Android Service


Master service for MyRobotLab running on Android.  It controls what sensors and resources are exposed and running (GPS, Accelerometer, Camera, Bluetooth, etc)

It is a singleton.  Which means only a single instance can be running on any Android device, however, multiple Android devices can pool Services & resources.



Legacy Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial #1 (Overview)


Template Matching and Tracking with PID control - Bot finds teet !

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Logitech C600 webcam - 2 Servos in Pan/Tilt kit - and $16 BBB Arduino clone... not pretty, but it works !

MyRobotLab IPCamera Service

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MyRobotLab (MRL-15) now supports IP Cameras.  At least ones which return mjpeg video streams with Content-size set in the multi-part headers.


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This will describe some of the methods which MyRobotLab can communicate to micro-controllers or other computers.  The purpose would be to empower simple robots with more advanced software, networking, and augmented computational power.  Some of this is described here

Micro2440 SDK Board

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The Micro2440 SDK Board is a development board for the FriendlyArm Micro2440.  This little board can run Linux.  It comes with FriendlyArms custom compiled kernel, but other forms of Linux can run on it too (Ubuntu & Fedora).  Santa was kind enough to send be the development board and a Micro2440 to experiment with.

Here is my current setup:

Swarm Brain #1

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Swarm Brain #1

There it is..  a BBB + BT.  Reprogrammed it to talk at 57600 baud.  I can connect to it from my Computer or Phone.   
Good little swarm brain.  Now, got to make a few more... ;)