Time and date in the shout box ...

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All is in the title smiley


Is it possible to have time and date in the shout box ? or just the time .


more peeks at new gui

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Started a GUIService and printed out a line of text with Python !

The cause 

Building my Prusa i2

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07.27.2013 UPDATE



07.25.2013 UPDATE


Near Fluid Movement

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This has got to be one of the most fluid moving walking robots I have seen

Ahahahah .. holy crap ... if it was madonna I'd say she's a little stiff.. but for a robot .. she's got the moves !


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Some help here guys, please.

MRL Diagrams

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Becuase it helps me figure out some of this stuff if I draw pictures, and its usually good to save the pictures when something breaks, I figured I'd just save them here.  

New MRL registry data model .. recently changed/fixed so as not to have a cyclical reference issue

Control led on arduino with voice ...

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I've tryed to control a led on my arduino with voice based on the python exemples from MRL ( arduino ouput and talkback) , and nothing happen, i've just an error . But i just starting to learn python and i don't see the problem . Could someone help me ?

Or perhaps, all is wrong lol ! If it's the case , i'll retry from start ...




This is the error returned by MRL :

Raspberry and MRL

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Hi. I'm going to buy a Raspberry and I want to install MRL on that. Can I do it? 

MouthControl Service


Created by JHack - Blog

A service to generate appropriate mouth movements based on textual data.  Used typically in conjustion with the Speech service, so that audio speech through the speakers matches movement of a servo driven jaw.