No Com port found by MRL on raspberry bananapi lubuntu

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I still have problems with this raspberry bananapi ! under Lubuntu, but i've also tried with raspian,arch linux, and fedora ...

MRL arduino service can't find any Com port . But the arduino IDE find 4 com ports and work well ( i've uploaded the MRLComm.ino file without problem).

I still have no sound with audiofile service . The MP3s located in MRL/audiofile folder play well with gnome Mplayer

I've seen The bananapi work with an ARMv7 and the MRL service work with ARMv6 , is it a problem ?

any ideas for help me ?


Upgrading the Raspberry Pi camera..

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Although the stock lens is sharp ..... it lacks that spycam aspect.......

There are loads of fixed lenses out there ... however nothing beats a good zoom lens.

Ebay Search string (F1.8 1/3 Inch CS Mount 5.0-100mm DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom CCTV Lens)

2 eyes, OSD and GPS with Google earth tracking

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Just for fun I installed a gopro as a 2nd eye, connected to an eagle tree osd and the eagle eyes for google earth live tracking. Running 2 opencv services in the script I can still do the tracking and change eyes left to right or right to left. The eagle eyes has 4 a/v outputs so I can use another screen. Parameters can be changed at the osd, even some sensors could be added.


The Rh-1 full-size humanoid robot, Control system design and Walking pattern generation

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I found a very exciting paper on a full size robot, the RH-1 and it describes walking and control, and maybe it is interesting for the inmoov robot. But there are parts that would be interesting for other robotic platforms, and services.

i will use a link, its a long paper.


this is the link

changing between male and female voice test

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Pingdar Service


The pingdar service is a basic system which allows simple range collection from an UltrasonicSensor and Servo.  The UltrasonicSensor is swung back and forth and the range data is available to to consume by other services.  The GUI shows a basic "radar" map of what is found.

Simple MYO sensor...

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After struggling with Neurosky Mindwave headset a lot I decided to make my own sensor to use in some bio sensor projects... I found that there is a cheap and easy to use instrumentation amplifier signal interpreter IC, AD620AN...