Serial Communication with Arduino?

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I feel like this is a dumb question, but I am going to ask it anyway.

I have been playing around with the vision examples that come with MRL. These are very cool and work well. The OpenCV GUI is very nice and friendly. It is what brought me to MRL. Playing with, I see that that the location and size of the box is printed to the python window. My question is this, how would one send this data across a serial port?

Controlling pendulum-like oscillations?

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On many robots, when they move their arm, it tends to sway back and forth as the motion stops. Do you use some sort of sensor system, and active control to compensate for this swaying?

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InMoov + MRL Strikes Again !

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Here Leonardo Triassi has made a spectacular InMoov and its now running some of the same scripts from the InMoov service page.  Soon they will be sharing Brains !!!  Great work Mr. Triassi !

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ED-209, with Joystick Control

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Most of the services I created manually, and used the gui to connect the services methods together.

Like joy.xaXisRaw - > panServo.move()

Here is a Python script to listen for the a certain button press:

Arduino reset and serial I/O errors

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    Well I am slowly but surely getting my InMoov hand built.  I am having an issue however with MyRobotLab.  I am looking right now just to validate that I can move and control all my servos before I mount everything in the forearm.

Tracking using 4 PID

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Here is an attempt of tracking using 4 PID:

2 PID are for eyes tracking

2 PID are for head : the head moves in order to reduce the angle of eyes from the center (90 degrees)

  • The next step is to know what is angle range for eye's servos
  • how faster eyes movement should be, respect to the head movement : in the script i made head less responsive than eyes