Git - update to latest

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Hi All,

I have used SVN extensively and Git only a little, and never from within Eclipse!

About 3years ago I followed the instruction on downloading the latest Git repository and setting up a development environment in Eclipse and I've not updated since - "If it ain't broke - don't fix it"

But as I am probably a little behind, I'd now llike to update my working copy to the latest release - and keep any mods I've made (I could copy these out of the way first I guess).

Yolo DNN support now in OpenCV !

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We all want Yolo - best place for it probably is in OpenCV service as a filter .. 
This means it needs to be supported in JavaCV

Exciting times !

Develop branch inside eclipse

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Hi ! I'm on a new configuration and cannot get develop branch worky inside eclipse. This worky on an other computer ..

Maybe I missed something, what I done :

- install eclispe from scratch

- Clone develop branch

- Import maven

odometer for InMoov cart

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In trying to add some self control to my InMoov I work on making it find an ARUCO marker and position itself in front of it using its macanum wheel base.


A disadvantage of the mecanum wheel base are the different possible movements and - depending on the surface - quite a lot of slip which makes wheel encoders  a poor solution.

Inmoov core service V2

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Time for refactor !


Just a dynamical roadmap for discussions, before refactor

Robot Memories...

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So the general question is:

What should your robot remember?  What should your robot recall?  How do you want to access their memories?

More details to follow...


Teaser:  We will embed a "core" to store robot memories.  I think these memories probably include things like.

1. what did I hear?

2. what did I say?

3. what did I see?

4. what did I feel/taste?

5. what did I smell?


We can establish a common storage format for all of this and it can be shared!

State of the project

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  Today is Tuesday Feb. 13 2017. Fred-X is still inert (sort of). all of his servos are working individually. The issue is that the Aacer laptop computer which controls him via mrl will not yet run more than one at a time.

  It seems like the voice command part is the problem. When I open "Start_InMoov" it appears to boot up properly and it says good morning to me but soon after that it does not react to vocal input. Something here is just not copacetic. I will get it to work eventualy.