It looks much better mounted!

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I'm getting older and my eyes are bad, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

The bottom four will be for the 4four 805BB's in the shoulders, the wire I had and not sure if it is #20 or #22

I am thinking 1.2amps per 805, I think this should do the job.

I used to solder like a pro, the good ol days ;-P


The Odroid u3 and arduino connection boogie

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I found My Odroid u3 would not connect to my arduino - the reason being MRL thought the u3 was a raspberry pi and had a slight library misdirection. If you look at in gedit you'll see:


# Mac's don't use LD_LIBRARY_PATH yet its
# required to load shared objects on Linux systems

I've underlined the dodgy signpost.

Stayin Busy

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Stayin busy

I like the way the two Arduino's tucked in, onto a servo driver enclosure

Worms In My Shoulder

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Little footage of my jig for wearing in the worm gear and main gear for the shoulder. Neccesity Is In Fact The Mother Of Invention. Never thought I would use bearing scrapers from my tool making days as much as I do now. I also found that Sharpie Markers make great substitutes for Prusa Blue.


3D Printer Information

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Free / Open Source

3D Printing Generators