Arduino not found by MRL using OSX

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I have a problem using MRL with my MAC. After installing MPL and inMoov I wanted to test the finger, but I only get the choices for the serial port and get no choices for the board. Using a Windows PC the system is running but not with OSX.


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Here's the beginning basic diagram of a proposed "Robot Pool".  Initially it would be the Incubator which is the build machine all MRL builds come from running an instance of MRL with a special service and an XMPP service.  Robot Buddies who were interested in joining the pool would accept the Incubator as a buddy, and Incubator would accept the new robot as a buddy.

OpenCV 2.4.5 compiled for RaspberryPi :D YEAH BUDDY!

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UPDATE 11.11.2013



Joystick service on Raspberry Pi

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     I’m very glad to get MRL working on my RasPi, much more with the Xbox joystick working on RasPi too. I’m using a wireless joystick with a PC Wireless Receiver (it’s usb) attached to RasPi.


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Hello everyone I NEED HELP I'm Fabian from Argentina, I am new to robotics but I am very interested in learning to use all the services and advantages of this wonderful program. My problem is I

Plantoid Service


A Service for the Plantoids !

We are building a school of open-source robotics that focuses on a full spectrum development of beginner's mind models and exploratory curriculum that grows and flourishes with the students of its methods to create lab quality, mission actual plantoid robots that manifests behaviours possible only by organic and autonomous life forms.



Help uploading my first experiment please? :D [SOLVED]

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Hello guys i wanted to try the wireless piano (first time experementing with MRL) thats posted on the website by Alessandruino but i c/p code to python, i've installed arduino and jfugue extensions on MRL but and i've set my Arduino Mega2560 to COM4, Bps 9600, data bits 8, parity none, stop bits 1, flow control none but when i try to upload the example code on the board it says: