Plantoid Service


A Service for the Plantoids !

We are building a school of open-source robotics that focuses on a full spectrum development of beginner's mind models and exploratory curriculum that grows and flourishes with the students of its methods to create lab quality, mission actual plantoid robots that manifests behaviours possible only by organic and autonomous life forms.



Help uploading my first experiment please? :D [SOLVED]

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Hello guys i wanted to try the wireless piano (first time experementing with MRL) thats posted on the website by Alessandruino but i c/p code to python, i've installed arduino and jfugue extensions on MRL but and i've set my Arduino Mega2560 to COM4, Bps 9600, data bits 8, parity none, stop bits 1, flow control none but when i try to upload the example code on the board it says:

Auto release Arduino Service

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Well, when I execute a script for the Arduino, like this:

WebGUI Updates

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This is now the default index page for MRL's webgui.
There is a REST API link which queries MRL's currently running services and returns a dynamically created interface which allows activation of any method with any service.  You may program and control with URLs :)

Iniciando com o MyRobotLab: Instalação do software e seus Serviços - Versão para Windows (Portuguese Tutorial)

PT: Este breve tutorial auxilia na iniciação ao MyRobotLab dos novos usuários que tem preferência pelo idioma português.

EN: This short tutorial helps on the beginning of MyRobotLab for the newbies who prefer the portuguese language... and for the guys who want to learn portuguese. :)  So, it will be all in portuguese.


     Após este tutorial, você estará apto a: