Face tracking using opencv + facedetect filter with my pan/tilt kit

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Face tracking using opencv + facedetect filter with my pan/tilt kit...

Facedetect filter is heavy, and webcam video flow delay from servos response...this leads to overshooting

GROG..i need a lighter facedetect filter.....video stream is  slow when i apply pirdown and face detect :(

Here is the video...


Please teach me Programming with Bascom AVR

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How to control LED with microcontroller 8535 communication TCP/IP Starter kit NM7010A..?

I have a microcontroller ATMega8535 with avr low cost micro system, avr low cost micro system have 4 port A,B,C,D port to I / O microcontoller atmega8535



Latest pic of my prints so far

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Hey all roboteers,

Been busy of late. Working lots and playing too little.

Did get my arduino mega and assorted stuff in the mail and have been getting used to those parts when I can.


A short update between working and sleeping. Here is the latest pic of my printed parts for my inmoov robot.

TinHead -> Webcam -> Raspi ----> Inter-toobs ----> MRL -> Ta Da !

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Tinhead, the super-vampire robot builder has created a raspberry pi bot which will stream off video from a webcam mounted on the pi to his PC. The PC will consume the video stream and process it in OpenCV then call back to the Pi bot control messages.  Distributed Robotics Rock !

How to record ipcamera in vlc..?

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my code for stream ipcamera :

rtsp:// and save to test.asf

how record ipcamera using  *.*asf file...??? Please help me



Please help me

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Please help me, i dont record video in java, i have ipcamera panasonic blc111..

Still Sleeping

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I had to take it apart to fix th

Third MRL tutorial -> take a photo (webcam) and send it by email using VOICE CONTROL (speech recognition and Text-to-speech)

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This tutorial shows how to take a photo (webcam) and send it by email using VOICE CONTROL...

WARN : There are 3 version of the python script

1) simple one - only take a photo using voice

2) full version - it requires a gmail address-take a photo + send it by email (SEE THE TUTORIAL)

3)full version ITA - for CIX, italian users, or who wants to listen the computer talking in italian :D

Good vision :D