My Inmoov Parts List and Way of Working

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I only want this Robot to entertain my family and friends. He must talk a lot. Moovement with mouth and head very important. Hand and arm moovement is and exstra. As long as it talks i am happy. If i can Intertain Kids and people i am happy.

I do not want my Robot to say " You Sed " in the begining of every order. Just that part must go.

My setup for Plantoid project... Mechaphytum Animus V1...

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Update on March 2014:

Mechaphytum Animus is getting complicated... Now she has a fan to control temperature and a humidifier to control environmental humidity... I took this recent pic to show that she is alive... A camera and wifi is the next on the todo list...

newline fun and games

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got an odd problem- when I save and then reopen python scripts there seems to be some sort of carriage return/newline craziness- a typical script will give:

SyntaxError: (mismatched character \r expecting \n, (string, string line number, number on the line)

as a python error. Some scripts dont cause this, and some that I fix by hand, successfully run and then save do it all over again. My workflow is a bit messed as a result!


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bottom one is blinking

It looks much better mounted!

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I'm getting older and my eyes are bad, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

The bottom four will be for the 4four 805BB's in the shoulders, the wire I had and not sure if it is #20 or #22

I am thinking 1.2amps per 805, I think this should do the job.

I used to solder like a pro, the good ol days ;-P