MotorController is missing an attach !

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I'm trying to get Sabertooth service working again .. 
In the process I noticed MotorContoller is missing this method .. 

public void attach(MotorController controller) throws Exception;  

to go along with the other Controller interfaces and to follow the Attach Pattern !

hello the world amby is here

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hello the team yes i am here if you don't hear me it is because i am working about building legs with drill motor for my inmoov

the next steep is programmation

my first testes is good

video is here

InMoov Mobile Platform

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Juerg's Cool Video - Reposted by GroG

python on windows skills needed

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I would like to use aruco markers in my InMoov project. There are instructions of how to make a python wrapper for the library but it's for Linux.

I am stuck now as  I can't see the way to make it work for my CPython.27 w10/64 environment.

any help available?

mrl listener in non-mrl python program?

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I am in the process to create a path finder python program using the kinect and my InMoov cart.

Services written in Native Python

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Hello all!

Over the past week, I've been working on a little addition to MRL's service capabilities, I wanted to create a Google Assistant service, but the API is in Python (a Java imlementation exists, but it is hard to follow and has far fewer features compared with the Python example). So, to remedy these, I built a Native Python API, called mrlpy. This API currently supports registering as a service, process synchronization, a compatibility layer for scripts written for the Jython interpreter, and proxy service generation.

MRL servo control

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I wrote to Mats earlier, so he has some background on this already :)
I think I may have uncovered a small bug in the Adafruit16CServoDriver MRL service.

X-Box 360 controller to 3 motors and 2 servos with mrl to run ROV

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I am building an underwater drone with a gimbled camera, I thought I had the X-Box controller working last night, but today the same code seems to fail. I see I am using pin6 twice opps

Here is a link to a ROV with the same motor setup:

Scripty no worky

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Hello MyRobotLab community !

I am writing a script to control my 6DOF robotic arm with arduino through my laptop. you WinXP 32bit / Python 2.7

The script that i try to make run gave a number of errors, but now just one remains.

"Bad magic number"

Arduino board is a clone Robotdyn UNO CH340.

Can someone take a look at it and say if something is wrong ?

PS. Some comments are in roumanian but the code is comprehensible enough, I think :)

PS #2. 90% of the script is taken from examples.

Thank you very much !

Using a new java library in jython

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Hello everyone!

I would like to implement an OSC server on myrobotlab. I wanted to use the java oscP5 library in the jython service.

So far I tried to put the .java files frome the src folder of oscP5 to the src folder of myrobotlab.

And the .jar frome the library to the repo. Is it supposed to work?

Thank you for your time.

Here is the link to the library: