LIVE - Raspberry Pi + WebGUI + Arduino --to--> Blog IFrame test

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DJ's RasPi script for producing data for the sensors



Serial Terminal Loopbacks in Linux

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Thanks Adam for the scripts !

In order to test serial communication Linux has a great feature where you can create virtual serial ports and connect them to each other.  A serial loopback ! :)
#Terminal emulation script by Adam Harris

Trying to figure out MRL ASAP

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I've got my inmoov 95% built and ready to animate it. 

I've tried MRL on OSX, Ubuntu 13.4 (VMWARE) and Windows8 (VMWare), but not having any luck getting any of them to work.

My preference is OS X, but I'll live with whatever works. I have several arduinos and 2 adafruit 16 port serial boards ready to go.

Problem installing opencv

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I have a problem when I try to install inmoov. when installing the download new compnent window stops at attempting to retrieve opencv info


About the joystick service ...

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I've made a little script for move my animatronic head with a joystick ( see attachement ) . It work well but for move the eyes, i must press the joystick's arrows for each degree . How must i do for make they move until i release the button ? 

Adding new controllers?

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So I am wondering if I have to use java to add a new motor controller?

I am using a dagu 4 motor controller that uses two inputs for each motor, pwm and direction, and it also offers encoders and current sensing for each motor

Just curious as to how to add a new controller.

Face Tracking

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Here is my face tracking so far. Uses the OpenCV and Serial services. The code used in this video is HERE.

MRL teaser video :D

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Any suggestion to improve the video is really appreciated :D (By 28th August)