Color Tracking using OpenCV and InRange Filter

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Here is me with a tennis ball.. No filter is applied except Pyramid down to resize the video from the cam:

Here is as the ball appears after an InRange filter is applied... I had to tune HSV values in order to isolate the green of the ball...

Next is to find the center of the object and track it...

How can i do it?

1 meter x 1 meter x 1/2 meter dual head printer.

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Here it is last weekend before we wired and installed the glass. And yes that is a 1m x 1m heated bed.

I love my job.

Raspi + MRL + OpenCV (communal - pre - tutorial)

This is a pre-tutorial post - to get parts together and organize the "real" Tutorial

Step 1 - Load the RasPi with the latest Wheezy Rasparian image.

Ok, so this is still possible with buld 1943

I pulled this of my Pi with the video streamer...

Tutorial for InMoov Finger Starter


This tutorial is based on an older version of My Robot Lab (1695) and not the current bleeding edge. You can have more than one version MRL installed/unzipped on your computer.







Python complains about finding carriage returns when it expects newlines

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If I try to run the example in .../Python/examples on my fedora machine I get the followinf error:

SyntaxError: (mismatched character \r expecting \n, (string, 7, 1, # change parameters depending on your pan tilt, pins and

Inside InMoov's Head

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InMoov's head ... lots of spagetti in there :)
Anyway - there seems to be some issues with mouth control and the jaw servo - there were too many services and not enough hardware ...

Hopefully its ironed out.   I think there needs to be another way to display all this stuff (preferrably on the web) so we can see all the routes and messages.  This seems a bit crowded and it doesn't even have the left and right arms/hands/fingers.

First Test OpenCV with MRL services

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My first test successfully ... all with the help of the developers of the MRL. 
As you can see .. More than 10 000 frames .. all that to properly configure the Pan / Tilt hahah
I can only thank .. and let's work!

Getting A-head on InMoov

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Well I'm getting there. Wish I could make my printer go faster but don't want to sacrifice the quality.