getting started with WolframAlpha? - [SOLVED]

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I was wondering how to get the WolframAlpha service started because I was interested in somehow incorporating it into the InMoov robot I am making. I can manually query a result in the gui but I cannot get the text that shows up to store as a string or appear in the python environment. 

Servos not working with InMoov Service - [SOLVED]

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Hey guys, been making some progress lately wit the InMoov robot here, but when I load the script from the inmoov download tab into MRL and run it, the java says that it is sending signals to the arduino to move the servos, but the sevos do not move. Even weirder is that when i go in the servo gui tabs and move the sliders around, the servos move perfectly fine, but they do not move through the code. I thought it might be something wrong with the servos not being attached but since i can go in the servo gui and move it while running the code i dont think that is the case.

Getting InMoov to use its jaw as he speaks.

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This is originally a script of Jhack, modified for my needs, since I use only 2 Arduino and Jhack uses 4.



What is nice here, is to be able to make the robot talk with jaw movements having one gesture called by voice command. This gesture "servo" has sub-gestures which roll following each phrase the robot says.


XMPP a little closer

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Bi-directional Worky !  Heh, its not the fastest either, but it IS working :)
And a HUGE amount of refactoring was done.
Refactoring is cutting away the garbage..  evolving, cleaning optimizing


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Hi guys :) now that i got some acc+gyro sensors i would like to build a robot to walk (following IR light on my back or Ping sensor)...

Don't know if to build a self-balancing robot ( i really like them :D ) or just a BIG robot (telepresence)...

What i would like to add is :

Sensor (PIR) affected Tracking

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Arduino Pin 3 (Green) is in a low state - all filters remove and the Tracking service is in an IDLE state

New Toys to play with :) Thanks Santa's... :)

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Oh oh ohhhhhh !!! Italian Christmas has arrived :) 

In the pic you can see my new toys !!

In the Nord-West corner a Ping sensor (HC-sr04), then a Gyro+acc+baro+compass (the red one), then an MPU6050-gyro+acc (more accurate) and an RTC module :D

Arduino not found by MRL using OSX

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I have a problem using MRL with my MAC. After installing MPL and inMoov I wanted to test the finger, but I only get the choices for the serial port and get no choices for the board. Using a Windows PC the system is running but not with OSX.