Happy MRL Anniversary - WOOOHOOO \o/ !!!!

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KMC mentioned MRL Ambassador Alessandruino has been a member for 1 YEAR today ! 


MRL+OpenCV+Beagle Bone Black Worky!!!

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Ubuntu Hard Floating Point

Installed OpenCV using script located here:


Then MRL OpenCV just worked!

Trouble with Inmoov 2.0

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After spending some time with the new inmoov 2.0, i got the hands working with voice control, but i'm having trouble getting the arms working

here's the line that it keeps getting stuck on:

leftArm = inMoov.startleftArm(leftArmPort)

here are the errors:

Inmoov Nation Never Sleeps

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Took the dogs out one final time lastnight and this is what greeted me when I went into the garage.

Inmoov never sleeps. I was waiting to see it with a drill or something.

Coming along nicely

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Well he's getting there. Printer is busy finishing up the last of the upper torso. Then on to the Kinect pieces.

I found that Dawn dishwashing soap makes an excellent assembly aide.

Beagleboard Black w/MRL

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Anybody had any success getting MRL up and running on a BBB?  I'm stuck at trying to verify my java installation at the moment, so any pointers/helpful suggestions/handholding walkthroughs would be completely appreciated.


Rob Takes Time To Stop & Smell The Roses

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Rob Takes Time out to stop and smell the roses that his father grew on his printer for his mom on Valentines Day.

He did comment that he would like me to continue building him though. ;)

Test with MRL in my college

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Hello friends of MRL!  surprise

Today I went to my college and I performed some tests with vegetation seeking identification of crops or trails that future tractors with computer vision equipment can be applied ...

My camera: (Logitech C270 + Nikon coolpix L120)



Kinect + MyrobotLab

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This is inside MRL using PointCloud service

This is outside MRL : using OpenNI and NITE


How i can do it Grog?

This is my actual computer installed software list...

Arduino Board doesn´t work with MRL

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My Arduino-board doesn´t work with MRL. I tried it with the Arduino software and examples (Servo) - here it work´s. Whta can I do - who can help me?

My board is a ARDUINO Uno and the servos are MG 995.