On Kickstarter: Little 3D printed humaoid robot

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Here is a little 3D printed humanoid OpenSource robot on Kickstarter called Plen2:



Only to notice it. Because - as usual - it can be possible, that they have useful code, 3d-printed hardware parts or so on, which could be used for other projects or things.


Open Source Beehives need MRL services!

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Lets make a Beehive Service- Automates a beehive with environmental and bee health sensors, and displays the data remotely via geolocated community driven data on a world map.

OculusRift Service


This page (will) describe the OculusRift service to get head tracking information and to attach to a stereo camera system .

InMoov as an Environmental Blood Hound....

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I have been meaning to test some of these modules out for a while now... and as I have the InMoov head already assembled, its nose lends its-self to the task, however sneakily its being built into InMoov's detachable ear part (easy for removing and setting up).

The sensors can be seen above located in the main ear (white) assembly.

Big Drone

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Big very fun drone with active RFID antenna to race around locating stuff.