Multiwii Service


Status : To Be Borged

MultiWii is a general purpose software to control a multirotor RC model.

InMoov plays Virtual "Craps"

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Just a first experiment using Blenders Game Logic Physics to allow Virtual InMoov to interact with objects.


Hiscore :-

Worked out how to make cubes lie flat on surface

Right arm problems (SOLVED)

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Having a weird problem since weeks. Up to version 1.0.80 all worky, version 1.0.81 to 1.0.95 the right arm servos are not getting attached. At least the way I used to do.

Back to the roots I made a simple Python script to go thru all limbs. My usual procedure is e.g.:

1. create right hand - 2. set min/max, rest, mapping - 3. start right hand ####please see Python script

This way it gets created, sets its values and starts. Perfect!

Attach troubles

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I have systematically an error when I try to attach a service to another, I' ve sent two different "no worky" logs.

Actually, I can't use any script with an  "attach"  method.

Thanks for helping me !



Boy Scout Camp Project

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My first thought was a hex-a-pod I would pre-print...


I also considered each Scout making an InMoov head from the neck up, but printing time scares me ;-P

I am told we will have between 20 and 40 Scouts in the class, the goal is something educational and for each Scout to take home a robot. My buget is $180 max per Scout but they would like me to keep it around $120.


LeapMotion2 Service


This service will use the hand tracking capabilities of the Leap Motion device with the power of the SDK v2.


In order to get it working properly :

1) Install the LeapMotion Software from here :

2) Install the LeapMotion2 service from the MyRobotLab Runtime tab (just like you do with the other services ) MRL VERSION 1.0.95 or higher 

MCU > PySerial > Blender ... Walkthrough

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Here a few more details of getting your Propeller or Arduino to control objects in Blender.

First part is the hardest ..... Install PySerial  to enable Blender to access the Serial Module.

leap motion/inverse kinematics

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Anyone know how to get the leap sensor and/or the inverse kinematics services working in MRL?


Thanks in advance

Third MRL tutorial -> take a photo (webcam) and send it by email using VOICE CONTROL (speech recognition and Text-to-speech)




This tutorial shows how to take a photo (webcam) and send it by email using VOICE CONTROL...

WARN : There are 3 version of the python script

1) simple one - only take a photo using voice

2) full version - it requires a gmail address-take a photo + send it by email (SEE THE TUTORIAL)

3)full version ITA - for CIX, italian users, or who wants to listen the computer talking in italian :D

Good vision :D


my in moov robot build by pinky and the brain

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and here is one of my clay sculpts