positioning system

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an idea:
What if the robot had the vision of a fixed wireless camera located in a room and the robot places a colored mark that identifies you to also have location where the robot is, by some algorithm. I think if the color detection functions effectively could work.

Open Source Beehives need MRL services!

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Lets make a Beehive Service- Automates a beehive with environmental and bee health sensors, and displays the data remotely via geolocated community driven data on a world map.


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Boa grupo manhã! por favor me ajude ...

Infinite loop needs to be stopped

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Trying to have a infinit loop in "go forward", which would stop when "kill the motors" is called


OpenCV on MRL 2.4.10

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I set a raspi up so I could find out the issue BillC and others have been having recently regardin OpenCV running in MRL.

The latest versions of MRL uses OpenCV 2.4.10 ...  

Going to 2.4.10 is great - new features and such BUT - it appears Samuel @ JavaCV does not have an arm linux binary set ... only android arm :(

Mechaphytum Animus Tweeting and sending data to web...

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My plantoid Mechaphytum Animus is interacting with web thanks to ESP8266 webserver nodes... I played a lot with this tiny wifi modules and managed to incorporate them into my projects in many ways.... Easy to connect to a MCU, open source firmware and lots of example software on the web... I prepared many webservers with or even without a MCU and now Mechaphytum Animus can send sensor data to web, can Tweet and even send e-mails to me when an event is triggered... Below are my ESP8266 webservers...