Here We Go - MRL on Android (again) :) !

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Alright - hangout telepresence, diy occulus rift, an array of sensors, acclerometer, gps, compass, gyros, bluetooth, good speech to text, & wifi are just too much !


Testing ultrasonic sensor

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Running a SR04 ultrasonic sensor in my script, connected to a 3rd Arduino Uno (my test board). Still getting some ComPort error if I connect it to the mega. Looks like a simple issue but I didn´t had time to look at it so far. Measuring by hand the distance wasn´t correct. Multiplying the value with the factor 1.25 is delivering true results now.

Borging ...Parallax Platform

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Keyboard control of the platform is now enabled - the numpad keys do the following.
7 - left wheel forward 8 - both forward 9 - right forward
4 - left forward right reverse 5 & spacebar - stop 6 - left reverse right forward
1 - left reverse 2 - both reverse 3 right reverse

Theoretically it could be put on the floor and we could test it - probably would want to go through a test of the key pad first.

Trying to get this to work

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Hi GroG,

I am trying to get this to work;

def killtime():
    for y in range(0,15):
        if (data == "stop"):    # this the that is not working
        x = (random.randint(1,10))
        if x == 1:


MouthControl and Burning Servos

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I have a feeling that MouthControl is consuming servos at an alarming rate.
I think Gael has had 6, and MastaBlasta had 2 ..  Most likely there have been even more casualties...

I have a feeling I might know why this is happening, and I would like to refactor this service.

I think min & max is being incorrectly reset - I would like to simplify some of the structure and remove the resets.

Robyn Inmoovs Kinect is working

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In Preperation for the 'Little Teapot Song'