Raspberry and MRL

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Hi. I'm going to buy a Raspberry and I want to install MRL on that. Can I do it? 

MouthControl Service


Created by JHack - Blog

A service to generate appropriate mouth movements based on textual data.  Used typically in conjustion with the Speech service, so that audio speech through the speakers matches movement of a servo driven jaw.



Clock Bi-Direction MRL Messaging Over WebSockets

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Here's some progress.  MRL Messaging is now working both ways (from MRL Service to View & from View to MRL Service).  

Arduino mega pwm issue

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So I'm new to my robot lab but I've been tinkering around with it for a while. I've noticed that after I updated my MRL version that my arduino doesn't respond to changes in the arduino service when I try to set the outputs for any of the pwm pins. It seems that the service isn't even telling the arduino to output through these pins because the rx indicator light doesn't blink when I update the values. I'm not sure if this is just a case of my version or if its no worky. Any insight would be greatly appreciated 


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Clock prints date and time finally :D

Log service read date and time sended by the clock service...

Virtual Null Modem Cable with Linux !!!

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After wasting about an 45 minutes on looking for and unsuccessfully running virtual null modem software packages, I gave up and looked for how to do it on Linux.  I knew it had to do with pty (psuedo terminals) and socat .. but I did not know the correct setup.

Need help in communication btwn Arduino and MRL

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Hey Friends,

Since a few days I have been exploring MRL and I want to use it for my project which is similar to a Chess Robot made with MRL.

I wil be having an Arduino Mega connected to the PC.

I plan the communication to happen as follows:

Arduino Board > (serial communication) > Chess Engine in MRL

Chess Engine in MRL > (serial communication) > Arduino Board

(the data being sent/received will be chess moves)

MyRobotLab services reference ...

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Hello, is there, somewhere, a list of commands that can be used with the services ?

By exemple ,

Trying to test IPCamera

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After unsuccessfullly seaching the internet for a mjpeg test source, I "finally" came to the realization I can use 1 instance of MRL to test another :)

Heh, this is always fun - and has potential ...  I've started MRL and opened a local file for the source (I would have used my laptop's camera but a windows update took out the driver :P )