Rob Otto Williams

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He lives just wish I had more printers to make it go faster. Gears and dummy servos all work nicely. Just need to get the real deal installed now.


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Robot Attack !!!

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Yes, in case you've noticed the site down... this would be the reason.

Robot Attack ! - well not the cool robot like the picture .. but a internet robot.  Some internet robots are good, and well behaved.  Search engines send out web-crawlers bots which slurp up data to be indexed.

They do it in reasonable bites (bytes).  

hardware abstraction

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I figure it would be good to move this out of the shout box and into the forum so it's saved for posterity.

Quick summary of what's been discussed so far on the shout box. It would be great to have some way to configure parameters of a particular instance of a service. For example, com port, pin assignments, min, max and rest positions. Some configuration can already be done in the .myrobotlab file but we need to find the documentation on that.

Color Tracking using OpenCV and InRange Filter

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Here is me with a tennis ball.. No filter is applied except Pyramid down to resize the video from the cam:

Here is as the ball appears after an InRange filter is applied... I had to tune HSV values in order to isolate the green of the ball...

Next is to find the center of the object and track it...

How can i do it?

1 meter x 1 meter x 1/2 meter dual head printer.

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Here it is last weekend before we wired and installed the glass. And yes that is a 1m x 1m heated bed.

I love my job.