Syntax Highlighting @ MRL !

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Yay, I finally got syntax highlighting to work @ the MRL site !  Woohoo...  Now I just have to make some buttons in the editor which will allow injection of Python or Java ...   
Thanks Alex Gorbatchev for a very sweet Javascript brush library !

Using the MRLClient




No additional hardware is needed for this tutorial

The MRLClient is a client adapter which allows other Java programs to interoperate with MyRobotLab.  Although the myrobotlab.jar can be included and used in a Java program directly, it may sometimes be desirable to communicate over the network with an adapter.

The MRLClient jar is a small binary which uses the network to send and recieve messages to a running MyRobotLab instance.  Other network adapters could be created for languages besides Java, but currently only Java is supported.


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 Here the soccor game is developing.  
 It is using AJAX & JSON to accept browser messages.
 There is an embedded flash video feed (no special
  plugin required !)

Playing Robot Football Online using MRL

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Hi guys, I am following up on the original idea from here. I wrote a post about this here. To recap, here are the details:


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Register Services

How one instance of MyRobotLab makes contact with another instance.

If MyRobotLab is running on two different machines, they have the capability of contacting one another and sharing resources.

Connecting an Android Phone to Arduino using Bluetooth


Additional Software

Arduino IDEArduinoSerialBare.PDE, MyRobotLab.apk

  • Smartphone running Android 2.3.3 or later
  • LED
  • 1K resistor
  • Arduino bluetooth board, or Arduino clone with bluetooth module


Quick Glimpse of MyRobotLab Release 15 - "MyBorg"

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Here are a few quick  screenshots of the next release of MyRobotLab.
New features include :

ArduinoBT Service


Arduino with Bluetooth serial port.  MyRobotLab on Android uses this to connect to Arduinos or Arduino clones.  A client .PDE will be needed for the Arduino.  ArduinoSerialBare.PDE can be used.

Example for develop: