Myo And Distributed MRL Test

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Distributed MRL - Arduino, Serial, Servo, & RemoteAdapter is in one instance, the WebGUI, MyoThalmic, & Python is on the other.

Same computer connected to in this test, although the intent will be to have a raspi at a different ip address with the Arduino Serial & Servo

Reversing servos

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I am running the  "" script.

The pinky, ring finger and majeure were running backwards, so I edited thes lines (in red):

Services in Development

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Hi all,

I have followed the development quick start and have an MRL instance running with a GUI, as promised.

How do I start an instance with the services installed?



D-H Parameters and the InMoov for a Kinematic Model

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Update:   I'm kinda geekin' out about this right now...  It looks like all those matrix multiplications do something useful...



Did a quick simulation with MRPT of what I believe is a resonable approximation of the InMoov arm.



Stop services via Python

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I'm still working on my inmoov and I'm just figuring out how mrl works.

Because the robot don't always need all services together, I'm thinking about activating and deactivating them on demand.

I know how to start a service via Python, but how can I stop it again?

Programming an ESP8266 WIFI Module with the Arduino Gui

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This is a quick run_through on how to set up an ESP8266 Wifi module using the Arduino IDE.

With Arduino IDE version 1.6.5 it is possible to use the Arduino environment to download programs not only to the Atmel family but also to 3rd party Mcu's and importantly the ESP WIFI series.

FIre up an Arduino IDE version 1.6.5 or later :-

On the preferences tab be sure to copy and paste the URL below into the Additional Boards Manager URL entry box:-

Meeting MaVo at the Eindhoven MakerFaire Netherland

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We had a great time meeting more Makers with very interesting projects.

Leon and Marten were also there for fun and great time discussing over what could be done in the near future on InMoov.

As a surprise, MaVo (the person who worked the service Gesture Creator but not least) came to see us, all the way from Germany!

Bright time and good energy!


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How can I access th Command Line Interface? I get a CLI tab in the GUI but there is nothing in it.

Kalman filter ?

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If you build a moving robot, it can have several inputs that measures position, speed or acceleration. Together they can give an accurate prediction of where the robot is, and where it will be in the near future. The difficult thing is to know what reading is the best. Do I have an accurate position ? Is the speed sensor showing the correct speed. Is my accelerometer accurate ? A Kalman filter handles combining several inputs and keeps track of how much you can trust each sensor. 


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Hi (kwatters maybe?)

Tried to find a web based IDE and found Codenvy. Pointed it to the program_ab github repository and tried to run it. First got an "unknown config notice" and when trying to run it it complains about 

programab_unpack/package.json: no such file or directory

Could somebody point me to (or create) a howto?

Having a web based IDE would greatly help me as I work with different machines all the time and can not always connect to my main PC.

Regards, Juerg