and it is working just the servo didn`t move.

also I used this link and i recieved answer the same:

any one had the same problem???????

Help with the sick lms500

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I happen to have at my hands a ranger finder lms500 and i want to use  the myrobotlab program to view its output, i know i can do that with SOPAS but my main goal is puting the laser on a P3-AT and then doing SLAM.
Can anyone help me with that? or show the way into how to do it on myrobotlab.
Thank you.

Python CVMat

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we have some problems with our OpenCV2-implementation or library (we aren't so sure). We want our pictures to be exported as cvMat but at the moment we have no access to anything with cv2.anyFunction, so we get our pictures as IplImage. 

We want to continue with image procession with this format with cv2-functions in Python, that's why we need it.

Any suggestions how to get this started or even if it's possible to get it started?

Thanks in advance :) 

Gareth's 3D gear system corner (Wins & Fails)

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Here is a collection of 3D printed Gear systems I am currently working on.

raspi 2 no serial response MRL version 1.0.119

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I am able to run version 1.0.099 MRL services on my Raspi 2.

With version 1.0.119 I can not set up the serial connections to my arduinos.

e.g. head.arduino - I set my mega 2580 arduino

head.arduino.serial: I select my port /dev/ttyACM1 or ACM0  but get only "no response"


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I like the center jack to lift the shelf is "screwed upwards" with the robot spinning around with its drive motors.  Clever !

Raspi 2 USB sound problems

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Had another posting about this where I had the error "file not found" in the MRL log when giving commands to MRL. I assume this was a timing problem, the audrey file was not ready at the time the playback started.

There is also the fact that raspi 2 by default has no MPEG 2 licence. You can buy it in the raspi shop for 2 pounds, so only a small fee. Unforturnately this however did not solve my sound problems.

Converted then all audrey files to MPEG 1 format using WinFF. This helped to make all audrey files audible using mpg123.