Save setup?

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Just got MyRobotLab (MRL) working with my newly printed right forarm but everytime I close MRL I have to added a new Arduino, set it to COM#, add a servo X times and set each servo to connect to said arduino and attach to pin X.  Is there a way to save this configuration?  

I cannot imagine having an entire robot and having to completely setup every component at every MRL start.  Am I missing someting that EVERYONE else is doig?

Servo Stuff

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I had some servo suggestions.  I was thinking it might be nice not to tie the status of the servo with the control.  I think they are 2 different things and tying them together can cause unwanted feeback and other problems.


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I cannot seem to get the new speech to work. Download "fresh" copy of 119 in new folder. Have tried on 2 different laptops running windows 7.

All so I keep seeing mentioned newer versions of MRL but only see 119 jar for download. How do I get the newer versions.



UltraSonic sensor hcsr-04

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This is the first time I text on this forum , so ... Hi :)

Well , I made a 5dof robotic arm controlled by arduino and I am adding some sensors. I can't find a working code for the Ultrasonic sensor hcsr-04 . I found a couples of examples ( very simple and short codes) but they did not work. Can somebody help me ?  I just need an example that shows how to print the distance of a generic obstacole and how to use the upper bar of the service .

This is one of the codes I tried to use (my sensor version has separate trigger and echo pins) :

Adafruit 16-Channel Servo Driver connected to the Raspberry PI i2c port

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A small video showing the progress with creating a generic i2c interface. Yesterday I created a smalla Java program to test using the i2c interface directly on the Raspbery PI GPOI pins without using the Arduino.

I downloaded latest release of Pi4j and used BlueJ IDE to create the Java test program.

BjueJ has a much smaller footprint than Eclipse or NetBeans and it works well for creating small testprograms and small projects on the PI.

led control

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Hi ! this is first test to give some visual emotion to inmoov



code here :


Adding my own web service with Program AB

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Hello Everyone, I am new in here, hoping to learn a lot. 

I recently started testing Program AB and I find it really powerfull. My intention is to let my bots use my own web services to answer some of the questions.

I understand that is what the tag sraix is there for, but I can't find any documentation explaining how to connect it with my server.

Xmpp gets refactored

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Not checked in yet - but its showing promise ..
Xmpp is very nice in the sense its a protocol which will allow connections over challenging obstacles.
Like NATs  (Network Address Translation) - most people have this on their local network at home (or in the office) where devices are not connected directly to the internet.

But with NAT tranversalling, which Xmpp can do - you can connect one InMoov to another and connect those to phones.