The NASA give access to a lot of their software for free !

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Maybe some code can be usefull for our robot. I've quickly had a look and i saw some java files :D

By exemple this , link to sourceforge where we can grab the source code :

Here is the link with all downloadable softwares sorted by category


Some errors

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Hi !

I've just updated my eclipse mrl sources and built a fresh Myrobolab.jar . i've changed the start argument with SwingGui and all work well . But i see some errors in the log at the bottom of python tab . No red band at the bottom of the gui's window.

I don' know if it's important but here is what i saw ( the script is with virtual arduino ) :



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Is it possible to have object detection with OpenCV ?

The goal is to follow an object with the arm to take it.

Thank you.


Aduino strange errors

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I sometimes ( not always ) get some strange errors in the Arduino service.

I think it is some type of timing issue.

Using this little script sometimes reproduce the error. 

Control audio with I2C amplifier MAX9744

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Hi all ! I want to use this audio amplifier to control volume dynamicaly.
Is mrl can already handle it or this hardware need to be borged ?

PIR sensor and sleep mode

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Good evening Dave.
Long time ago I have installed this sensor but never used it in interraction with other services.
Don't know if the method I used is a good method but worky great !

this is the code about pir and timer

viewing your virtual inMoov in 3d implemented in inMoov service

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I add the possibility to view a virtual 3d InMoov from the inMoov service.

To view it, you have to add in your inMoov script




to stop viewing it.

The 3d model should mimic what your real inMoov is doing.
The model probably still needs some adjustment but is looking good.
The fingers and eyes are not working yet

Please help getting jaw movement to be full with speakBlocking(some text)

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#here is my full script
from java.lang import String
import threading
import time
import random
from import BareBonesBrowserLaunch
import urllib, urllib2
import json
from datetime import datetime
import io
import itertools
import textwrap
import codecs

Create a new Service in Python (no Java)

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Is it possible to create a new service (not an instance of an existing/pre-defined service) in Python?


Moving 3D model with JMonkey in MRL

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Last week I manage to get a 3d model of InMoov taking the position in synch of my InMoov. So let me explain how I did it

I start with the VinMoov model that Gareth post some time ago. Unfortunatly, I did not manage to be able to move it's armature (or did not found how to do). So I try something else

in Blender, I disasemble the VinMoov and saved each robot part that represent my DHLink in IK individually. I modify the part slightly so the origin of the part (rotation point) is at 0,0,0. I then export the part using OGRExml exporter.