Test with MRL in my college

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Hello friends of MRL!  surprise

Today I went to my college and I performed some tests with vegetation seeking identification of crops or trails that future tractors with computer vision equipment can be applied ...

My camera: (Logitech C270 + Nikon coolpix L120)



Kinect + MyrobotLab

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This is inside MRL using PointCloud service

This is outside MRL : using OpenNI and NITE


How i can do it Grog?

This is my actual computer installed software list...

Arduino Board doesn´t work with MRL

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My Arduino-board doesn´t work with MRL. I tried it with the Arduino software and examples (Servo) - here it work´s. Whta can I do - who can help me?

My board is a ARDUINO Uno and the servos are MG 995.


Twitter implementation and general python question

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Hello again-

I have been working with sending tweets from MRL 1966 and due to changes in twitter authorisation it requires upgrading the twitter4j to version 3.0.5. I've made an attempt at this by copying over matching files from 3.0.5 to myrobotlab>libraries>jar but thats not worked, giving an error of:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: twitter4j/TwitterException

and there are no twitter jar files at all in MRL1969..


so my first question is

PIR sensor assisted tracking...

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I want to share my experiences yesterday while testing new fixes to PIR assisted tracking... I was having problems with the PIR assisted tracking because of some hardware issues related to PIR sensors (detailed writeup about the issue is on my other post at: http://myrobotlab.org/content/pir-sensor-retriggering-issues 

noob confusion with location of audio resource

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first off many thanks for making this!

I'm running this script:

#file : Clock.tickTockSound.py

Make Your Own MyRobotLab Build Machine

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Download and Install Jenkins - Jenkins is a Continous Integration Build System.  Builds can be very complex - Jenkins attempts to solve many of the complexities.

First download and install.


Designing an Arc Reactor Model...

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I'm designing an arc reactor model with holes for LEDs :) then i'll voice control it using Jarvis (MRL) :D