Dynamic Robot Simulators

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Update : Radom Mapper ! - it works !  

The cause and effect :  
Arduino wire changes state  (Bumper) ------  sends an  event to Python --------->  Makes a random wall !

romeo projet

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during many years i would like to build a robo Screenshotst and with many help i try it

After download -Error by starting

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OK, what's wrong? Please a little help Thanks, Rick

Big Brother Thesis Project

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For the final exam of my technician high school, in the first half of 2012 i ideated and made this project, consisting in a wifi controlled rover with a camera on-board.

I shortly explain the project dividing it in an hadware part and a software part.

On the way to make a robot become smarter

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     UPDATE - September 23, 2013

     Well... now we have a video!

     Thanks specially to GroG (Java-Fu Master) and Alessandruino (Script-Fu Master) now this crazy little thing is running over my kitchen table! More to come!


Arduino Analog Input Data Sent To Python

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To retrieve analog data from an Arduino and send it back into Python for further processing the following script should work.

On every pin value change event a new Pin object is sent from Arduino to Python.

The pin.pin is the number of the pin whose value has changed - this is necessary so you map poll multiple pins at the same time.

pin.value is the value from the pin - for analog pins its 0-1023

pin.source is the Arduino's name for which the pin came from (if there are multiple Arduinos)

3 MakerFaire Projects

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InMoov Head



head will track with both eyes and neck using 3 PID - it will have manual mode with joystick ?


  • 3 Servos
  • Arduino
  • Netbook


Powering Pi Robots

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Alessandruino, this is for you. I noticed in the shoutbox that you were questioning how to properly power a Pi for robotics. 

So I've been working on the same thing and hope this info might give you a lot of help. 


Bill of materials:

- 2 or 3 cell Lipo Battery 3000mAh or above (I've been using a 5000mAh)

-USB Hub (I use one with a 5V 2A input)

-USB Micro cable (cheap cheap cheaper the better)