Tutorial for InMoov Finger Starter problem

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I'm under the inpression. Nice job!

I have trayed to feel project base on InMoov Finger Starter tutorial. I made step by step as tutorial.

I sent sketch to arduino, start python script,  the syntezer recognized command, manual  comand   can control the servo.

Voise command "open hand" "close hand"are recognized correct  but servo didn't move.

what could hapened?  

I used  turnigy TG9g servo. Only this servo I have on hand 

Tracking Flipped !

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Inverted LKOptical Tracking in the Tracking service (Bleeding Edge 1688)

But wait there's more ! Chuck has inverted cameras and found it problematic to Flip correctly, since the Tracking service removes and inserts its own filters depending on the type of tracking its doing (LKOptical point, Face Tracking, Object tracking).

New forum

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It could be nice to have a section for show our projects ( description, how it advance, picture ...)

and an other to talk about all and nothing .

Maybe one to introduce ourselves ( it's a good sentence ? blush)

Info for Grog to help me with a InMoov adaption

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My wires are currently a mess as I need to use long servo extensions to go back to my two arduinos. This is the standard InMoov setup as per the service page, and I think with some work it could be neater, as Gael has managed to do with ribbon cable. I'd like to try to use two Adafruit 16 port servo boards to accomplish this. it also gives me more ports to play with in the long run. To keep things simple, I'd like to just keep everything else in the Inmoov service (and "fully.py" script) the same as possible.

LIVE - Raspberry Pi + WebGUI + Arduino --to--> Blog IFrame test

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DJ's RasPi script for producing data for the sensors



Serial Terminal Loopbacks in Linux

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Thanks Adam for the scripts !

In order to test serial communication Linux has a great feature where you can create virtual serial ports and connect them to each other.  A serial loopback ! :)

#Terminal emulation script by Adam Harris

Trying to figure out MRL ASAP

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I've got my inmoov 95% built and ready to animate it. 

I've tried MRL on OSX, Ubuntu 13.4 (VMWARE) and Windows8 (VMWare), but not having any luck getting any of them to work.

My preference is OS X, but I'll live with whatever works. I have several arduinos and 2 adafruit 16 port serial boards ready to go.

Problem installing opencv

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I have a problem when I try to install inmoov. when installing the download new compnent window stops at attempting to retrieve opencv info