Using "if" function with faceTracking

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This should be very simple for many of you guys, but since I didn't create the faceTracking service, I am swimming far from offshore to reach the coast.

So, here is what I'm trying to do:

MrlComm library - customMsg publishCustomMsg what do we need ?

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This is a question to the community about what is needed regarding custom messaging to and from MrlComm.   Any references of this being used, or requirements, or suggestions would be appreciated.

Part of this is describing what kind of interface or methods are needed (if any more) and also the msg size - potentially if we have a byte msg structure we (almost) can have msg size == 255 vs 64



DIY Servo Service

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Update: OpenSCAD and STL files have been posted to github for those who want to try it out!

It's worky!  Testing out Mats new DIY Servo service.  This uses a 3D set of printed gears, a 12V DC motor, an LN298N dual hbridge motor controller and a 10k ohm linear trim rotary potentiometer.  Woohoo,  the power of PID controls you!  The power of PID controls you!


converter for AIML encoded "ISO-8859-1" to "UTF-8"

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So to make it short.

I found a free French Open Source chat bot which contains a lot of possibilities based on ALICE2.0.

The problem is that all the AIML files are encoded in "ISO-8859-1"

Therefore when I use French with WebKitRecognition it doesn't work correctly and takes only the default answers.


Here is how the AIML are looking like:

face tracking

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Guys could someone help me to make facetracking work?

i have everything working camera, opencv and servos, but im not beeing able to run a script to start it!! 


I have tried the gael script but keep asking for more arguments this is the code

Using a phone for sound input

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A very nice way to use MRL from the phone is to use the webgui. But you must have access to a WiFi network for this to work. ( Not really. But you must be able to reach the host where MRL is running from your phone, could be anywhere in the world ).

1. Make sure that your instance of MRL running with the WebSpeechRecognition and the WebGui started. For example you can use this script. It starts a chatbot. with sound input and output. You don't need any servos or anything else to make this work So you can try it without any extra hardware: 

variable from python to AIML like {set name="some name"} a python {/set}

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Hello, again. I would like to retrieve data from pytnon to aiml Is there such a possibility? For example, I want to use the <set var = (a python)>. whether it is possible in some way? I've tried with setPredicates, getPredicates <set name = "xx"> a python </ set> but it did not work. Please help.

execute python function repeatedly timed

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I have modified cabling for my self leveling hand to be controlled through the right arm arduino.

Calamity has shown me a way of setting up an interrupt by the used BNO055 to trigger my control code for bending/rotation of the wrist when orientation has changed over thresholds.

Currently my hand however has no provision for another signal cable (ISR) and I wanted to control it by cyclic calls to my controlling python script.