Raver's Mendel 90

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Raver decided to break the shoutbox, but in the process was some good 3D Printer-Guru dialog worth preserving for noobies (or pre-noobies) like me :D



Fun with MRL Arduino Oscope

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Here is a Bare Bones Arduino clone - with nothing attached to the Analog pins. The signal here on a Bare Bones board is more "clean" than my old arduino duemilanove.

Here I'm just reading another pin at the same time ... you wouldn't expect that to change the voltage level BUT IT DOES  !!!!


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We ran the our servos under the basic arduino program and the servos worked without fail, however when we run the MRL software, inmoov specifically, we do not receive any power to our servos. we recently updated the software and no problems arose immediately.

Please get back to us with any info you may have as we are running very low on work time.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from Windows 8 :D

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Here is my attempt to make MRL working on my windows 8 desktop computer :D

My report is :

  • OPEN CV : Working
  • Face detect filter : No-Worky
  • Template Matching : Super Worky !!!!Very responsive !

Incubator Auto - Update - Success !!! Now with Live HeartBeat !!!

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Overheated !  (it's hot today and it doesn't help!)

Started again : Remote Oscope in progress - simultaenously logging to ThingSpeak

My First Cortex Experience : Cap of Coca-Cola ...whoooo hooo

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Here is my first Cortex Experience... Open Cv was searching for foreground, then i've introduced a cap of Coke...Then the image was stable for 3 seconds and the picture was sent to Cortex.

The Picture is wrongly saved in Background instead of foreground-object but it is a Bug mentioned by GroG in his Cortex service Page and it will be fixed soon.

You can see also the red square bug.

Cortex Service


Update 2013.05.


Here is the effect of fluorescent lighting, the waves I suspect are caused by the constructive/destructive 60 hz cycles.

Example for develop:


Yep Face Detect is a dog without GPU acceleration

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Kind of nifty it could decode the avi movie though :)

Sphinx Service


Sphinx is a speech recognition service (Speech To Text)


Example for develop: