OpenCV + JavaCV + JavaCPP compiled and worky in MRL on RaspberryPi

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UPDATE 01.02.2014

OpenCV optimized on Raspi.. from 1 frame every 30 seconds to 5 fps !! Good Job Grog!!

I'm on the other side Morpheus... I jumped !!!! Now i can bend spoons and avoid bullets :)


InMoov command confirmation "bypass"

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Hi Grog,

Is it possible to have a command within the InMoov script that does not need to be confirmed before the program carries out the command?

One command that I would like to create would be "STOP", so that if the robot is heading for trouble I can stop it's motion very quickly.




problem with voice control with inmoov.- SOLVED

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Hi all,


Im kinda new here but im building the inmoov.

im trying to get the voice commands to work with inmoov.

i copy and paste the script from the site but he doesnt "hear" me i think.

when move the servo's manually thats no problem.

When i use the example robotlab script for pin 13 to turn him on or off.

That works perfect to my voice commands.

but when i use the inmoov script noting happens.

maybe someone can help me please? 


thank you all

gr Leon.

Resurrecting Chumby as a master robot controller

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I have an old Chumby One that I wanted to use as a robot controller. GroG installed MRL on a USB stick and I had an external USB hub to connect the stick, the webcam, the Arduino and a Roomba interface. I'm trying to get rid of the USB hub, so here is the new setup:

- MRL on a partition directly on a larger uSD card in Chumby

- Arduino moved from USB-FTDI to hardware serial interface

- webcam directly on the USB port

- no more Roomba, different robot hardware

BeagleBoardBlack Service


Skeleton of Beagle Board Black service. Primarily this service will allow access through Java to the GPIO of the BBB.
Needs a Pi4J code to be ported to a BBB4J library ?  Project is just starting.



MRL, BBB importing Adafruit's BBIO .so modules

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I now have MRL successfully running on a BBB ;-)

I have used python to test the Adafruit  BBB Python modules (linux shared objects .so) for GPIO and successfully switch LEDs on and off . (note need to run as root or sudo due to permissions under default ubuntu user.

>>> import Adafruit_BBIO.GPIO as GPIO

>>> GPIO.setup("P8_14", GPIO.OUT)

>>> GPIO.output("P8_14", GPIO.HIGH)

Proof Elves Exist !

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Open any Linux executable binary up in a text editor - and the little guys have written ELF at the beginning of EVERY FILE !!!  (They started the rumor that this means "Executable and Linking Format" .. but we know better !

InMoov Head (second try)

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Thanks for the pointer GroG. I'm going to need all the asists I can get :-)

So here's the second tryat getting a photo up here:


First photo of my InMoov head

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This blog thing is all new to me. Hopefilly this will end up as a photo of my InMoov head and not a link to fliker :-)

Trouble Getting MyRobotLab Started

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Hi All,

I installed the latest Java and dowloaded and unzipped the latest MyRoboLab. I am running this on a Windows 7 - 64bit machine. When I ry to execute either webgui.bat or myrobotlab.bat I get the following message.

Could not find the main class: org.myrobotlab.servie.Runtime

I think that I am missing a fundamental startup step but I don't know what it is. Is there a step by step to get started.