Status Summary in WebGUI Service

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View of new status info (service info, warnings and errors) - which now bubble up to the top headers. Easy now to see at a glance what is need attention.


Trying to run 'blah" in Python :P


Trying to send commands to an Arduino after its UNPLUGGED ! :P


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Crack myself up - here is the latest in internet technology - websockets, jquery and HTML5 all working together to produce a display for MRL and I chose a nifty background for watching analog data on an Arduino :D

BAH HA HA HA ! The background is an old CRT Oscope image and the yellow line is the actual waveform of an Arduino Mega Analog pin 14 ... :D


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Python service now has drop down menus (ugly but working)

Examples will give you a listing of Python examples checked into the repo.

Select one and it will be loaded into the editor.

Transform a R2-D2 Churro bucket

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Hello guys!

Here is my first MRL project, so don't laught  too hard laugh

I'm from Brazil, so sorry for the bad english!


Me and my wife went to Orlando, FL, for our honeymoon... wandering around Disney's Holliwood Studios, i found this Churros Bucket and thought, why not?




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The WebGUI will be the future interface for MRL.  This will allow for more simple remote control access, and user defined GUIs. There are the beginnings of a plethora of HTML5 widgets (JMWidgets,RGraph, Wijmo) which can be easily integrated with MRL using a simple text editor ! 

Need more info for using serial service

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Hey Grog,

Thanks for implementing the new Serial service based on my previous request,

I want to use this service for my robotic chess project.

I have an arduino connected to the PC and I am able to connect it with MRL using Serial service, but when I am sending a string  from arduino I am getting its ASCII value on the log file.

Could you plz help me on how I can get the proper string into MRL from arduio.

Thanks :)

The acoustic model for sphinx

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A question again .. wink


Is it possible to change the acoustic model of sphinx for use french ?

Time and date in the shout box ...

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All is in the title smiley


Is it possible to have time and date in the shout box ? or just the time .


more peeks at new gui

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Started a GUIService and printed out a line of text with Python !

The cause