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Clock prints date and time finally :D

Log service read date and time sended by the clock service...

Virtual Null Modem Cable with Linux !!!

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After wasting about an 45 minutes on looking for and unsuccessfully running virtual null modem software packages, I gave up and looked for how to do it on Linux.  I knew it had to do with pty (psuedo terminals) and socat .. but I did not know the correct setup.

Need help in communication btwn Arduino and MRL

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Hey Friends,

Since a few days I have been exploring MRL and I want to use it for my project which is similar to a Chess Robot made with MRL.

I wil be having an Arduino Mega connected to the PC.

I plan the communication to happen as follows:

Arduino Board > (serial communication) > Chess Engine in MRL

Chess Engine in MRL > (serial communication) > Arduino Board

(the data being sent/received will be chess moves)

MyRobotLab services reference ...

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Hello, is there, somewhere, a list of commands that can be used with the services ?

By exemple ,

Trying to test IPCamera

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After unsuccessfullly seaching the internet for a mjpeg test source, I "finally" came to the realization I can use 1 instance of MRL to test another :)

Heh, this is always fun - and has potential ...  I've started MRL and opened a local file for the source (I would have used my laptop's camera but a windows update took out the driver :P )

Inmoov Updates.

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hi i've had a go at making some changes to some services and making one my self, but i don't know where to go from here . iv attach all the files iv made changes to.

IPCamera Service


The IP Camera service allows a video feed from a mjpeg source. At the moment, it also allows control of a Foscam pan / tilt camera using the Foscam API.

This can be used to get image data from an IPCamera to OpenCV, however, it is also possible to use OpenCV directly.  OpenCV has an IPCamera framegrabber which will decode the source of an mjpeg server on the internet.




facedetect exits to desktop

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hello im having problems with the facedetect filter in opencv,  soon as I press capture it exits to desktop.

most of the other filters seem to be working  but havn't tried them all yet.




New GUI - fun with JQuery

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JQuery is a powerful Javascript framework I will be using in the new WebGUI. It is rather trivial to switch pre-made themes for it and skin it to your liking..  Here are a few I've looked at with the beginnings of the Arduino Oscope.

Getting MacBook Pro built in iSight camera to work with OpenCV in MRL

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Anyone had any success?


I started MRL, started an OpenCV service, when I clicked the capture button in the input section of the GUI I get the following error on the command line.