Face reconized

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Hi, it is possible to make face reconized with openCV service (i think yes) ?

Do you have an example ?

Thank you.

2 arms gestures with kinect

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Hardware: One arduino mega, Activator, servo HV2060MG powered with 7.2V

Software: Last MRL, not InMoov services.



More on Attach !

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Ahoy !

We recently were excited to add Java 8 default methods to interfaces for our services ... 
Sadly, this borked Jython :(

But my last checkin should have fixed all that.  There are now no more "default" methods in any Java org.myrobotlab.service interface.

In the process I tried to do some refactoring.  I created a new interface ... "Attachable" !  And moved interfaces which were common to ALL services to org.myrobotlab.framework.interfaces

Compile last MRL

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I have some problem to compile last MRL.

Could you help me ?


You can found link file.

Webgui Issue services blank

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Hi all,

New to MRL and trying to get my head around it with InMoov, just the arm for now, and seem to have an issue with the webgui, the services all list fine but the sub-menu/information box is blank for all of them so the ear service opens a blank page

Jython <---> Java 8 default Interfaces ... No Worky ! :(

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I was hoping to wrap up working with the interfaces.  Mats and I made a lot of progress defining how future "attach" will work, and starting to get into the details of implementation.   I have been testing with START_INMOOV.bat script, but now realize there is a rather large issue.

The issue is the new improvement from Java 8 of "default" interface methods are not reachable from Jython !

python too slow for path finding?

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In my intention to ask the robot to approach a certain position I am kind of stuck with a simple 2d array depth map scan to identify obstacles.

The kinect provides a distance value in a 640 by 480 matrix. In order to create a top view of obstacles in front of the robot for each colum I want the lowest distance value and add that into an obstacle list with (col, distance).

This works in principle but the problem is that my i7 CPU spends arount 7 seconds to simply walk to the 640x480 array,

Build failled !

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Hi heverybody !

I get an error while build MRL . Can someone help me to find the problem ?


    [junit] Running org.myrobotlab.service.InMoovScriptTest
    [junit] Tests run: 5, Failures: 0, Errors: 1, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 530,106 sec

C:\MRL2\myrobotlab\build.xml:995: Test org.myrobotlab.service.InMoovScriptTest failed