Iniciando com o MyRobotLab: Instalação do software e seus Serviços - Versão para Windows (Portuguese Tutorial)

PT: Este breve tutorial auxilia na iniciação ao MyRobotLab dos novos usuários que tem preferência pelo idioma português.

EN: This short tutorial helps on the beginning of MyRobotLab for the newbies who prefer the portuguese language... and for the guys who want to learn portuguese. :)  So, it will be all in portuguese.


     Após este tutorial, você estará apto a:

The Faire !

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 "Robot, you have to folow my orders, capiche?!"

Training robot just like a Professional :)

Ambassador Alessandruino !


ps3 eye with mrl?? Please help!

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hey all, ive been working on the InMoov robot for quite some time now, and now im working on getting the tracking and object recognition going in the program, but i cant seem to get the ps3 eye working with the opencv service inside mrl. I have tried it witha regular webcam and it works, but nothing shows up when i try conneting the ps3 eye. I have tried changing the input from the opencv to ps3eye in the opencv service, but still nothing shows up in the gui. It is not a problem with the ps3 eye, because when i test it with CL-Eye test it works perfectly fine. Thanks in advance guys!

live from makerfaire !!!

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Hangout from makerfaire :D

Alessandruino Needs Help ?!?

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How can us mere mortals help?


  • weird wall causes false positives

possible solutions

  • move camera or wall :D
  • add preFilters to reduce size, and other filters which will reduce impact of wall - size reduction will increase speed of search too


Future Fun Experiments

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I found this on the internet (through Tingyverse) ... and thought it is just begging to be assimilated into MRL.