MRL on my Iphone: Blinking a Led and viewing web cam in Safari - using Web Server

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This is my attempt to blink a led and view the opencv video stream  through the Browser of my Iphone..

For this attempt i used a mix of very cool MRL services : Web Server, Video Streamer, OpenCV and Arduino

This is the result




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whether the OpenCV library, I can create a project in java face login with webcam. Give me an example program..?

Regulator 5 Volt

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What can be the input voltage 12 volt to 5 volt output..??

Tracking Still Works !

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Tracking still works - this was my view running it from eclipse..  Wherever I clicked it would center the pan/tilt kit quickly.

The next step is to integrate it back into InMoov and verify everything works.  Then after that I can start working on Cortex again so that both InMoov and simple Pan / Tillt kits can benefit from the same service.

How Parsing GPS data using microcontroller 8535

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How Parsing GPS data using microcontroller 8535 with avr lowcost microsystem

How to input 12 volt dc, output 5 volt dc ?

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How to input 12 volt dc, output 5 volt dc ?


PS3EYE Initialization and Start-up Crash Log

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Hey grog and other MRL users!

We are making progress with the construction and programming of our InMoov Robot. We received sample code from Gael Langevin and have been using it as a basis for our voice command programming. We have two different types of errors. The first is a start-up failure. Sometimes more often than not, the MRL service will freeze when running the python code provided by gael (pasted below).