Wynn Bots

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1 of the two robots I designed. 37 feet stem to stern with remote crab drive.


Noob InMoov questions

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Hi GroG,

Have you implemented Kinect into InMoov or is that a forword looking project? If so, what do you have it doing? Is the new kinect one usable or not open sourced yet? What do you hope or plan for kinect to do?


Does InMoov MRL make use of two cameras in eye sockets or just one? 


Is there a reason to have both kinect and cameras?


Sould I learn Py?




Giant 3D Printer

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Showing some of our latest work in my shop. This is a MegaMax 3D printer capable of storing a regular sized Reprap printer inside of it. O.o

Yes I'll put some video up of it actually printing, but that's going to be a 20+ hour print...

Here's a three hour video of the first prints on the machine. the model is 100mm tall but it looks so tiny in the giant print bed!

MRL Odroid U2 Linaro not seeing Arduino to connect

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Im having a little problem with MRL on a Hardkernel odroid U2 running Linaro ubuntu- In MRL I cant get it to connect to the arduino that is in Tools>serial no port is seen. Here's my steps:

I have uploaded MRLComm.ino onto the Arduino Diecimilia with the arduino IDE- The IDE sees and connects OK to the arduino

I have tested the MRL connection with a different computer- linux mint and the MRL arduino >serial>port is seen ok (/dev/ttyUSB) and everything works as it should

I Can Haz a 3D Printer! (If I can figure out how it workz.)

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So, almost two years ago, I put down $400 for an "under development" 3d printer that was supposed to ship in 2 months or so.  Almost two years later I finally have it.  For my money, ultimately I got the printer, and 6kg of 1.75mm ABS plastic.  It seemed like a good idea at the time and I think it still is.

When InMoov falls flat on it's face...

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Tried to catch up my phone, I bumped into the robot, and SLAM!!!!

Fortunatly InMoov is resistant, I would have expected a lot more broken.

1 thumb tip broken, neck worm piston broken, some parts dismantled in the bicep right, one forarm open dismantled partly, nothing bad.

ABS is great because you just reglue the parts with ACETONE and Voilà.

Preparing another OpenCV Service release

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This is what I've been working on.  Testing.  After Raver pointed out a bug feature, I had to work on a lot of OpenCV plumbing.  Did you ever have an OpenCV filter blow up on you?  Why isn't MRL testing this?  What a great idea !   Have MRL test itself.