MRL doesn't talk

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I tryed to control a finger starter of inmoov robot by control voice but mrl doesn't talk,  listen my voice only.
this is the problem:
111393 [i01.ear] INFO  org.myrobotlab.service.Sphinx  - I'm not talking so I'm listening
How can I do, please?

How can i use leap motionto move servos

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How can i use leap motion with the servos so i can make the servos move with my hand gestures like the original project on the inmoov website.

servo trouble with mrl

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I am trying to build the inmoov hand and when trying to use the servos to make gestures they would not move. I have looked at all the videos of how to set up and connect an arduino to MRL but nothing would work this is the servo set up i am using. I did take all the wires that are attached to pwm and attach them to Analog.

Voice Command Example

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Recently started with MRL and found that the script was wrong.

I am hoping someone can give me a script to show how Voice Commands are used?

I also have a Kinect and would like some help getting it to work and know its limitations.  Any help?



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Hi, I'm new to MRL and my long-term goal is to build a inMoov robot. But at the moment I got some serious starting problems. I use Windows 10, 64 bit and 64 bit Java and an arduino UNO. First the good news: I was able to load the sketch on my Arduino and servos can control how it is provided. But that's the end of the good news. Three days ago I tried to integrate the ultrasonic sensor in version 1.0.1413 of MRL. However, it is published only a gray screen. In the chat, it was believed that was because of the version. Now I have also loaded the version 1.0.107 (64 bit).

Robots for Good Demo

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Coming up next week is the Redhat Summit.  This is a conference about open source and the open source operating system Linux.  You may be framiliar with Redhat because of the Redhat Linux distribution that payed a large role to the growth of the OpenSource community.

webkitspeech reconition Helper

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Hi ! just an idea i was thinking to give robot the ability to control 100%  with voiciereconition

webkitspeech reconition is just perfect but can be ajusted

What do you think about something like this : ( maybe exist something more autonomous )


The idea / problem :

When no sound is detected webkitspeech reconition is off and we need to click on the microphone.
In noisy environement webkitspeech is very long to send command

i2c interface and Arduino

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We had a lot of fun yesterday working together on MRLComm and Arduino. Four people ( Grog, kwatters, camality and me ) working on the same sourcecode, discussing different options and ways to make the software better and add some more functionallity.

Sometimes we think in different ways, and sometimes its difficult to explain in a short shoutbox. So creating a post to describe something that is a bit larger is necessary. So thats what I'm doing now to explain the way I think about the i2c interface and the device drivers. Any comments are welcome.