Powering Pi Robots

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Alessandruino, this is for you. I noticed in the shoutbox that you were questioning how to properly power a Pi for robotics. 

So I've been working on the same thing and hope this info might give you a lot of help. 


Bill of materials:

- 2 or 3 cell Lipo Battery 3000mAh or above (I've been using a 5000mAh)

-USB Hub (I use one with a 5V 2A input)

-USB Micro cable (cheap cheap cheaper the better)

AdafruitMotorShield Service


The  Adafruit Motor Shield is a service which will create a number of sub services.  It will create 4 Motor, 2 Servo, and 1 Arduino service.  This shield uses its own library, so MRLComm.ino will need to be modified.
Fortunately, the Arduino service will have the modified MRLComm.ino pre loaded in its editor.  This will need to be compiled & uploaded into the Arduino.



Network Problems

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myrobotlab.org is hosted on Amazons AWS cloud services - guess where ? :(

InMoov / Python Service WORKY ! - Build 1694

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The Python service had a bug which did not allow callbacks from other Services.  Listeners could be set up which were supposed to call different methods in Python, but ended up only calling the first called method.

an Example would be :

Custom power boards for InMoov Servos

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So I know this is site is about MRL not InMoov hardware but I wanted to share the custom power distribution boards I built with other InMoov builders.

I originally wanted to use my Adafruit 16 port servo controller boards with the InMoov service so I could put one at each of the elbows and connect up the servos to keep it nice and simple, no additional tangle of wires. Those boards aren't integrated yet with InMoov, so I had to look for other options for get my bot ready for Makerfaire.

Tutorial for InMoov Finger Starter problem

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I'm under the inpression. Nice job!

I have trayed to feel project base on InMoov Finger Starter tutorial. I made step by step as tutorial.

I sent sketch to arduino, start python script,  the syntezer recognized command, manual  comand   can control the servo.

Voise command "open hand" "close hand"are recognized correct  but servo didn't move.

what could hapened?  

I used  turnigy TG9g servo. Only this servo I have on hand