Oculus Touch integration

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As i have been working on my inmoov, i was watching the videos people have posted about the oculus and controlling the head. i was wondering if anyone has intigrated the oculus touch for hand and arm controls.

Servo Attention !!!

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Tracking didn't work immediately for me, and digging into a little deeper it looks like quite a few changes have occurred with Servo.  So first we should review what is currently in Servo.

I have listed out every method, its parameters and return type and sorted it - there is a comment section, it is fully editable. - the link in fullscreen view is here

steps to take to get myrobotlab and inmoov working together.

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I have my Inmoov built.

I have done the following:

downloaded the myrobotlab (version 1.0.2407)

did the install all services. restarted myrobotlab.

in the folder was START_INMOOV.bat

here is the screen shot all those tabs were do I start?

/sites/default/files/users/user1930files/Screenshot 2017-08-20 13_17_17.png

I started it and got  alot of tabs open with voice.

need help to play mp3 with voice command

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Dear Inmoov Team,

My self sunil from INDIA - MAHARSTRA - PUNE .

We buit all the stl file and attached all head part right now ( other part are printed and ready for fitting). we connect all servos of head and arduino MEGA and UNO.

all functioning well with Myrobolab commnnd.

But when we say " play music " the bot say seraching file and srarting service but it will not run any mp3 file.

also we highly appriciate if Hindi Translator add in the total program..


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Is it possible to have a Wifi signal strenght level with mrl ? (for example -60dBm)

like value = Runtime.getWifiLevel()

Thank you.


Coming Soon: the Google Assistant Service

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This is a preliminary test of the upcoming Google Assistant service, created using mrlpy.

This service is most definitely NOT FINISHED! There are many bugs in the current implementation. The code is on a fork at my github page, with a pull request in progress to merge into the develop branch.

Handy little app for Pi afficionados.

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I have found this little app from Adafruit to be really handy when I want to ssh into a Raspberry Pi but can't remember the I.P.  Works on most OSs.

This can be annoying when you have a bunch of them as a few of us do. 

Just click on 'Find my Pi' and it will come up with the I.P. for the near-by Pi.  

Use ethernet if it doesn't already have wifi up. 

status of openCV

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Hi Grog

Just saw in the shoutbox that you are working on distributed computing now.

Do we have a status of openCV?

At least the swing gui in version 2398 does not work for me,. Looks like a problem with window sizing as I can not get to the filter list on the screen.

Pi-Arduino Integration question

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On the subject of Raspberry Pis - for whoever knows about this:

I use two Megas to run my inMoov with MRL and (generally) Windows.  I am adding some wheels to the base and am considering throwing one of my pi family in there just to run the wheels, rather than use an Arduino Nano or similar.  I might even put a pi-zero in the head for some duties. 

BUT- it now occurs to me that, even though we have a Raspberry Pi service in MRL, the pi is a computer not a micro-controller.