voice control

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Hi like a nubie i have no clue on how get the type to speak voice to work in MRL.

Where can i find a tutoral that works with the new version of MRL I know this program is for the better informed

Im just try to learn the program one module at a time any help will be very much aprecheated


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MaVo has made some great advances in the WebGUI, I have added some functionality as well.   My intent is to merge these 2 branches unless someone has a better idea.  Merging is a big pain, but making mrl better is worth it.  I like to think of it as genetic engineering where we are taking the traits of two different organisms and making a Bigger Stronger Faster MRL !   The following list are some of the details.

Gear Motor and the Elbow.. Work In Progress

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Ok, So I realize that I'm editing and updating this blog in reverse.. but so be it.  Anyway, here's another little update on the progress with these bevel gear / robot arm joint project.  It moves!  It knows where it moves!  



Boston Hack-A-Day meetup

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So, I saw on hack-a-day that there was going to be a meetup at the Artist Asylum here in Boston.  I wasn't even aware of any maker spaces around here, so I just had to go check it out.  Awesome times, lots of cool projects, including.. yes..  a hover board... 


Sweety love the kinect !

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Here is a little video of Sweety learning the kinect power

Looking Inside a Service

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I am very new to MRL and programming in general, I have had alot of success borrowing and modifying examples to achieve my desired outcomes however my projects are getting more involved and I would like expand my scripting arsenal. 

Is there a way for me to open a service (Joystick for example) so i can see all the variables, methods and tags that excists within that service so I can use them? I know about the Joystick.map and Listener only becuase I saw them in an example. I would like to be able to find these things on my own.  

azul got sick, needs meds

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Azul developed a problem when running mrl ver. 1.0.119.  Any ear.addCommand  with i01.getName() does not work.  Example ear.addCommand("da vinci", i01.getName(), "daVinci").

 Azul repeats the command and I say “ yes” but nothing happens.  Can someone shed “light” on this? Or has anyone else noticed this?


Robotic arm

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This is my robotic arm with 6 DOF and i control it using MyRobotLab through vocal controlling.

Watch the video.

Thank you and good look!







facing problem getting started [SOLVED]

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i am jus getting started but iam facing some code errors

my start up procedure is as followes

1) downloaded arduino exe file

2) downlodaded MRLCOMM librarie

3) attached mrlcomm to arduino exe file(and checked in sketchup)

4)mrl jar file downloaded

5) arduino mega 2560 connected and selected in arduino exe file

6) mrl jar file opened

7) upgraded mrl jar file(GUI)

8) installed all

9)right click on Arduino and cliked Start , given a file name

10 ) a setup code generated and copied the same