PS2 motor control

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I am trying to get a ps2 joystick to control a motor through an arduino.
Can you please help ? 
Below is the code on the Arduino.


Power Protection Systems for NOOBs

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When you think of power protection, you first think of fuses or circuit breakers. While these are the most common devices used in both home and industry, they are far from being the only type of protection device.  Normally the fuse or circuit breaker will only be part of a larger protection system.

script trackin problem

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sorry my language

i used my arduino one to move two servers for inmoov eyes i can not find a working script !!( python )

can you help me? 

Terminator playing in the dark

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I really appreciate the help of Grog and Mats to perform the Overlay filter, since I do not have much experience programming.

FaceRecognizer debug & enhance

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EDIT 5/11/2017 - Video explanations ( inmoov use )


EDIT 4/11/2017 - Added unicode support

Added unicode support to this filter because opencv dont like it ( cannot use unicode inside folder names ).

Terminated Overlay

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New overlay filter.  Thanks to astro for the idea and Mats for the direction :)

Still needs a little polish and maybe some thread safety.

The overlay filters looks like it will be loads of fun

DiyServo service

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I have a Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield to control a DC motor and want to control it with MyRobotlab. (See layout shield below)

If I program it directly with Arduino code for motor 1 it works fine (piece of code below)

int M1INA = 2;
int M1INB = 4;
int M1PWM = 9;

The Robot with Two Brains

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With the great post from Astro that allowed me to get over the hurdle I was stuck on with streaming video I have been able to move forward with splitting Junior's processing to run on two computers. Currently he has a RaspPi3 with a Pi cam that is running MarySpeech, 2 OLED screens for his eyes and eventually motor controls for his head and neck which will be controlled from a I2C 16-channel servo controller. The Pi is also using uv4l to stream the video from the Pi Cam


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I put a gyroscope (10DOF with pressure and magnetometer from Adafruit) in my bot. I put some picture to see where i put it.

I not used MPU6050 service because i d'ont have it.

For test, i make some modification in MrlComm.ino. If somebody want it, i can give my code.