The Service Matrix (Re-visited) - Need Help !

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Service Matrix

We now have a working service matrix.  
The build now deploys the latest serviceData.json here

Master doesn't work because we haven't released yet

Installing MRL on a Raspberry Pi 3 for NOOB's

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New Out Of Box (NOOB) is a term used for very new beginners.
We have all been there, and with the alittle help, we learn all the time.
This set of instruction is for the new user with very little or no experience with the Raspberry Pi.
Most seasoned experimenters/developers will find these instruction too simple and goes into detail they do not need.

This script can save your life...

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So, sometimes an arduino running mrlcomm will get away from you.  The best way to reset it is to toggle the serial port.  This resets the arduino that's connected and thus clearing the device list in mrlcomm.

Here's a small snippet of python code that will toggle the DTR pin and reset the arduino.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cat

Campaign for MyRobotLab on Wikipedia

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Update: This document now open for anyone to edit...  


so.. I see that there are 2 pages that point to MyRobotLab on wikipedia.

1.  the InMoov page :

2. the open source robotics page :


Mqtt Service


MQTT is one of the protocols lumped in with the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and it can be used for lots of things. An MQTT client has been borged into MRL.


Here's a screenshot from my Android phone running MyMQTT connected to the same broker.




Test Service Fun

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Ahoy ! .. This is a little post about a "work in process" called the Test service.  It function is to test the other services.  Currently, it will check if service page documentation exists, if pyrobotlab/service example files exist and test them, if junit service tests exists and run them.

Virtual and RightSide worky, but Full and LeftSide don't start tabs

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Hi, sorry for my english.
I can't start the left side.

In Virtual mode is worky.

But in Full or LeftSide, the left hand don't start. There is not left fingers, arms and torso tabs. I exchange arduinos but have the same result. I send no-worky.

1.0.2430 - No LeftSide tabs











The Right Code for the Right Service Page !

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Yay Worky ! -

Yay .. this is worky closes issue #106

still working on legs

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Video shows current status of leg design.

two legs testing - YouTube