MyRobotlab using webkit speech programab acapela speech

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Awesome Video Kwatters !  Great to see someone else use the webgui (and how they do it)
Just making a quick list of stuffs left to do for release :

[MRL >= 1649] Inmoov service won't launch

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Hi ! The Inmoov service won't launch. Caused by a java exeption. Maybe : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/http/conn/ClientConnectionManager

The ins and outs of Kinect programming

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Great series on how to access Kinects goodies via processing by the guy who wrote the original hacked drivers for it. Well worth subscribing as he perfectly executes the cavets in "Processing" language  , fast paced to the point and fun.

MRL - Batch Command Line Launcher

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Hi all ! Go back from holydays :) Actualy testing the "last" MRL to adapt my inmoov scripts

Before with the 1412 when I use this : java -jar myrobotlab.jar -X -Y ... , I saw the progress and error in the console

But now the agent set the console to background. And I must open manualy the logfile. How to bring the console from command line ? It was usefull to debug




Integrating robots part movement

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Currently, the different InMoov body part are moved by modifying the joints angle of the parts. It's working good, but we need to do a lot of input to do a simple movement.

What I think would be great is to be able to issue simple command, like move("fingertip", x, y, z) or move("rightPalm", x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw) and have MRL compute the different joints angles of the body part to reach that point.

A little video that explains about i2c and the different devices that can be used in MRL

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I have been working on adding support for i2c to MyRobotLab during the spring and a bit of the summer.

So what is i2c ?

It's a very simple 2 wire addressable serial protocol. So you can, in theory, connect up to 126 different devices on the same 2 wires. You can find many different devices that use the i2c protocol. For example servodrivers, ad converters, gyro accelerometers, power measuring devices, LCD and OLED screens, temperature measuring devices, real time clocks and so on.

Google Deep Dream - the future of predicting things before they happen !!!

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I bumped into this Video below explaining the process, thought it was some food for thought.



I ran Inmoovs hand through Google's Deep Dream  ( one source )

Servo speed

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With the refactoring of the MRLComm, I have reworked how the servo speed method as the old one got broken.

The new method will give a more realistic speed control, but require some more work to use

To have real speed control, the servo must know at wich speed it can turn. You can tell him is maximum speed by setting with servo.setMaxVelocity(degree/s)

Each servo could have different value, as it's much more faster to turn the head than raise the arm.