Quick Glimpse of MyRobotLab Release 15 - "MyBorg"

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Here are a few quick  screenshots of the next release of MyRobotLab.
New features include :

ArduinoBT Service


Arduino with Bluetooth serial port.  MyRobotLab on Android uses this to connect to Arduinos or Arduino clones.  A client .PDE will be needed for the Arduino.  ArduinoSerialBare.PDE can be used.



SensorMonitor Service


The SensorMonitor takes a variety of input data and displays it to a user interface.  It also has the capability of adding alerts.  An alert would be triggered if a sensor goes above or below some threshold.



Proxy Service


The Proxy Service allows interoperability between different services.  This would be necessary for Computers running Sun's Hotspot JVM to interact with Phones or devices running Android's the Dalvik JVM.



Android Service


Master service for MyRobotLab running on Android.  It controls what sensors and resources are exposed and running (GPS, Accelerometer, Camera, Bluetooth, etc)

It is a singleton.  Which means only a single instance can be running on any Android device, however, multiple Android devices can pool Services & resources.



Legacy Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial #1 (Overview)


Template Matching and Tracking with PID control - Bot finds teet !

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Logitech C600 webcam - 2 Servos in Pan/Tilt kit - and $16 BBB Arduino clone... not pretty, but it works !