NeoPixel Service


The Neo Pixel are chainable, addressable leds hardware that can be controlled using only one signal wire.

The NeoPixel service allow you to connect and control an Neo Pixel hardware connected to an Arduino with MRL



The NeoPixel hardware can connect to any pins on the arduino board, including analog pins

Note: Neopicel hardware can draw a lot of power (60mA for each pixels at full brightness). If you are running big NeoPixel hardware, you should power it with external power source instead of the Arduino.




Servo not working

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Hi everyone,

I have had no problems with speech, but I have a lot of problems with Arduino. I can not get the servo to work. so I changed over to Eclipse and I am still having problems. I have sent a no-worky.

If some one could help me that would be great.



A shoutout - Thanks !

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I want to say a big thanks for testing, answering questions, commits, fixes, and general coolness. 
I haven't pulled in 3+ days (very unusual for me) - so to see the commit log was like toys from Santa.  Also want to thank kwatters for kind words and the whole MRL crew taking the time and care to answer questions with respect and thoughtfulness.  

And that's all I got to say about that ...
Peace Out ! (Drops the Mic)

Using multiple Arduino using only 1 USB connection (COM port)

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Arduino Mega have 4 serial ports so I think it could be useful to take advantage of this to be able to connect other serial device or Arduino running MRLComm.

With version 1559 of MRL, you can connect multiple Arduino to an host Arduino that is already connected to MRL. Each Arduino connected that way can also become an host for other Arduino. Only Arduino Mega can be use as host (Uno have only 1 serial port).

To activate this, you need at least 2 wires

Scripts not working

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I have posted before about the example scripts not working and here I am again - another wasted weekend and broken parts for my InMoov.  

Is tracking still working?

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Having problems getting this working. Using the scripts on this site and elsewhere. Using 1412.


Trouble seens to be here.

MRLCOMM.INO responded with version 35 expected version is 34.

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Hi guys, i just sent a no-worky. I have downloaded mrl 10.0.1412 I have done this before with no problems.

When I start mrl and then start arduino I get the following message MRLCOMM.INO responded with version 35 expected version is 34. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?



mouthcontrol without jaw movement

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Had this once working but not anymore and can not see the reason

I run the following minimal script and the mouth is not moving (I can move the mouth manually with the [swing]i01.head.jaw servo page servo control)

i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01", "InMoov")

mouthControl = Runtime.createAndStart("mouthControl","MouthControl")

webkitspeechrecognition with Android tab

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Trying to use the webgui on my Android tab with webkitspeechrecognition I see the recognized word in the webgui but it looks like this is not recognized by programAB (I do not have an answer for that). Running the webgui on my PC works fine but I wanted to use the tablet to be more mobile.

I also encounter sometimes veeeery long delays after speaking a word until it gets recognized.

Using 1412 for this.

email using chatbot

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Hello all, so latest ive been trying to use the inmoov to send email, i think i almost got it perfectly working, just need a bit of tuning now. Next stop will be put him also reading the email

1- the pythin script that he will load, this is optimized to gmail, change port for others