Drawing device

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My starting point in MRL. Well, it's a 21st century drawing device, no longer you have to hold your pen. Just get started with it. It allows you to control your pen through your computer. I have explained my project in my youtube video. Do, watch it create miracle, and draw. Link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-y2Vr_Zjy0


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It looked good "initially"

But Then..... there's a skewe....

I'm guessing a bump in the X or Y acess which was propegated over all pieces of a certain height..

Sifting Through the Info - Arm v6 v7 hard & soft.....

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Arm - Raspberry Pi

Arm - BeagleBoard Black

Arm - Odroid

Next Print

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Hopefully these InMoov parts will be pulled out of the printer next :)

GroG fixes Odroid OCV without even trying

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I haven't been very active on the MRL website for a while now, but I haven't really left.  Lately I've been playing around with an Odroid X2 which is a very capable ARM dev board.

Murrman, a user on the Odroid forums has created an Ubuntu based image for the Odroid X2 that includes ROS, OpenCV, and OpenNI including drivers for the Xtion Pro Live sensor.

Robot head

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Hola gente, quiero compartir con ustedes mi humide proyecto de una cabeza robot moustro que fabrique inicialmente con la ayuda de mi hija de 3 años pegando papel de diario a un globo. Gracias por la ayuda de ustedes pude hacer face detection em este proyecto. Todavia tengo muchisimo para aprender asi que me vienen muy bien las ideas y sugerencias que puedan aportar. Como ven no tiene ningun sensor colocado aun, pero pronto lo tendra.  

OpenCV + JavaCV + JavaCPP compiled and worky in MRL on RaspberryPi

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UPDATE 01.02.2014

OpenCV optimized on Raspi.. from 1 frame every 30 seconds to 5 fps !! Good Job Grog!!

I'm on the other side Morpheus... I jumped !!!! Now i can bend spoons and avoid bullets :)


InMoov command confirmation "bypass"

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Hi Grog,

Is it possible to have a command within the InMoov script that does not need to be confirmed before the program carries out the command?

One command that I would like to create would be "STOP", so that if the robot is heading for trouble I can stop it's motion very quickly.




problem with voice control with inmoov.- SOLVED

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Hi all,


Im kinda new here but im building the inmoov.

im trying to get the voice commands to work with inmoov.

i copy and paste the script from the site but he doesnt "hear" me i think.

when move the servo's manually thats no problem.

When i use the example robotlab script for pin 13 to turn him on or off.

That works perfect to my voice commands.

but when i use the inmoov script noting happens.

maybe someone can help me please? 


thank you all

gr Leon.