Arduino serial communication with mrl

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Hi guys, This is my first time ever using myrobotlab and it is one of the most coolest and intuitive applications i have ever used. I pulled out an arduino last week and tried to mess around the chess services by sending chess commands using the serial port. Unfortunately every time i put a serial.println code in the void loop section of the mrlcomm (after setting the baud rate of course) and uploading to my robotlab, i get an error saying: like the following:


“Arduino mrs bad magic number 10”

opencv image

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I am trying to pass an i01.opencv image into a python 3 aruco marker detection program using rpyc.

Found a script from alessandro that creates a jpg file when asking for it. That is a solution that will write the jpg file to disk and my aruco search could load it from there.

Joystick Service




This service allows input from usb joysticks or gamepads. You can attach to a joystick and examine axis or button data.  These button and joystick events can be sent to other services, such as servos or motor services.  It could be used for a "manual" override to take control of a robot.



jaw movement command

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Hi Inmoov team,

we are looking for the command to move jaw to perticular angle,  ( with out speak ).





FaceRecognizer debug & enhance

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Ok pushed a test I can reproduce when needed. Goal is to debug and enhance FaceRecognizer filter.

First report  :

Inside this test there are 4 faces. 3 of those faces are correctly parsed by cascade classifiers.

2 faces was trained ( Ryan + Rachel )



getName() smells as sweet as a Service ?

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Are "things" other than Services attachable to other Services ?   I think so, but if this the case, it doesn't change the fact that the other "thing" should at some point be connected to another service.

Currently we understand attaching services this way :

Mouth <----attaches---> Ear

But I think this is valid too :

Wow .. this is really "challenging" ocr

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JNA/JNI is always a pain - its when  native libraries are used for either performance or legacy reasons.  And it makes Java programs much more complicated, fragile and difficult to maintain. But, after kicking Tessa4j around a bit - I wanted to see how well it worked.. so I spent a few extra cycles, kicking it and finally I got results (that's the good news) .. The bad news is it does some phenominally crappy ocr. 

AudioCapture Service


A simple service to record using a microphone.  The recording line can be configured with a variety of settings.



Free Magpi Magazine for Raspberry Pi aficionados

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I discovered that you can down-load all the back-issues of MagPi, the official RaspberryPi magazine for free from their web-site here:

Lots of pretty pickies for light reading. It's aimed at education from beginner level but there are a lot of ideas and handy code in there relating to all permutations of pi from the beginning. 

I've found some useful info and ideas in there.