When InMoov falls flat on it's face...

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Tried to catch up my phone, I bumped into the robot, and SLAM!!!!

Fortunatly InMoov is resistant, I would have expected a lot more broken.

1 thumb tip broken, neck worm piston broken, some parts dismantled in the bicep right, one forarm open dismantled partly, nothing bad.

ABS is great because you just reglue the parts with ACETONE and Voilà.

Preparing another OpenCV Service release

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This is what I've been working on.  Testing.  After Raver pointed out a bug feature, I had to work on a lot of OpenCV plumbing.  Did you ever have an OpenCV filter blow up on you?  Why isn't MRL testing this?  What a great idea !   Have MRL test itself.  

TLD has had binaries posted from a YEAR AGO !

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What have I been doing?

Yeah... that's how it feels sometimes..
I downloaded the binaries to see what it would give me..
Unzipping it on a windows box .. and what do I see ..
Ahhaaa ! Some very familiar OpenCV libraries...

Rob is really pulling himself together!

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Im so proud Rob is really pulling Himself together. Thought my servos would be here yesterday but no such luck. I am starting to get paranoid about my Kinect now with all the problems Grog is having. I think I may just purchase brand new in the box to forgo any problems.

my head robot in cardboard

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hi guy's

it s a long time i don't came here it's because i build my robot

like i haven't a 3d printer i build all in cardboard

so i need a lot of time for cut piece by pieces

Happy MRL Anniversary - WOOOHOOO \o/ !!!!

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KMC mentioned MRL Ambassador Alessandruino has been a member for 1 YEAR today ! 


MRL+OpenCV+Beagle Bone Black Worky!!!

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Ubuntu Hard Floating Point

Installed OpenCV using script located here:


Then MRL OpenCV just worked!

Trouble with Inmoov 2.0

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After spending some time with the new inmoov 2.0, i got the hands working with voice control, but i'm having trouble getting the arms working

here's the line that it keeps getting stuck on:

leftArm = inMoov.startleftArm(leftArmPort)

here are the errors:

Inmoov Nation Never Sleeps

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Took the dogs out one final time lastnight and this is what greeted me when I went into the garage.

Inmoov never sleeps. I was waiting to see it with a drill or something.