OK! its time to get the eyes moving but i can't understand how?

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OK! its time to get the eyes moving but i can't understand how?

Raspberry Pi Cameras and Faster Frame Rates

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Saymon asked if the Raspberry Pi module was compatible with MRL. By "compatible" I believe what he is asking is, "Is the Raspberry Pi module compatible with the OpenCV service of MRL".  The answer is no. OpenCV only supports cameras which support V4L (video for Linux) . 

To add to the confusion there is two interfaces for Linux V4L and newer not necessarily compatible V4L2.

More pics

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Back, Megas in those rectangle boxes and power distribution board in the box in the middle

with open boxes

Power Distribution board and USB 2.0 hub behind it, all in one :)

Tato (Name of my InMoov)

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Tato is a Georgian name, and he is built in University in Georgia (the country in Europe).

I will put pictures of some printed builds and painted and assembled modules. Also some ideas and findings.

Revision 2 EyeGlass

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New eyeglass print came out awesome. Have to admit though the support was an absolute pain in the rear to get off. About 2 hours of clean up to get it in the state it is now.

Still loving it can't wait to move on to the next pieces.


PIR sensor retriggering issues...

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Using a PIR sensor in a robotic head project is awesome... while tracking with MRL, PIR sensor is helping to identify human presence and start tracking... I have tested this and proved to be very useful... but I have some issues now... PIR sensors have retriggering option for detecting human presence and movement and continue keeping the tracking process on... there is always 2 pots on the sensor, one for sensitivity adjustment (detection range) and one is for continuity of open circuit after triggering...

InMoov 2.0 specs?

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I'm going to be wiring up my inmoov in a week or so and I'd like to do it to 2.0 specs. A while ago it looked like Alessandruino convinced Gael that inmoov could be run with a single Arduino Mega instead of an Uno and a Mega. Is this the plan for 2.0? If so have the pin assignment been made for the entire inmoov on the Mega? For example the servo pins for the fingers on both the left and right hands. Maybe I'm confused about what the differences are between InMoov and InMoov 2.0. Anyone care to explain where 2.0 is going?

Thanks, Drew

First InMoov Print Failure

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Well first InMoov prints FAIL, forgot to turn on support so lost eyes and knocked print off of build plate at 95%.

Oh well will hit it with a vengeance tomorrow.