Happy Birthaday GroG from all MyRobotLab users :)

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Gael : " When I saw the video of Alessandro, I felt like InMoov had to do something too!!

Thanks Grog for all your help and your kindness!"

Andrew Davidson's Vision-Based User Interface - Programming In Java Book is Online and In Print

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Andrew Davidson has a new book out which utilizes JavaCV and it looks like he covers a variety of topics. In the past I have found his writing entertaing, and backed by small, concise, and working code examples.


InMoov building references

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InMoov Head

My suggested order is :

  1. Neck mechanism
  2. Jaw mechanism
  3. Face Parts (only EyeGlassV3 is needed in order to mount eyes mechanism)
  4. Eyes mechanism
  5. Skull Parts

Parts download :

3D PDFs :

inmoov camera orientation?

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I was wondering if the camera orientation for my inmoov robot matters because I am using a ps3 eye with the case taken off but it is still a bit too wide to comfortably fit inside the inmoov's head. Will turning the ps3 eye camera 90 degrees so that it is vertical affect the tracking/open cv etc. while running it? or do i have to orient the camera in the normal landscape position? Or is there some way to filp the video streaming 90 degrees so that even when i put the camera vertically it shows up normal on the opencv gui?

Bhouston's InMoov

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Check out the cool video bhouston did..  Great Build !   We might reconsider Victory geture to be renamed Bird :)

Services sourcecode availability...

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Total newbie to myrobotlab, but long time software/firmware/hardware developer.  Is the source for all the services provided in myrobotlab available? 

I am immediately interested in experimenting with the wii remote as a lidar and essentially don't have a clue where to start.  The blog entry also mentions that source for the wii service is available, but where?

The links in the WiiDar blog entry don't work.  If I select the wii service on the download page the link is broken, as are many others on that page. 

Kinect + Freenect on Odroid

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Got my first samples working for the Kinect by installing Freenect. 

Easy OpenCV 2.4.6 Here We Come !!!

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WoooHooo JavaCV 0.6 + OpenCV 2.4.6 in MRL on Windows X86 - 64 bit ! 
Soooo... it looks as if the JavaCV project bundles its own build !!!!  We'll that is exciting, it means they already did 95% of the work !!!

Can not execute minimal service for InMoov Starter finger

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Hello, Ihave a problem to execute the minimal Inmoov service: I have configured the "COM8" port (for me) as it is explain in the tutorial, I have uploaded the Arduino bootloader into the UNO card and after, impossible to execute the script, I don't know why, could anybody helping me?