Data Flow with RasPi and Websockets

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From what I have understood after disscusing the working of MRL with you, is this data flow for online gameplay (ie: board user vs user on website GUI) correct?


New Diagram



Python call back signatures now have parameters

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# This demo is a basic speech recognition script.
# A set of commands needs to be defined before the recognizer starts
# Internet connectivity is needed initially to download the audio files
# of the Speech service (its default behavior interfaces with Google)
# once the phrases are spoken once, the files are used from that point on
# and internet connectivity is no longer used.  These cached files 
# can be found ./audioFile/google/<language code>/audrey/phrase.mpe

Freetts Kevin16 error

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Hello. While this is not a major galring problem, while I was running the example code I would get an error with the freetts. Is it a dependency problem on my part? It says there is no kevin16 nor any other voices. I am running windows 7 with the 1.0.53 release. I sent a no worky in, if there is anything I can do to help?

Inmoov pin layout

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I want to try to put all servos on one arduino mega, and am not sure where to look. I know it has to be in a file, and yes i could write my own script in python and assign the oins that way, but i want to use other scripts fast and simple.


Preparing Chess Project for Maker Faire Rome

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Great news guys,

We are going to maker faire Rome in October laugh

I guess Alessandruino and Gael are also coming.

I have few things in mind ToDo before maker faire, but have lots of question, please help me get sorted:

talkback example code

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In my environment (just installed and updated everything, 25. Aug 2014) in the example code I had to comment out this line in the def heard section.

#      data =[0]
Then it worked (more or less) as it never picked up my "spin" (always selected "back"???) command and I could not get a repeated recognition of my "hello".

MRL meets FPGA Deo Nano

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Hmmm a new Tab :-)

First test with comms & digitals yields a "Go Elves Go"....

Update :- Servos Workio

Parallax releases a FPGA emulator for its 8 cog Propeller

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Parallax inc. have released FPGA code that allows a number of develompent boards to emulate the Propeller 8 cog parallel chip.

Above is my converted Deo Nano ..... the Green Led0 means system is running on cog 0

Yes each LED is an indication of running cogs (that in itsself is a help for programming, ie knowing how many more parallel processes can be run)

MRL as backend to new Shoutbox

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Progress - authentication is still needed - no silly "send" button, just hit enter..
Better text wrapping capabilities, no silly "name" .. also I see lots of potential for "system" calls
mebbe @mr.turing to send a message directly to the ProgramAB :)


It's starting to work !