HOW CAN I GET MY WHOLE InMoov to work?

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I have MRL 1861 and it's supporting MRLcomm.ino loaded onto my two Arduino MEGA's

The Merge them All! is such a WIP that it only runs the hands and wrists, but not the arm, head, mouth, torso etc. Even though there are Arm commands and my ScriptType is set to Full. I've been unable to get anything else to move (on purpose) with this mysterious setup sans any meaningful documentation.

Pinocchio playing drums (almost)

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A little video for demonstration of the IntegratedMovement service.

The position of the cymbal and the tom are scripted, but how the inMoov choose to move the stick to the tom or cymbal is fully determined by the service. 


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I got Azul running on MRL1859 and arduino ver. 53 except for the mouth does not move when Azul speaks. Any ideas?  posted video on youtube  Azul happy New Year.  I have tried a pi3 but this was using windows 7 on laptop. 

[Inmoov Script] Merge Them All ! - WIP status :

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Hi friends!

We talk about the fresh newly created Inmoov Repository, about a necessary idea from Grog and others.
Because standardization is the key of great things

Speaking with Emotion

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This past week I made my Hack-A-Thon project to add MaryXML a valid input for speech inside of MyRobotLab.  I decided to add this to improve the capabilities of MarySpeech inside MRL.  MaryXML allows the input of markup language that allows the voice to be modified in the middle of the file. 

HOW TO start MRL from *.BAT without GUI, then Call and use the Chrome Browser for the GUI

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Hi all,

I have see seen the post at

and am unsure how to integrate those concepts into my : can you help? : the first bunch of lines are here:

Adafruit 9685 PWM board I2C servo control

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Hey peeps

I'm facing a challenge with the Adafriut 9685 PWM board

I've followed the guide here and I'm able to control multiple servos through Python via I2C

FWIW, here's a video showing that I'm able to control multiple servos via I2C directly through Python outside of MRL with the PCA9685 driver board

Controling servo using IK3D service

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Hi team,

getting deeper and deeper in the MRL project, trying to give life to my small robot arm ( I'm stuck at the part where the InverseKinematics3D service is calculating the coordinates of the joins.

But first things first, here is the code I wrote to creates my DHlinks and myrobotarm :

[SOLVED] webgui not working ?!

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I've been playing with MRL to try it, and see what I could do with it ! Seems really powerfull.

I got it working but only on the swing, the webGui is not working, I see the service that are running but they are empty sub-windows

attached the webgui i have and my logs

anyone could help ?