GitHub Issues and Enhancement Requests

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This morning kwatters mentioned we might consider using a ticketing system.

Now we will use the GitHub Issue tracker ->

This should help us more clearly navigate future waters.

Reflections on the resistance of power supply lines to a servo motor

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I recently saw some posts in the InMoov forum talking about how the supply lines are very important to being able to power the servos properly.  My initial reaction was that the resistance of the wires going to the servo motors should be negligable.  I mean, after all , it's wire.. it's copper.. it's a conductor.  When we think about circuits we always consider that the wires don't have any resistance at all.  They're ideal conductors, if you will.

Cheap, Small Intel Computer

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Intel plans to launch a "computer on a stick" in March, 2015. The Linux version will go for $89. This could be a great component for robots, see:

Could someones elves confirm the lower arm parts.....

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Can some kind Elf tell me (ASAP) if the Blue LEFT lower arm below looks correct.

Ie Both the Right lower arm and the left lower arm have the support gear on the same side.

I am asking because I could not find the opposite lower forearm and had to remesh myself.(it looks ok to me!!!)

Thanks In advance.....G

Voice Recognition on Android & ProgramAB in MRL

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LAST UPDATE: 05.01.2015 - New video!


So this could be a step in chatting with our chatbots using our voice.







Using a custom App for Android I can chat to Alice using given voice (she gives text, but it's only an example).

The road to industrial robot control for hobbyests

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My new years resolution is to really get a good understanding of industrial robot arm control with the hopes to come up with some dynamic control to keep robots balanced and borg that into MRL.

I recently picked up a robot arm kit from OWI.  It's a 5 degree of freedom robotic arm.  It took about 2.5 hours to assemble.    

The OWI Robotic Arm Edge Kit