Face Tracking with Pan/tilt Webcam

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I was given the keys to the kingdom, and got Alessandruino's face tracking script to work.

It's awesome!






Leap Motion Finger Tracking A Pan/tilt Webcam

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This is a camera tha can be aimed with hand controls over the leap motion touchless 3D hand tracker.




Here's the script I run in the Java interpreter:

Swerve Drives

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After shouting with Mathew in the shoutbox he mentioned swerve drives which led me to this site.

Lots of cool potential there !

Raver's Mendel 90

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Raver decided to break the shoutbox, but in the process was some good 3D Printer-Guru dialog worth preserving for noobies (or pre-noobies) like me :D



Fun with MRL Arduino Oscope

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Here is a Bare Bones Arduino clone - with nothing attached to the Analog pins. The signal here on a Bare Bones board is more "clean" than my old arduino duemilanove.

Here I'm just reading another pin at the same time ... you wouldn't expect that to change the voltage level BUT IT DOES  !!!!


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We ran the our servos under the basic arduino program and the servos worked without fail, however when we run the MRL software, inmoov specifically, we do not receive any power to our servos. we recently updated the software and no problems arose immediately.

Please get back to us with any info you may have as we are running very low on work time.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from Windows 8 :D

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Here is my attempt to make MRL working on my windows 8 desktop computer :D

My report is :

  • OPEN CV : Working
  • Face detect filter : No-Worky
  • Template Matching : Super Worky !!!!Very responsive !