Problem with special Polish characters UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character

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Hello, I`have a problem with Polish characters like "Ę" , " Ś" , "Ć", "Ń" , "Ą" , "Ż" and "`Ź" , is there possible to add thease characters to service? Without these i can't go to my language.
The i01.ear works is recognizing special characters great, but in log i get this:

[New I/O worker #3] [INFO] Recognized : >Zamknij dłoń<

Designing a cover for the inmoov back

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Since I am not using te Lenovo I need to cover the hole. Needs a bit of tweaking but comng along nicely. I'll post it up to Thingiverse.

Here's some pics of the first attempts.


i2c OLED displays and i2c multiplexer services/service changes

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Hello, has anyone that is on seen a MRL service for running OLED displays via I2C and a follow up question has anyone written anything to use an i2c multiplexer? I am currently experimenting with the sad1306_128x64_i2c code from adafruit but would like to be able to control them from a service in MRL biggest issue I am running two OLED displays with the same i2c address, thus the need for the i2c multiplexer

Parallelogram based leg design

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So,  I've been watching James Bruton's build of the GNK droid on his Patreon campeign.  I was quite impressed with it and I think he has some great ideas.  Turns out parallelograms are an interesting choice for legs. By stacking 2 parallelograms on top of each other you can create a leg with a hip, knee and ankle.  Regardless of the angle of each of the joints, the orientation of the hip and knee and ankle will always be parallel to the ground.  Pretty awesome.  So..

3 Servo Y and 2 Servo X from one OpenCV.

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Hello this is my first post, My name is Bart an I have a little problem. I designed articulating neck with 2 Y servos. But in i01.Head is only one Y servo for tracking. Is there possible to getY position from one OpenCV tracking? I write many of codes and I have always two OpenCV each one for each servo. Sorry for my english I hope that You undestand me. 3 Servo Y and 2 Servo X is for Eyes and Head Tracking.

Problem with servos

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I get some problem with sweety's servos . They stopped to work ! I've tried the latest version of MRL with eclipse.

With an arduino duemilanove , all work as expected but with the arduino mega, i get the error "servo error servo's controller is not set" in eclipe log .

Arduino serial from mrl say :


Servo speed control, explaination how it work

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I have recently make many change on the Servo speed control to have a method that don't change the speed with modification to MRLComm or load on it and that are backyard compatibable with scripts users currently had. Sorry if it cause some confusion on the way. I writing this post to clear out how to use it

there is 3 methods relate to the speed control


Using RemoteAdapter to connect two MRL instances

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Today I continued testing RemoteAdapter to be able to connect two MRL instances executing on the two Rapberry PI computers that I have. 



RemoteAdapter Service


A RemoteAdapter allows other instances of MyRobotLab to connect.  Services and resources can be shared by 2 or more joined instances.  The default communication listener is a UDP server listening on all addresses on port 6767. 

To connect two instances simply start all the services local and then use the script one one host and on the other host.