One step further with Virtual InMoov (VinMoov) ....MRL mini bridged

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Using some Virtual ports I have been able to connect VinMoov to MRL ....YAY ...(just to get thing up and running...whilst MRLs revap takes shape).

Its using this Python script  :-

using remote desktop and getting voice to stay with robot computer

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today on shoutbox I ask how to get the voice/sounds to stay with scooter and not be on the remote desktop comtputer.  The "GREAT AND WONDERFUL OZ'" , OH, I mean Greg said it was a setting under remote desktop and he is right. you have 3 choices on a windows 7 machine: play on this computer, do not play, play on remote computer. 

Scooter has its voice back, thanks Oz!

life is good

Robot Vacuum Attempts to Chew Owner's Head Off

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Ok... all good humor. But it makes me think we need a robotics edition of the Darwin Awards.

changing to MRL 1.0.107

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Spent the weekend getting Azul and scooter working on 1.0.107. 

In my last version of MRL I cleared the serial port buffer with:

#would like to clean out serial buffer

def clearbuffer():

  crap = 0

  for i in range(1,100):    


      crap =


# pass or break next does not work


which does not work anymore in latest version of mrl

Fun With The All Powerful CLI !!!

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These last few weeks I've been working on an Agent Service and a CLI service.
The CLI service is turning out to be great fun and VERY powerful !!  Kwatters and I have been throwing around ideas on how it should behave.

Above you see the ls command.

ls at root / returns all the running services

ls at a service e.g. ls /cli/ ending with a slash returns all the methods.

Spreadsheet to Arduino

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Before starting my robot project (buying electronic stuff) I would like to know something :

Is there a way to transfer data from excel (or any kind of spreadsheet) to Arduino board automatically ? To sum up : arduino controled by a spreadsheet.

I found out a promising program wich is Gobetwino freeware (interaction between arduino and PC)... Do you think this could help ?

increase openCV speed ...

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I've found someting that seem interresting ; mix GSvideo with openCV to increase the speed ans allow binocular vision .

Here is what is write on a french website ( :