AndroidSpeechRecognition Service



This speech recognizer service is accurate in noisy environment, fast and globalized. It can worky OFFLINE if needed.
With or without external microphone ( wireless or jack ) 
Apk not tested on a lot of real devices, it's beta for now. Please report for bad results.





Walking Robots.

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The day when we can ask our robot to get us a beer and it walks to the fridge get the beer out and returns it to us out in the shed will be truly a great day.  There are some who say it can't be done, and those people will never achieve this ultimate goal, but as a community this goal is achievable and quite possibly before the end of next year.

PS2 motor control

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I am trying to get a ps2 joystick to control a motor through an arduino.
Can you please help ? 
Below is the code on the Arduino.


Power Protection Systems for NOOBs

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When you think of power protection, you first think of fuses or circuit breakers. While these are the most common devices used in both home and industry, they are far from being the only type of protection device.  Normally the fuse or circuit breaker will only be part of a larger protection system.

script trackin problem

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sorry my language

i used my arduino one to move two servers for inmoov eyes i can not find a working script !!( python )

can you help me? 

NaturalReaderSpeech Service




Terminator playing in the dark

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I really appreciate the help of Grog and Mats to perform the Overlay filter, since I do not have much experience programming.

FaceRecognizer debug & enhance

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EDIT 5/11/2017 - Video explanations ( inmoov use )


EDIT 4/11/2017 - Added unicode support

Added unicode support to this filter because opencv dont like it ( cannot use unicode inside folder names ).

Terminated Overlay

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New overlay filter.  Thanks to astro for the idea and Mats for the direction :)

Still needs a little polish and maybe some thread safety.

The overlay filters looks like it will be loads of fun