Worms In My Shoulder

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Little footage of my jig for wearing in the worm gear and main gear for the shoulder. Neccesity Is In Fact The Mother Of Invention. Never thought I would use bearing scrapers from my tool making days as much as I do now. I also found that Sharpie Markers make great substitutes for Prusa Blue.


3D Printer Information

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Free / Open Source

3D Printing Generators


If I only had a brain!

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I guess my Arduino's are somewhere over the rainbow

The Gift of Amore

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What more meaningful gift could you get than a coupon of Servos !
Alessandruino's girl friend has given him that for their 6 year anniversary !

Alessandruino is very lucky to have a woman who cares so much !  

InMoov progress

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This has taken about one month of constant printing, even some all nighters.


Printer Calibration

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Having your printer properly calibrated makes printing Inmoov so much more fun.

This leadscrew required no cleanup post print. I like it!!!

Rob is growing Up

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Rob is finally standing on his own 5 wheels now. Its amazing what one can do with an old corner lamp and office chair. Hope to get servos in the head tomorrow.