WebServer Service


A WebServer service - allows control through AJAX and web services

The WebServer service load the contenent of the MRL folder on : http://localhost:19191/

localhost is : and the defaulf port is : 19191

Example for develop:


Speech Service


The speech service is a speech synthesis service.  It will take strings of characters and attempt to change them into audible speech.  There are two parts to the Speech service, a front end and a back end.  The front end simply accepts a string, but the back end can be switched from FreeTTS or Google.  

FreeTTS is an open source speech synthesis system.  

Example for develop:


Trailing Alessandruino...

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Template matching with video feed going over Video Streamer service.
My gamepad is LOCKED !
Trying to keep up with Alessandruino :P

MRL on my Iphone: Blinking a Led and viewing web cam in Safari - using Web Server

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This is my attempt to blink a led and view the opencv video stream  through the Browser of my Iphone..

For this attempt i used a mix of very cool MRL services : Web Server, Video Streamer, OpenCV and Arduino

This is the result




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whether the OpenCV library, I can create a project in java face login with webcam. Give me an example program..?

Regulator 5 Volt

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What can be the input voltage 12 volt to 5 volt output..??

Tracking Still Works !

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Tracking still works - this was my view running it from eclipse..  Wherever I clicked it would center the pan/tilt kit quickly.

The next step is to integrate it back into InMoov and verify everything works.  Then after that I can start working on Cortex again so that both InMoov and simple Pan / Tillt kits can benefit from the same service.

How Parsing GPS data using microcontroller 8535

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How Parsing GPS data using microcontroller 8535 with avr lowcost microsystem