Near Fluid Movement

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This has got to be one of the most fluid moving walking robots I have seen

Ahahahah .. holy crap ... if it was madonna I'd say she's a little stiff.. but for a robot .. she's got the moves !


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Some help here guys, please.

MRL Diagrams

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Becuase it helps me figure out some of this stuff if I draw pictures, and its usually good to save the pictures when something breaks, I figured I'd just save them here.  

New MRL registry data model .. recently changed/fixed so as not to have a cyclical reference issue

Control led on arduino with voice ...

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I've tryed to control a led on my arduino with voice based on the python exemples from MRL ( arduino ouput and talkback) , and nothing happen, i've just an error . But i just starting to learn python and i don't see the problem . Could someone help me ?

Or perhaps, all is wrong lol ! If it's the case , i'll retry from start ...




This is the error returned by MRL :

Raspberry and MRL

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Hi. I'm going to buy a Raspberry and I want to install MRL on that. Can I do it? 

MouthControl Service


Created by JHack - Blog

A service to generate appropriate mouth movements based on textual data.  Used typically in conjustion with the Speech service, so that audio speech through the speakers matches movement of a servo driven jaw.



Clock Bi-Direction MRL Messaging Over WebSockets

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Here's some progress.  MRL Messaging is now working both ways (from MRL Service to View & from View to MRL Service).  

Arduino mega pwm issue

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So I'm new to my robot lab but I've been tinkering around with it for a while. I've noticed that after I updated my MRL version that my arduino doesn't respond to changes in the arduino service when I try to set the outputs for any of the pwm pins. It seems that the service isn't even telling the arduino to output through these pins because the rx indicator light doesn't blink when I update the values. I'm not sure if this is just a case of my version or if its no worky. Any insight would be greatly appreciated