Servo Degrees Of Motion used on Finger Starter

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from org.myrobotlab.service import Arduino
from org.myrobotlab.service import Servo

New InMoov 2.0 Javadoc?

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Im starting to re-write my new code for the InMoov since I upgraded to the latest version 1909, but it appears that the javadoc on the service webpage and the starter scripts are still for th 1695 version. Is there anyway I can get the javadoc for the Inmoov 2.0 and maybe a starter script if there is one? Thanks!

NIRcam images of a plant under IR light with opencv filters...

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I prepared a new NIRcam for my Plantoid studies... after wrecking 2 webcam lenses I managed to properly remove the IR filter and calibrated the lens... while testing this new NIRcam I played with some opencv filters and finally captured these images which I wanted to share with you here... it is night here and the plant is illuminated only with an IR led array which i made for this purpose...

this is the opencv widget of the plant under IR light... no filters...

OpenNI vs OpenNI2

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OpenNI vs OpenNI2

Developers are version crazy..   We love versions !  But there's a reason for that, its to catalog all the pieces of software so they worky together.  If you have put together a softwar stack 20 layers deep (module on top of application on top of JVM on top of Operating System on top of Device Driver ......)  if just One of the pieces is the wrong version you can have a system which looks like this....

(MRL Woes) Finger starter problems

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These are the instances that I find on my PC. The only erroneous instances I find are for Arduino 0023 which I regularly use to edit Marlin firmware for 3d printers that I build.

Thanks for the great service by the way. This makes it so much easier for newer people to this arena.



Testing OpenCV filters w/ Custos Mundus' Brain

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This is the IR pattern projected by the kinect as viewed from the NIR webcam on Custos Mundus. 

Pretty cool pattern and an unforeseen touch that made my day when I saw it while testing out filters in OpenCV.






inmoov limits

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is there a way to change the rest value for the inmoov servos or do i have to have them as it appears in the default hardware map in the service webpage because the people who made my inmoov robot made it do that the rest positions were all different values instead of 0 or whatever the chart says 

Drawing device

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My starting point in MRL. Well, it's a 21st century drawing device, no longer you have to hold your pen. Just get started with it. It allows you to control your pen through your computer. I have explained my project in my youtube video. Do, watch it create miracle, and draw. Link: